Rants and Raves #24

Hello Wednesday! And time for some of my ranting and raving…

Rave: I finally got Alfie into his long awaited Halloween costume. I had to cut the sides to make it a bit more roomy for him but it fits quite nicely.Halloween dog fancy dress

Alfie’s personality is that he’s kind of a push over. He doesn’t do much growling or get ‘angry’, rather he’ll just stand there and look daggers at you. That’s what happens when I bath him or try and put silly bright orange t-shirts on him. He’s also a huge wuss. When it comes to cats, he’ll be ready to chase them if they run but if they stand there and just look at him he doesn’t know what to do so cowers away. My little hero…

I did take the t-shirt off after getting  a photo of him though (which took so frigging long as he just wanted to race about the place).

In other Alfie news… when I have to pop to our local shop quickly I’ll tend to walk there and take Alfie with me and tie him outside. He tries to keep me in view in the entire time and has such a look of despair on his face it’s quite unbearable.
Dog outside shop

It’s almost like he’s saying “Are you coming back…?”. Bless him.

Rant: Sometimes I wonder how I can ever get through a day on my own. I believe I’m an intelligent person (I went to university and got a first class honours degree from the very respectable Cardiff university in Psychology for what that’s worth!) but common sense? Severely lacking.

The Iceland passport debacle for example. Who puts their passport in the washing machine??

Anyway, so I was working from home last week and, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have no furniture so need to use the kitchen counter for my laptop. When I decided to break for lunch I just pushed the laptop to one side and went on my merry way frying up some bits and pieces on the hob.

Instead of the yummy smells of food cooking there was a horrible acrid smell. Thankfully I quickly realised that my iPhone cable was directly in the flame of the hob and whipped it away while turning it off at the plug. Jesus.iPhone cable burn

Luckily it didn’t cause any crazy electrical fire… but it didn’t work afterwards (yes I did try it, see above about common sense).

Rave: Getting a lovely new lot of coconut oil.Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil for all my frying and roasting purposes. The only annoyance is having to melt the coconut oil before I can coat vegetables/potatoes in it. But it’s a small price to pay for this delicious and nutritious source of fat.

Though I have to say, nothing quite beats onion slowly and gently fried in a load of butter. Literally heaven.


Don’t fear butter! Yes it’s high in calories and fat but when had in moderation it can easily fit in a healthy diet. A tasty healthy diet at that. And when I say ‘diet’ I really mean lifestyle, not the ugly connotations so prevalent in women’s magazines.

Rant: I currently have three running tops that I desperately want to wear but haven’t been able to… yet. One of those is my parkrun 50 top.parkrun 50 top

It’s so soft and lovely and fits perfectly. But I received it after I got injured so haven’t been able to properly wear it yet.

The same goes for the Marathon Talk t-shirt I ordered.

Marathon Talk tshirt

In ‘classic black’ of course 😉 and I received a free Marathon Talk buff as there was a delay. Again, it fits lovely! Made by Xempo.

And, obviously, my Bournemouth marathon finisher’s t-shirt has been left unworn in my running drawer as well. Now I feel like this week is the week that I can get back to running (PLEASE!). I thought I’d wear all three t-shirts to parkrun and on each lap whip one off to get the maximum effect 😉

Rant: When I was at the gym on the busy Saturday I was just minding my own business doing my squats and there were two men near to me using a bench to do dumbbell presses, taking turns while the other rested. When one of them finished his reps he just threw down his dumbbells (very heavy dumbbells, over 20kg/44lbs each!). They bounced away from him towards me – like literally almost hitting my legs.

I understand people want to do a tough workout and want to be near failure on reps but throwing dumbbells down in exhaustion is dangerous in a busy gym! What an idiot. I glared at him after he did it multiple times but I was too intimidated to say anything. I really should have though. To me that shows a lack of control rather than good weight lifting.

Rave: This is a rave for me and a rant for my bank account. I mentioned in my last R&R post (oooh it has an acronym!) that I’ve been buying lots of gymwear… well here are a few more of my items.Gym outfit

The ridiculous bright yellow shorts are from Nike Pro (from Zalando – in fact, I bought those and a pair of bright pink ones too for £25 in total which I thought was a steal as Nike is always such good quality). Top left is another muscle tee from Forever 21. These are perfect for weight lifting in the gym but not for cardio or running because they’re not technical material. But I love the freedom of muscle tees as the sides gape. The funky leggings are from Boohoo and, again, they’re not technical material but they’re perfect for upper body days. And they were so cheap. I bought a few items from Boohoo as they had a good deal on shipping for next day delivery – £1.99!

MASSIVE RAVE (or potentially MASSIVE RANT): So tonight is the night. I’m going to test out running (3 miles, nothing crazy). I haven’t done a single run since Bournemouth. My leg feels absolutely fine walking and taking stairs so I’m really hopeful. Obviously if anything does hurt I’ll stop but I’m really really praying it’ll be fine. I’m seeing my physio tomorrow so I figured this was the ideal time to test it out. Originally I was going to use parkrun as my tester but realistically I need to run on my own without any external factors… just the road and me. I don’t want to be tempted to push through anything or be embarrassed if I have to stop. Plus my dad and me are driving in together so if the run fails I can emotionally collapse onto him on the way home (what fun for him). FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!

