Men drink beer, men bring back meat…

Sometimes during the week Ben might go out with some boyfriends (doesn’t work does it? – boy mates) to go do what men folk do…like drink beer and talk about whatever those men folk talk about. My delicate feminine mind couldn’t handle whatever goes on in those meet-ups I’m sure 😉

While he’s out this is usually my time to take charge of the television…catch up with the Kardashians or check in with the Housewives (both Real and fake – though likely the same thing). Maybe even have a solo-Anna family Guy sesh, who knows! Rock and roll.

Usually this is also the time I can have whatever I want for dinner without Ben turning his nose up (“how many vegetables are you having?” or the always pleasant “that looks like sick”). Very exciting. Anyway, I digress. So Ben went to the pub and very likely two hours later I went to bed (as I said: rock and roll).

In the morning Ben and me got up and were catching up, having not had the chance to do it the previous night, and he casually mentioned that he won some meat. Random but OK, that’s quite cool. What kind? “Beef something” he says.

Getting my breakfast ready I open the fridge door to find a rather large hunk of meat sort of crammed in among the yogurts and butter.

IMG_7225 A bit of meat he says?! This could feed a small family for two weeks!! I was stunned. We don’t even eat beef that regularly! Ben appeared rather sheepishly and went “yep that’s the one”. You don’t say…

Could have been worse, Nathan (one of said boy mates) won six pork steaks and woke up in the morning to find he had eaten half of them when he got in…

Anyway I carved that bad boy up (the meat, not Nathan) on Sunday afternoon and it literally took me 45 minutes. I cut some of it into chunks after my dad suggested using some of it for casseroles and slow cooker meals, and cut the rest into steak portions. All now safely in the freezer.

It’s mildly amusing that last week I cooked us some organic beef steak and Ben really wasn’t a fan. Probably me not overcooking it and it turning out a bit more chewy than we like.

IMG_7221 I sprinkled the steak with some steak seasoning (Schwartz) and we had it with vegetables and roasted sweet potato chunks (and BBQ sauce of course).

Well beef will be on the menu now for a fair while so I might have to get the cooking of it right! Well, practice makes perfect I suppose.

And while we’re on the subject of recent eats, we’ve also been enjoying pork steaks with a honey and soy sauce marinade served with a new-to-me vegetable/fruit (?): plantains.

Honey soy pork I fried seasoned slices of plantain in coconut oil. I’m not going to lie, they didn’t entirely rock my world. But they were a nicely carby addition to the meal. We were slightly disappointed that they didn’t taste a little of banana… 😉

And one last meat-related point. Probably the worst time to win a huge hunk of meat is when you go to Casa Brasil, the all-you-can-eat Brazilian rodizio restaurant. I think I ate gammon, roast pork, pork ribs, beef sirloin, beef rump (I think?), and another type of beef (more chunky but lovely and salty)…

So yeah, perfect timing when I can’t even look at the deli meat in Tesco at the moment.

Have you ever won a food item in a raffle?

Have you ever tried plantain?

Are you a big meat eater? What’s your favourite meat? I must admit I’m a very boring meat eater in that my favourites are chicken and turkey. Though I love ribs…heavenly.

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14 Replies to “Men drink beer, men bring back meat…”

  1. Haha! How did he win meat?! That’s quite a size!
    Honey and soy sauce marinade sounds nice. I’m a pretty boring meat eater too. I much prefer exciting veg and stick to chicken and sausages for most of my meat intake in meals.
    Mary recently posted…My first tri (as a marshal!)My Profile

  2. Hahaha I would’ve been dying of laughter if I opened the fridge & saw this bad boy sitting there. You have to share how he won it. Sounds like those boys made out. A big positive is it’ll make your grocery bill less expensve this week. haha

  3. Thanks for the giveaway shout out! Haha, I know some raffles have prizes like that, it sounds like you’ve done well to chop it all up! I think beef is my fave, I’m trying to get back into chicken again but something about being pregnant has stopped me liking it so much. Still not tried plantain like that although I have had plantain chips before 🙂

    1. That’s so strange that chicken turns your stomach at the moment. It’s so unoffensive (well, to me the unpregnant girl!).
      Get on board with the plantains – I’m sure you’ll have some great recipes that I can steal in no time 😉
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…My VO2 Max TestingMy Profile

  4. Haha I love Ben’s sheepish “oh yeah.. that’s the one”. Boys are so funny! I’ve never won meat in a raffle, the only food item I’ve ever won was a simply HUGE chocolate Easter egg. My parents donated it to charity, much to the upset of my sister and I (at the time.. I think we’re both pleased with their decision now!)
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…21DSD – Week Two RecapMy Profile

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