Rants and Raves #8

I’m pretty much back into the normal swing of things again. It’s scary (and sad) how quickly normality and reality submerges you when you get back from being away. It’s like you never went away…

The other parts of my holiday recaps are coming but for now I thought I’d rant and rave for a bit.

Rant: I was driving back from the gym and had BBC Radio 2 (this was about 6.40am) and Chris Evans was reading some texts out. He read one from someone who said “I’m training for London” and Chris Evans was like “what does that mean? Training for the entire of the city? Training to do what? You need to sort your texting out!”. As a runner and a marathon lover obviously I knew exactly what the texter meant. He was training for the London marathon. It just annoyed me that Chris Evans was so oblivious to is and assumed the texter had made a mistake. I suppose as a non-runner you wouldn’t automatically know I guess…but it still irked me.

Rave: I am missing American food big time. I think Ben and me both agreed that if there was a froyo place near to where we lived it would probably become a Friday night and weekend habit. Not good for our bank account, teeth or tummies! I also miss the BBQ food…image

Walking past these at Tesco on my lunch break I couldn’t help but grab them and buy them quickly. BBQ ribs for Friday night! It softens the pain somewhat 😉

Rant: Speaking of American food…


Obviously we brought back some treats to enjoy at home. The birthday cake M&Ms are my favourite. I dislike plain chocolate M&Ms as I find them too chocolatey, if that makes sense, but I love these. Very moreish though! I don’t like the Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans though. Ear wax and vomit flavours?? Noooo thank you!

Rave: New trainers!


I’m now a big believer in rotating trainers rather than just using one pair all the time. I still love my Brooks trainers but I think I’m always a Mizuno girl at heart. Sooo comfy and just seem to mould well to my feet. These were sent to by Millets to review so that’ll be up next week sometime.

Rant: So much washing. It’s unreal. I do tend to do some hand washing on holiday for my smalls and gym stuff (otherwise they’ll sit in my bag for ages all sweaty and gross) but still the amount of washing needed to be done was ridiculous. That coupled with going to the gym and running and Ben going to the gym and running now…ay ay ay!

Rave: OK strictly speaking this isn’t really a rave, it was just very funny. I’d planned to go to the gym on Wednesday so my alarm was set for 5am. It went off, I got up…and then Ben’s alarm started going off which hugely confused me. He shouldn’t be getting up until 6am. As Ben’s alarm takes a while to wake him up (we’re so different) I nudged him and said “Ben, your alarm is going off??”. He rolled over, turned it off and said “was going to go running…too tired…not a morning person…mrrfff” and went back to sleep.

I got back from the gym about 6.45am to a very quiet and very dark house. I ran upstairs and opened the bedroom to find Ben still asleep. He woke up to the noise, bolted upright in bed and proceeded to reel off a few choice phrases and words I shan’t write here and leapt to the bathroom…he hadn’t re-set his alarm from before! He was 45 minutes late. Yes I’m a bad wife for saying this, but him leaping out of bed half asleep in major panic semi-naked and dishevelled was fairly amusing. Major kudos to him: he got out of the house (with a shower) in under 15 minutes. Oh to be a man…

Rant: I’m really suffering from dry skin on my legs. It started on holiday and I wondered if I was allergic to the hotel linen or water or something, but it’s still bugging me now. We bought some really good moisturiser in the States which is helping to some degree.

IMG_9930Funny name hehe…yes I’m a child

I normally get dry hands during the winter but hand lotion helps…but dry legs? Bit random and very annoying. Finger’s crossed it’ll clear up soon.

Any tips for dry skin?

Do you bring back food from a holiday?

What’s your trainer brand of choice? I like Mizuno, Brooks and Adidas Boosts.

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  1. I love these posts!
    I often get really dry itchy skin on my legs on holiday- once it was so bad I was scratching in the night and making my skin bleed. So now I always bring the white Vaseline lotion on holiday with me. I think it is because the AC dries out the air- it’s the worst when I am in a car.
    Talking about the marathon- it drives me mad when people think they are different lengths- to most people London is the only marathon, so when they find out I am doing/ have done a different one, they ask “how long is that one?”…..
    Pretty trainers! I loved my old Mizunos, but when I got new ones (the next version of that model) they just felt really stiff, so I have gone for Asics now- I love the trail shoes and like my road shoes too.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Joining a real running club!My Profile

    1. Ahh the AC that could be it as both hotels had it and we had it on all the time. Normally I’m absolutely fine on holiday.
      Non-runners are so funny hehe 😉 To me it just seems ludicrous but I guess the reality is that we’re the minority sadly.

  2. I wish I could wear Mizunos! It seems as though all of the speedy people wear them, but I’m stuck in clompy Asics Kayanos…which they have now changed the style of, so I’m stuck once I wear down my current pairs. I also like Addidas Boosts (I have the uber-cushioned ones) but I know my feet can’t take high mileage in them. I love Hokas, but they’re just not quite wide enough for me. I wish I could just put on a running shoe and go!

    I wish I had some advice for dry skin, but I have the opposite problem with oily skin…I think it’s primarily down to messed up hormones on my part.
    Jess recently posted…Putting My Foot DownMy Profile

  3. I’m not a fan of regular M&Ms either. They’re too sweet for my liking and I much prefer Smarties instead. I wasn’t a massive fan of American food to be honest. Their chocolate is pretty rubbish and I never once finished an entire meal while I was over there!
    Glad to hear Ben is back to running again now…well, almost! 😛
    Mary recently posted…A South Devon EnduranceLife adventureMy Profile

    1. Ah yes Smarties are far superior! Though I do enjoy the peanut M&Ms and the pretzel ones…mmm.
      Their chocolate IS rubbish but their desserts and cake are just incredible. Way more crazy and big than our desserts!
      Finishing meals was a challenge. I was defeated by a SALAD one day. The sheer amount of toppings was just out of this world. It didn’t seem to diminish no matter how long I was eating for it seemed.

  4. I’m using E45 itch relief cream on my leg at the moment. Although it’s for a different reason to you (my tattoo), it is helping.
    That’s the worst part of coming back from holiday- catching up on all the washing 🙁
    I like the trainers. I’m wearing Adidas Boosts at the moment, this is what they recommended when I had gait analysis and I seem to be getting on alright with them so far.

    1. I’m not a huge PB fan but I do LOVE the pretzel ones. And they used do a crispy one which I liked too.
      It’s such a horrible time of year for dry skin. My hands always get so bad I have to moisturise at least 3 or 4 times a day.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…A good normal weekendMy Profile

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