Dallas Holiday Recap

I started my holiday (‘vacation’) recap with Orlando (find it HERE), the second half (or at least the last five days) we spent in Dallas. OK so Dallas was a very random choice, we are aware don’t worry.

We didn’t want to spend the entire holiday in Orlando (far too intense and crazy) and wanted to see another part of America. The flights from Orlando were fairly limited. We did ‘um’ and ‘ar’ about going to New York again (good job we didn’t – those flights got cancelled!) or going to LA. But LA meant a five hour plane journey, giving us a whopping flight time back to the UK at the end and an even worse time difference.

We enjoy having our own little adventures; walking, exploring, shopping and just generally chilling and Dallas fitted that criteria. Yeeehaaa! (OK I promise that will be the only ‘yeeehaaa’ I do).

Our hotel (Hotel Indigo) was lovely but very different from the Orlando resort. Far smaller as it was a city hotel, but it was very comfortable, had a gym and was ideally located. The bed…omg was so comfy too.

For our first day we’d planned to do lots of walking from our hotel to explore the area. I’d done a lot of research on good restaurants nearby and things to do so we were set. We stepped outside and good lord it was cold. We knew it wouldn’t be warm so we had packed accordingly but this was an unseasonably cold day for Dallas and our light jackets weren’t cutting it. After walking around for a bit it quickly became apparent we needed to be indoors.

In the end we got in the car and did some exploring that way and decided to spend the morning doing some serious shopping. We went to the Dallas Galleria shopping centre and it was brilliant. The first thing I bought was a warm long winter coat from Hollister in the sale – half price!

IMG_9841The best photo I could find of me wearing the new coat 

Being warm is an essential Anna requirement so this instantly made me happy. As did shops with whole work out clothing sections!


Old Navy shop

You don’t really get this in the UK (that I’m aware). You just get sport focused shops instead. I had a field day I can tell you! Ben…not so much 😉

After shopping to our heart’s content we grabbed some lunch and then headed to the Dallas Aquarium.


Now normally this is not something I’d be a huge fan of doing at home. Sounds a bit dull to me…However we really enjoyed it!

Dallas Aquarium 2015 There weren’t just fish, but monkeys, alligators, penguins, birds, insects and a leopard. The leopard was quite scary as it was stalking up and down its enclosure staring at a young child. The young child walked around the enclosure and the leopard followed it, menacingly. It looked like it was hunting the child!

IMG_9741 Leopard selfie

Unfortunately the next day I woke up at 4am in the morning feeling incredibly sick. I had planned to go to the gym that morning but I wisely decided not to. I didn’t feel any better later and so Ben and I stayed in bed until 10am. Ben loved this as normally we never lie in, especially on holiday.

We ventured out for breakfast but I couldn’t eat anything but porridge. We’d planned a long walk in a beautiful scenic park outside the city but after 10 minutes of walking I told Ben I needed to go back to the hotel as I felt so ill. I wasn’t actually sick or anything thankfully though. On getting back I literally fell asleep straight away while Ben watched some TV. I felt so sorry for him, what a rubbish day! When it got to about 4pm and it was clear I wasn’t feeling better, Ben went to a local sports bar to enjoy some ‘man time’ with a few beers and sustenance. He said he really enjoyed it as he had wifi, sports on TV, beer and was just chilling (though obviously missing me and feeling worried…).

The next day I woke up and literally felt like another person. The sickness had fully gone. I was so relieved. The weather was beautiful as well – like a spring day in Britain. We decided to walk around Dallas that morning and see some sights.

IMG_9735I’d describe Dallas like a very small New York. It’s very cosmopolitan and has huge high rise buildings. But it’s a lot smaller and the accents are crazy. The funny thing is, people didn’t seem to understand us either. They also seemed genuinely shocked we were from the UK.

We saw the JFK memorial monument, the Texas School Book Depository (where Lee Harvey Oswald apparently shot the president – I say apparently as I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there!)Dallas sights 2015 Though JFK’s assassination isn’t an integral part of our British history, it’s still something we were interested in. I know how much he was loved as a president and how shocking his death was.

In the afternoon we went for a lovely run together in the park that we’d attempted to walk round before I got sick. IMG_9823

Post run selfie – looking fairly done in!

