Rants and Raves #25

I’m so tired this week. The weekend really took it out of me. Fortunately I have a day off tomorrow, wheeee! So I can do more sorting and organising (*cough* and spending). Alfie’s back from my parent’s now as well. He does not like the balcony at all bless him! On to some rants and raves…

Rave: It’s so close to Christmas. I’m such a big fan of Christmas. I love the music, the food (ALL ABOUT THE FOOD), the festivities, the sparkle… Everything. I was wearing my ‘gateway’ Christmas jumper at the start of December.Christmas jumper

Old house selfie

See, it’s not quite a Christmas jumper but it’s fairly festive. I think I can get away with wearing it in January as well. I do have a proper one that I’ll be rocking out soon.

Rant: I hate myself (real hatred) for saying this but… Justin Bieber’s music is growing on me. WHAT’S GOING ON. I still detest the singer as I think he’s very arrogant and just not my type of person (as if we’d be friends otherwise;)) but his latest music is so bloody catchy.

Rave: I don’t tend to spend lots of money… But when it comes to workout gear, I can’t seem to stop. I found these gorgeous pair of Lululemon capris on eBay the other week.

Lululemon capris

Lululemon gear is just gorgeous but ridiculously priced. RIDICULOUSLY priced. Even worse than Sweaty Betty. I often have a little look on eBay to see if I can find anything and I was chuffed to score these for a discounted price. They are so soft, fit like a glove and just make me wish I was millionaire so I could buy everything from that shop.

I also bought some (more) leggings from Fabletics in their Black Friday deal. Two pairs of leggings for the price of one, I couldn’t resist.Fabletics leggings

I’d had these mesh capris in my ‘Wish’ bag already so I was happy to get them and another pair (more funky coloured) for the same price. I was concerned the mesh would be annoying but I barely notice it.

Rants: Buying loads of new gym and running gear wasn’t a great idea just before I moved as it only meant packing more stuff. In the end clothes that were in drawers ended up in bin bags… which then ended up like this when I needed to find certain items.


Yes that is a random tool kit

My running and gym gear has lovingly been put away now in my newly created chest of drawers. Though I still have a bin bag left of normal clothes I’ve yet to get to. Priorities.

Rave: I’m really into snacking on biltong and dried meat at the moment. Such a good snack to tide you over until your next proper meal.


Like meat crisps in a way 😉 Sorry veggies, I know that must sound awful to you.

These high protein crisp snack things though didn’t blow me away… bit bland. I’ll stick to my Snack a Jacks I think.IMG_6308

Rant: Websites that don’t accept hyphens in names. CaptureSo many don’t accept ‘Anna Smith-James’. IT’S MY NAME. My name isn’t Anna SmithJames. Or Anna Smith. Or Anna James. It’s Anna SMITH-JAMES. And on that subject, it’s JAMES not JONES. EVERY FRIGGING PHONE CALL. *Sighs*

On the subject of my name. Before I got married I was Anna James, but then I took Ben’s second name (Smith) and made two boring names into an interesting one. Now my intention is to find my next husband and just keep adding to my name, like Anna Smith-James-Taylor, and so on.

Obviously I’m joking. But I’m not changing my name. Who knows what the future holds but for now my name is remaining the same. The process of changing it is far too stressful… so many people, companies, websites to inform.

Rave: I found out what noise was keeping me awake. It was a scent thing that had been left in the flat. It clicks and ejects a puff of scent out every so often. I thought the noise was due to the wind on the window or something like that but then I was right next to it and heard the bastard. It has since left my flat. Though I do also now have ear plugs 😉

What are you rants and raves this week?

Are you a light or heavy sleeper?

Did you get anything on Black Friday?

