Running and my new Mizuno trainers

I like to think of Thursday as Friday eve, is that weird? To be honest, I don’t mind my working week. I enjoy my week, work and all (though sometimes my commute can push me beyond insanity – podcasts and audiobooks definitely help!). Though obviously weekends rock.

I thought I’d do a post of where my running’s at and also review a pair of Mizuno trainers that I was kindly sent by Millet Sports.

IMG_9997 I actually had no idea Millets sold trainers – or anything running-specific. I thought Millets was purely a camping/back-packing company. I was chuffed they have a sub-section for other sports too (such as running, triathlons, racket sports, hockey and football).

I was allowed to select any pair of Mizuno running trainers so I went for what I know suits me best in terms of my gait (like many runners, I over-pronate): the Mizuno Wave Paradox. I’ve had a similar pair before and I ran the Paris marathon in them.

Mizuno Wave Paradox

They’re a supportive trainer and have a high level of stability. From the website: “The Dynamotion Fit uses biomechanic and motion picture technology to design a blueprint and develop a shoe that works with your foot through the gait cycle. Smooth Ride engineering minimises the rapid rates of acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating as smooth a ride as possible.” [Source]

And as you can see it has more support on the inside of the shoe to help balance the rolling of your foot if you pronate inwards.

IMG_9981 Still wearing my shorts!

I like Mizuno and found their trainers comfortable, well fitting and supportive. And I love the colour!

Yes I have been injured a lot and though it’s easy to blame it purely on whatever trainers I was wearing at the time, personally for me, it’s more likely to have stemmed from bad training mistakes (too fast, too much, too soon) and lack of adequate strength training to support my training. Running a lot on those weaknesses exploits them and then boom you’re injured. I started out in Mizunos when I first started running and it was only when I got too into heavy training that I fell into injury. So I’m not a big proponent of trainers causing injuries as an argument.

That being said, you do need to choose a trainer that suits your running gait and the terrain you’re on. I’ve always stuck with stability trainers and think that’s best for me as I have ridiculously flat feet. And let’s not get into the argument of over-cushioned trainers and barefoot running please…

Anyway, thumbs up for Millet Sports. They have a great range of trainers and other sport apparel and accessories. Another website for me to spend ridiculous amounts of time and money on – wahay!

How’s my running going then? Well I’m sad I couldn’t be involved in Jantastic this year (again) but it’s for the best. I’ve been running three times a week and keeping the mileage low and the pace at whatever I’m feeling – whether that’s 7.30 min/miles or 8.30 min/miles. Going forward my long runs will be more to the 8.30min/mile ranges and parkrun will probably be where I attempt any form of speed. I’m so relaxed about it it’s wonderful. My runs feel good – everything is working as it should, so far no issues and I feel like I’m running strong. I am back to loving running!

IMG_9968 Box jumps are a killer

I also go to the gym three or four times a week as well. There I do an hour’s worth of full-body strength training and focused running-specific strength work, like single leg squats. I genuinely feel stronger and really enjoy these workouts, despite having to get up at 5am to do them!

Having the gym really helps because it takes the pressure off my running. I get a good sweat on and my heart rate is up and muscles that have been asleep for a while are now back in business. It’s obviously no shocker that I love to exercise, so fuelling this love in a different way has made running become a joy rather than my only form of ‘proper’ exercise.

Future goals? I deferred the London marathon as my training is just not good enough and I want my next marathon to actually have proper marathon training for once! I have Eastleigh 10K in March and Southampton half marathon in April so I feel good about those. I’ve also signed up to another marathon in June (the Liverpool Rock and Roll marathon). It’s about 17 weeks away and I feel like I can continue running nice and easy now, and then gradually creep the mileage up later and be sensible about my training.

But let’s be real here, this is me and injury is one of those things I think will happen regardless. I will continue with the gym though, continue being sensible with my training and pray I dodge the bullet. I also think my standing desk is a big help as well – I’m still going strong!

So that’s me currently. Loving the gym and loving running. How long may this last?? 😉

What trainers did you first start running in?

What brand are you most loyal to in running?

What is your running gait like?