For once we actually ran together as well and it was a nice romantic way to spend the afternoon – sweating, panting and grimacing 😉

We did some other random bits and bobs in Dallas, like going to a butterfly house (they did this in the movie Boyhood that I saw on the plane and I was very pleased we could do it in Dallas!).Dallas Butterfly House It was very cool seeing all these butterflies flying around the place and, with butterfly chart, we tried to work out which were which (yes we’re geeks).

We also saw some more beautiful and interesting sights and went on lots of lovely walks. Ben and me are big fans of walking on holiday (especially if we have Vivofits… ;-)).

Dallas sights (2)

The cattle sculptures were amazing – it was literally a herd of life-size cattle running down a hill

I think it’s safe to assume we had a quieter and more chilled time (albeit with lots of walking) in Dallas. It complimented well with the craziness of Orlando! It was definitely a cultural change as well. It felt very small-town America but in a city, which I know sounds odd. We definitely got our fill of cowboy-ness as well!

Fort Worth 2015 We visited Forth Worth and the Fort Worth Stockyards (which is basically just cowboy central!). It was so much fun. I’m not sure I’d want to live in Texas though – it seemed very ‘out there’. I’m sure this is just my tourist superficial impression though.

And as a final note…we dropped by to both Hooters and Twin Peaks (Ben explains Hooters as a good spot for “butt men” and Twin Peaks for “boob men” – a fair assessment). We just don’t have this in the UK! As you can imagine Ben loved it but he was too embarrassed to get a selfie with a waitress haha.

IMG_9889Enjoy the scenery”

And dinner there rocked my world. It’s something I’d never normally eat – just a load of fried goodness and dips (chicken, mozzarella, pickles…).

IMG_9888 You can’t beat a good load of dirty fried food sometimes

Well, if you can’t splurge on holiday when can you!

Have you ever been to Texas?

Have you ever been ill on holiday?

Do you enjoy visiting aquariums or zoos?

7 Replies to “Dallas Holiday Recap”

  1. A shame you were ill but luckily that it only lasted a day.
    I would like to go to Texas- I think the coast looks lovely, and it has some history which is good too, compared to a lot of America anyway.
    I quite like seeing aquariums and things, but I am not keen when the big animals are in small enclosures- the worst was in Vegas- there is a hotel (maybe the MGM?) that has a lion in the lobby, in a tiny glass enclosure thing- horrible.
    Luckily I have not been ill on holiday, but one year on the day we were due to come home, Andy was really ill- we had to call a doctor and he needed injections, and we had to delay coming home- it was all very stressful and resulted in something like a £3000 credit card bill for medical bills and last minute flights- luckily the insurance paid up!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Jantastic week 6- halfway!My Profile

    1. I know, it could have been so much worse so I am thankful – especially as we didn’t have that long in Dallas.
      Yes I am with you 100% about the small animal enclosures. The leopard had two levels but still, it’s not the wild is it? I think that’s DISGUSTING about the Las Vegas hotel. That would put me off it entirely. Horrible.
      Wow that is an expensive illness. When I was feeling really unwell on the plane on the way home just before we got moving Ben asked if we should get off and see a doctor but thankfully I said no I would bare with it. I’m so glad I did! It was just a transitory illness that disappeared fairly quickly.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Running and my new Mizuno trainersMy Profile

  2. Love the coat Anna! I think all the shops in the States seem well organised compared to ours here – I definitely saw the big workout sections in Target etc when I was in Maine. A million miles away from TK Maxx here (at least by the end of the day).
    Sorry to hear you were feeling rubbish, good that it didn’t last for too long and you were able to enjoy the rest of the hol 🙂
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…Sushi, Valentine’s Day and a long runMy Profile

  3. I went to Dallas in November 2013 and I remember thinking it was a bit odd too. It’s like a city in that there are huge buildings, but they’re all so spread out! I’m used to DC and NYC where you can either walk or take public transportation everywhere, and it was weird that in Dallas most people drive. There are also a lot less shops and restaurants near the office buildings. Anyway, I’m glad you guys had a good time! Come to DC next!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats recently posted…35 Thoughts You’ve Probably Had About YogaMy Profile

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