16 Replies to “Rants and Raves #25”

  1. Look at you getting your workout gear on!! I don’t any Lulu gear because like you said, it’s so crazy overpriced. I’m totally good with my Marshalls gear and 50% off Nike pros I find. I just bought some new gear for Black Friday [a pair of capris and 3 tanks] and I adore them! Though my workout clothes collection is now 10x larger than my “normal” clothes collection….
    Kat recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #64My Profile

  2. I am a non-sleeper! Apart from about one day per month where my body goes nuts and sleeps for 12 hours. I wish I was joking. It’s as if my brain finally runs out of batteries and finally turns itself off. But when I am asleep, the slightest little noise can wake me up. I wish I was one of those people (like my Dad) who can just fall asleep at the drop of a hat, anywhere, and would need a bomb blast to wake them up.

    We are on opposite ends of the Xmas enjoyment spectrum…oh well! I feel your pain on the name front though. No-one can spell my last name up here…it’s just not that common. It derives from Norfolk, so it’s not exactly local to the Durham area.

    Love those mesh leggings/capris. I buy all my workout gear in sales because I object to how expensive it all is!
    Jess recently posted…Santa, Mondays, Jealousy, Recipes and HeroesMy Profile

    1. I always aim for sales. I have ‘wish lists’ everywhere hehe!
      That’s so annoying about the sleep. Most of the time I sleep very well because I get up so early so generally I’m quite ready for bed in the evening but on holiday I’ll struggle to get to sleep as I sleep a bit later.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Those buns were made for running…My Profile

  3. I’m also doggone tired this week! My rave is how well training is going, my rant is that even though this weekend will be awesome its also going to be SO busy. I basically need a spare weekend where I can just sleep and work.

    My aunt has SO many of those plug in scent diffusers and the first time I house sat for her they freaked me out at regular intervals- some are by your feet, some by your head, and they made me jump so much when I suddenly heard a noise or had a ‘poof’ of perfume against my feet.

    Black Friday I deliberately stopped myself. I was going to get some SB but then they cancelled their friends scheme so it wasnt going to be so good a discount (THAT is a rant I have right there)
    Scallywag recently posted…A-Z of Active Christmas Gifts and a GiveawayMy Profile

  4. We have one of those scent things in our work bathroom and for years I didn’t know what it was (it is up high, and only releases it now and then)- it freaked me out for ages! So I am sorry but I did laugh when I read that!
    Hmm, Lululemon on ebay- I may have just opened another tab on my laptop! I bought a couple of their capris in the summer (in the sale)- with the exchange rate it was not too bad and also they were a good length (knee) for summer as so many of them go down to my ankles and are too hot, but I don’t like shorts.
    I am a heavy sleeper at first, but then after the first few hours I am a very light sleeper and noises and light wakes me up. I do wear an eye mask but then I take it off in my sleep and then have to hunt for it when it is (usually under my back!).
    Black Friday? All I bought was a chai latte as we were getting the Eurostar- I did feel stressed that I had not bought anything but I didn’t really need anything, and I didn’t know who I had yet in Secret Santa or anything so I could not browse for presents really. Enjoy your weekend, hope you settle in 🙂
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Reindeer running! And Garmin fails!My Profile

    1. I always wake up in the middle night without the eye mask on and one ear bud out hehe. It just helps me get off to sleep. I don’t like to keep it on all night because I like some sunlight (when there is any!) to gently wake me in the morning otherwise I’m stuck in a really deep sleep.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Those buns were made for running…My Profile

  5. Luckily (hmm… not the right word, but hey!), my bum is too big for Lulu, which is good for my purse at least, because they really do have some nice stuff.

    I love the Christmas jumper! I have two now (bought one in a sale at Debenhams), but haven’t cracked out either yet. I think next week is THE week.

    Definitely don’t blame you on the name change front – such a faff. And I definitely feel your pain on the Jones/James front. For some reason, I get called Stephen on a regular basis (yes, Mrs Stephen Hunter…), and sometimes I’m a Bethany or Daphne if the line isn’t clear enough… Urgh.
    Steph recently posted…Weigh in Wednesday 9: A quick weigh inMy Profile

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