Do you have a lot of common sense?

What kind of oils and fats do you use? I’ve heard gee is supposed to be really good but I’ve never tried it in my own cooking… I keep seeing it in Tesco and I’m very tempted.

Have other gym goers annoyed you recently?

21 Replies to “Rants and Raves #24”

  1. I’m really pleased to see that you’ve stuck with the strength training whilst you’ve been injured. Hopefully it will pay dividends and I’ve got everything crossed for that 3 mile run.

    Please, please do the 3 t-shirt thing at parkrun!
    Autumn recently posted…Assessing the SituationMy Profile

  2. Oh heck no. Theres NO WAY my dog would sit outside a store patiently like that! When I would take her to my soccer games she would sit on the side line with my husband and just CRY the entire game long!! It was so sad. She could literally see me the entire game right in front of her, but because she couldnt reach me she would just cry! Seriously, her and I have attachment issues [she’s laying on top of my feet right now btw].
    Good luck on your run!! I hope it goes well for you girl. I know this has been a frustrating time for you, but even if it doesn’t go as you want it to, keep your head up and stay positive. Look at how much you love lifting now! Good HAS come of this break, and you WILL run again. Good luck!! <3
    Kat recently posted…WIAW 11.18.15My Profile

  3. It’s going to be a lovely run tonight. Just don’t slip on any leaves.

    When I was about five, an elderly neighbour informed me that I had plenty of “low cunning” – his word for common sense. My Mum nearly fell over laughing. Personally, I find it hilarious when people describe me as being patient. I believe I’m extremely impatient (but I’ve learned the knack of letting go of some things that I cannot control).

    Last night, while moving out of the way of N, I fell over the stool and into the door frame. I now have an excellent bruise blooming on my left arm, and a stubbed toe. We have decided to bin the oven gloves and buy new ones, as I’ve singed them far too many times lifting pots from the stove. I have nearly burnt the house down on occasion (I should not be let loose near candles). I think it was me who melted the weighing scales, but I’m not entirely sure, and I have to be careful what I choose to take into the bathroom (oooh, some vestige of sense lurks) because if I don’t choose a mug that bounces, I will send my coffee flying and shatter it on the tiles. I’ve done this twice with a favourite mug. And it’s really not fun when you’re in the bath and soggy and there’s broken ceramic all over the floor.
    Jane recently posted…Oooh. That’s oddMy Profile

  4. Good luck with the run tomorrow- my fingers are crossed for you.
    Love the new t-shirts- I really think you should do the 3 lap thing with the t-shirts- too many t-shirts and not enough runs otherwise. I did look at the MT tops but I have a very full drawer so I could not really justify one. But then I heard they also do hoodies, and I can never have enough of those, so maybe…
    I feel like my 50 t-shirt should only come out on special occasions (like the tourism this weekend)- actually we are coming down to Southampton the weekend before Christmas so I am hoping to do a parkrun there (the common one?) so I might let it have an outing there too. Plus it’s red so a Christmas colour!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Parkrun tourism, a windy weekend and a windy race!My Profile

    1. The problem with the t-shirts is it’s getting quite cold now so my chance of wearing them is getting slimmer… I’ll see what the weather’s like tomorrow 😉
      Southampton common can be very busy so be careful. It can get quite crowded. I’ve only done it once and I think there were 400 runners but now there are regularly around 600 runners. It’s quite flat from what I remember.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Calabrian preserves and running updateMy Profile

  5. I hope your run goes well this evening!

    I like to think I am quite lucky on both intelligence and common sense fronts. I’m just stupidly clumsy and accident prone.

    My husband though is more intelligent that common sense blessed. Ask him about all manner of geekery and he is ace. To compensate for his brainy powers, he did nearly set our kitchen in the flat on fire by trying to warm up a Dominos pizza in the grill. While it was still in the box.
    Steph recently posted…Weigh in Wednesday 6: Wonky floorsMy Profile

  6. Dropping weights really grates on me, as do the dickheads who leave like 80kg on a really high bar in the squat rack which I then have to get a step to actually get off the barbell!! I use coconut oil for all my cooking, and flax oil for dressings/dips.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Value the SilenceMy Profile

  7. That picture of Alfie at the shop door just made my heart melt! Bless him!
    I’ve never burnt any leads before, but it’s only a matter of time. I always leave my iPad charging in the kitchen next to the hob whilst I’m cooking so that I can put things on in the background and the lead is usually dangling over the microwave door, or across the empty side of the hob…there isn’t a lot of room in my kitchen! I also burnt the carpet in the lounge of our old house. It’s not often I iron my own stuff, as I tend to let the creases drop out, or wear a jumper over shirts. I was trying to be helpful and in a hurry and ironed Dan’s shirt on top of the carpet. Turns out you can’t actually do that, and the fibres of the carpet melt together! Whoops!
    Mary recently posted…Cook your way to a healthy smile 🙂My Profile

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