***Full Disclosure: I was sent the Mizuno trainers for free to review. All opinions are my own as always.***

22 Replies to “Running and my new Mizuno trainers”

  1. They are very pretty shoes!
    I loved my old Mizunos, but then when I got new ones and got the newer model I didn’t find them comfy- they felt really stiff and almost jarred me as I ran, so I switched to asics as I loved my trail shoes. But now I think I need something a bit more supportive as the miles crank up- need to sort it asap though so as not to change shoes too close to race day.
    I’m doing the Southampton 10k that day! It starts earlier than the half, and as it is only a few weeks after the marathon I didn’t know if I would fancy running a half 🙂
    I think my running gait is not that good- I flick one foot out to the side a bit, and that becomes really apparent in race photos!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…A new fueling strategyMy Profile

    1. Ahh that’s so cool you’re doing the 10k! A few of my running club are too (look out for the red white and blue Hedge End Running Club vests!) Yes a half soon after a marathon would be hardcore!
      I think I do that too – it’s something I’ve tried to work on but I think it’s something I need to live with as nothing seems to change it!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Running and my new Mizuno trainersMy Profile

  2. You’re so lucky to get free running shoes 😀 That’s basically my dream!

    I started out running in New Balance shoes because they were the only ones that were a) cheap and b) fit my incredibly short and wide feet. Sadly when I tried running beyond about 8 miles in them I would get a lot of foot pain, and I do think that trainers ARE the primary cause of foot injuries, if not injuries elsewhere. My latest tendon problems in my foot also occurred while trying out new shoes…

    …That brings me on to brand loyalty. I have been an Asics girl since 2010, whether that’s the Cumulus when I wore orthotics, or the Kayano now sans orthotics. Sadly the new 21s have ruined my feet. They are so much more rigid than previous designs, and actually like a much heavier and more unwieldy version of Mizunos. Lots of factors influenced my foot injury, but the shoes absolutely did not help matters and now I’m completely stuck when my Kayano 20s wear out. I love Hokas, but I can’t run long distances in them because they are always just a tad too narrow for my feet, so anything longer than about 14 miles is out
    of the question. I really don’t know what to do!

    Haha, the language I would use to describe my running gait is not suitable for your innocent eyes. Most people seem to use the word ‘painful’ when they see it. It’s not graceful, but that’s what you get for running with increasingly severe scoliosis. I’m not really aware of my gait looking so awful except for when my leg completely gives out, and I am making every effort that I can to try to correct it…although that sometimes causes problems instead of solving them.

    Mizunos always look like great shoes and I wish I could find a pair that would work on my stupidly shaped feet!
    Jess recently posted…Shred It!My Profile

    1. Ooh, and I hope you enjoy Rock N Roll Liverpool! It’s a very fast and flat course save for one small hill. I just hope they have the course marked out clearly and the marshals appropriately briefed this time so you don’t get directed a mile off course like I did! I was disappointed with the lack of music, so I would bring headphones just in case if you want something to listen to. Nice course though, and great post-race atmosphere.
      Jess recently posted…Shred It!My Profile

    2. God what a nightmare about the trainer issues. I hate it when brands completely change a design but still name it the same thing. It almost makes me want to stock up on a good pair of trainers while they’re still around, you know? Trainers are so expensive that trialing a whole different bunch is just impossible and it sucks investing in a pair to find they really don’t work.
      Though I say I don’t blame my trainers for my issues I DO get very paranoid, to the extent I almost don’t want to wear my Boosts again (though I love them). But I know this is ridiculous as I’m almost certain in my case my injuries were not caused by my trainers but by my stupid head and stubbornness.
      I hope you figure your trainer issue out soon!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Running and my new Mizuno trainersMy Profile

  3. I’m not loyal to any trainer brand, although my favourites were probably some mizuno waveriders which when I tried to buy again I found they’d changed the design of. I’m currently training for Brighton mara in a pair of Nikes, but once it’s finished I think I’ll treat myself to something new. Hope your training goes well!
    Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots recently posted…Recipe | roasted vegetable and goats cheese saladMy Profile

  4. I’m hugely loyal to Asics, I ran in the gt-2170/gt-2000 for years until they changed it and ruined it! I switched to the gel kayanos last year and I really like them. My most recent injury was due to not changing them soon enough. I know when I’ve got enough mileage on trainers as I start to get niggles, unfortunately it was right after Christmas and 3 weeks until pay day so I continued running in the worn out ones and made the injury worse!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Favourite reads of the week #10My Profile

  5. I love bright and vibrant exercise gear including running shoes so these are right up my street. I don’t have any brand loyalty really. Currently I have a pair of Nike running shoes that are excellent, but it would be nice to invest in more specialist brand like these.
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted…Getting fit togetherMy Profile

  6. Those trainers look amazing! Your workout routine sounds fantastic, I have to admit I’m missing being able to workout so much although I know I’ll be able to work back up to something that is realistic for me. I used to run in New Balance but I’m probably due a new pair and to get my gait checked before I start running again, goodness knows I need to avoid injury this time!

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