A good normal weekend

Hello Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, ours felt like old times again. The holiday is a distant memory sadly (one week of work pretty much wipes away all that joy away…).

This weekend started with a delicious meal of ribs. I’d love to say I marinated them myself but I didn’t. I just saw them in Tesco and spontaneously bought them. Though I have ribs on my recipe to do list for definite.

BBQ ribs - Tesco

Both Ben and I agreed that though it said it was for two, you could have easily eaten one pack on your own. The portion size was a bit measly (though I might still be distorted by my holiday…). With the sweet potato fries though it worked OK, it was just slightly disappointing.

Saturday morning both Ben and I got ready for parkrun. I’ll do a post on my running (and Ben’s injury update) soon I promise (if you’re even interested!). As a cliff notes version, my running is going very well. I’m running three times a week while also going to the gym three times a week doing lots of bootcamp/strength and conditioning style routines. I feel less pressure and more love for running than I have in ages. It helps that I’m loving the gym and get a real sweat on there that I don’t feel the need to run as often as I used to as I know I’m getting stronger in other areas that will help my running. I’m still happy with my decision of deferring London as it would immediately panic me and pressure me to hit certain mileage as it’s so soon…but I do have races in the future lined up.

So parkrun. We helped set-up and there was much love for Ben returning which is always nice. I decided to push it as all my other runs have been easy. The course is the hardest one (the winter course) where, because it’s three laps, there are a total of six hills you need to get through (over?). I’m not really in a good running shape but felt like it was a sustained effort and a great workout to help get back to where I used to be. Third lady and 22:35 which I was over the moon with.

I also got my hair cut. This is monumental news as the last time I got it cut was April 2013 (THIS post). I tend to notice when it needs a cut because my arms start severely aching when I’m blow-drying. I was rather apologetic to the hairdresser but she said it actually didn’t look that bad for the length of time I’ve left it. I suppose there’s a compliment there? Anyway instead of being a cheapskate I actually paid for a quality cut rather than the cheaper place I usually go for…hairdressers were called technicians and the power doesn’t cut half way through a blow-dry!!

IMG_9955 That being said, it still looks pretty much the same just a bit shorter! At least my arms will be happy…

Ah yes it was Valentine’s Day as well wasn’t it? Ben and me aren’t romantic and lovey-dovey so this passed us by. It’s also my dad’s birthday so we popped over to see my parent’s and treat them to a nice coffee in a lovely little tea room in Lee-on-Solent called The Tea Party.

IMG_9949We decided to forgo afternoon tea as we’ve all got back from a holiday and Ben and me have said February is a more ‘sensible’ (read: boring) month. I can assure you though, I found it hard to stop staring at the BEAUTIFUL cakes and it’s definitely an afternoon tea location to be trialled soon!

IMG_9946 They serve alcohol as well so my mum had a lovely little glass of Prosecco in a baby sham glass as well as her tea, as you do. I stuck with a latte.

IMG_9948It was a lovely catch up and mourning of our respective holidays!

Sunday I went for a really good six mile run. It was one of those runs that just felt good. I felt strong, in the zone and found myself going faster than I had intended. I let myself off for it as six miles isn’t that far, but for my future Sunday runs I will really ensure to run slow – probably a good 40-50 seconds slower than I ran. I will take no chances this time around! I’m trying not to make the same stupid mistakes I always seem to make. I’m always climbing the mileage v.e.r.y. slowly; next week is seven miles for my long run, for example, while keeping the other runs the same.

I got back, wolfed down breakfast, chilled for a bit and then met up with Nathan for a 17 mile bike ride.

IMG_9952Hideous selfie

Ay, ay, ay! When you haven’t ridden in so long it is tough. We did our usual route and we both slower (as you can expect) than previously. It was a tough ride but I really enjoyed it. I felt shattered when I got in. But a good NON-BROKEN shattered. I won’t be cycling every week but once in a while it’s nice to get out there.

Then obviously we all went to Nando’s…kind of standard I suppose. I forgot how filling a whole chicken is, but I was not defeated!

Then the afternoon involved ironing and watching Belle (very good film) and going to be stupidly early as I was pooped. Good weekend 🙂 All that was missing was cake…

How was your weekend?

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

How do you celebrate family member’s birthdays?

18 Replies to “A good normal weekend”

  1. I’m not a fan of ribs (I know, I know!) but Dan is and a friend has just given us 6 or 7 racks (his family are vegetarians and he was given them) so they shall feature quite highly on our menu over the coming weeks!
    I just got my hair cut today too. First time since June-ish? A long while at least. I always feel the difference after I’ve had it done though.
    My Mum’s birthday is coming up so Dan and I bought her tickets for the Norwich-Wolves game at the weekend. Mum is a massive Norwich fan. Luckily, they won and because Mum was so happy, Dan couldn’t sulk too much that Wolves had lost! We didn’t do much for Valentine’s either – headed to the chippy and drove up onto the cliffs at Cromer and sat and ate our chips in piece. £8.50 for a meal for two and no washing up! My kind of Valentines! 😛
    Mary recently posted…Playing a joker and a long journey homeMy Profile

    1. WOW I wish I knew your friend!! That sounds amazing. Sorry to hear you won’t be fully enjoying them though – this devastates me!
      Ahh what a lovely pressie for your mum. And a nice time for Dan as well (though his team lost…men take it so personally!)
      Your Valentine’s Day sounds perfect. Really romantic and lovely – like proper romance, not the cards and chocolate shop-bought stuff 🙂
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…A good normal weekendMy Profile

  2. Im sure there were more important things about this post, but you lost me when I saw that dinosaur phone cover! How freaking cute!! And your hair looks fabulous. I’m too cheap to ever go to a salon since I never do anything drastic with my hair, but maybe one day. The only time I’ve paid for a salon was for prom and my wedding! haha
    Kat recently posted…Birthday Weekend Recap: Cake, Cake, Cake!My Profile

  3. I just got my hair cut last week (first time since August), it’s about the same length as yours. I’m tempted to get it cut much shorter, as I find it so hard to look after when I’m swimming, cycling, running every day.
    Well done on your cycle!
    Lucy recently posted…Running Advice for BeginnersMy Profile

  4. I love that you left your haircut that long! I have to get mine cut around every 3 months as it is so thick it ends up growing outwards- I really have very 80’s hair. I always feel so bad for the girl who cuts it though- it takes her ages and she always gets a second person to help with the blow drying and straightening- one for each half of the head! Your hair looks lovely 🙂
    I would like to see Belle- we have been looking on Netflix but not sure when it will turn up there.
    Ah, valentine’s- we are not one for that at all, no cards or anything. We did go away for the weekend but that was because it is half term- we didn’t realise until we had booked it!
    Glad you are enjoying parkrun, and good news that Ben is back running too 🙂 Hooray that you are feeling the love for running too, that is the best news 🙂
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Jantastic week 6- halfway!My Profile

    1. Wow your hair does sound like a lot of work, but it always looks lovely in photos! I couldn’t stand having to go so often to the hairdressers…I find it so boring and dull and the forced conversation a bit painful.
      We didn’t do cards either. I see it as such a waste and a bit redundant – why do I need a card to know how he feels?!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…A good normal weekendMy Profile

  5. It really sounds as though you have your running mojo back ~ I’m so happy for you 🙂 It’s also brilliant to hear that Ben is back to running ~ he’s been through so much and both of you deserve a great year of running and racing.

    I think my distaste for birthdays must be hereditary 😉 Both of my parents hate birthdays as well, so we all just end up tiptoeing around one another and trying to forget when exactly we were all born!

    Your hair looks gorgeous, but I thought it was beautiful even before you had it cut. I haven’t had mine cut since…2012, I think? I’ve never managed to go to the hairdressers more than once per year as I find it really distressing (too much conversation and physical contact). There was one lady that I trusted after a while, as she understood that I found talking so difficult and didn’t make me feel weird, but she was promoted (rightly so!) and then left to have a baby. I haven’t been able to face seeing anyone else since.
    Jess recently posted…Baby StepsMy Profile

    1. Ah that’s a shame about not enjoying birthdays. I think I just really enjoy the excuse to have a proper birthday cake.
      I hate hairdressers for the awkwardness too. I’m sat there staring at myself in a mirror making force conversation with someone I really don’t know. It’s all a bit weird and I can understand your dislike for it. It’s a shame that lady left 🙁
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…A good normal weekendMy Profile

    1. Your hair definitely doesn’t look like it’s been a year! It always looks lovely to me. I think longer hair is easier in that respect, whereas a really short styled hair really needs upkeep.

  6. Your hair looks lovely Anna, I had my haircut this weekend in the first time in ages too. It’s such a relief and hopefully will work out cheaper than using heaps of shampoo and conditioner haha!
    Sorry to hear about those ribs, I get so annoyed by measly portions and disappointing taste from something that looks particularly delicious on the wrapper!
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…Parkrun and other funMy Profile

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