Am I mad??

I’m trying not to get ahead of myself just yet and go into full on holiday mode. I still have four days left. But that sounds pretty good to me!

This weekend was a busy one as we had a lot to get done, being the last weekend before we go to the States. Friday night I was a lonely spinster while Ben went off with some friends to our local pub for a ‘boy’s night’. I stayed in watching trashy telly and going to bed at 9pm. What a rock and roll lifestyle I have! I was just so tired. I’d been to the gym four times that week (getting up at 5am each time) so I was worn out.

Saturday morning, after a blissful night’s sleep, I was up ready to go help set up parkrun and also run it.IMG_8997 This wasn’t my first run back. I’ve been gently getting back into running with some Garmin-less runs, all kept nice and easy (well it felt easy, I have no idea of pace) and short. I’m not going to blog too much about this running as at the moment it’s all very relaxed, no pressures, no goals, just running when I fancy. And I fancied parkrun so decided to make an appearance.

IMG_8998 It was very chilly setting up in the morning (about 8am) and we noticed some black ice on the course as we were putting the markers out so we diverted the route slightly onto the grass (which later turned into an absolute mud bath). And then it started to rain icy rain!! I didn’t mind the crisp, dry coldness but icy rain is awful. After setting everything up I did a warm up as I was just SO cold. I didn’t even take my ski jacket off until the last minute!

The run went fine. I won’t lie, I’ve lost a lot of endurance and speed since not running for so many weeks so my easy pace is not what my easy pace used to. But it was just nice to be out in the fresh air seeing familiar, friendly faces. Without any real running goals it means I’m not panicking about hitting paces or mileage. At the moment it’s purely supplementary to my gym goings. I finished in just under 24 minutes which I was happy with and managed to negative split the miles with a nice push of 7.38 on the last mile. I’ll take that!

After clearing everything away and catching up with people, I headed home to Ben. He was somewhat hung over bless him. We got the housework done and then he headed out for bike ride with a friend. The first bike ride since being told to stop all exercise (all OK’ed with the physio). I think it went well and he was happy to feel the rush of endorphins again.

In the evening we headed to Brasserie Blanc in Gunwharf Quays with Ben’s mum to have a superb meal. We were celebrating her birthday and decided to splash out on a rather posh meal. It’s not the most expensive restaurant in the world but it’s fairly pricy!

IMG_9005 I had a selection of salads to start, a coquelet for my main and an amazing chocolate soufflé for pudding.

Brasserie Blanc It was so good! Definitely a winner. The soufflé was unbelievably light (not as in less calories as hello it’s pudding, but as in the texture). It wasn’t a heavy chocolate pudding and the pistachio ice cream it came with balanced it perfectly.

Sunday was all about chilling for me. No gym, no running, just nice Alfie walks and a trip into Southampton to take back clothes that we’d ordered online that either looked awful or didn’t fit. I got annoyed in Top Shop as all the jeans that they were selling were either skinny, high-waisted skinny or ‘mom’ jeans. They had so many pairs of bloody skinny jeans. *sighs* So annoying as Top Shop is normally a perfect place for me to get jeans but skinny jeans are not my thing (wrong for my body shape and bloody uncomfortable). But we did managed to exchange a few items for both Ben and me so it was a success.

And now back to the grind. Got some gym visits planned for this week and perhaps a couple of runs. I’m considering running very early on Friday before we get picked up by the taxi at 6.30am as I know I’ll feel crazy antsy on the plane for ten hours otherwise! Am I mad???

Would you run really early when you’re going to fly on a plane later? It’s just such a long time to be sat not moving much…

Do you enjoy going to slightly more posh restaurants occasionally and spending a bit more on a meal that you might do normally?

Did you do any workouts this weekend? Any parkruns?

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your parkrun 🙂 I understand the plane thing – I hate just sitting. I reckon they should put a gym on aeroplanes, and each block of seats gets an allocated time they can use it. They’re just so boring and cramped!
    I think you’re mad, purely because u get up so early!! Sure you’ll reap the rewards in fitness though:-) x

    1. You could be on to something there about the gym plane! I’d be game for that! I’m looking forward to watching some good movies (Boyhood!) without distracting myself with my phone/internet and reading my book but I know by 3-4 hours the boredom and restless will set in. Ben loves it – on his trip to Hong Kong (over 10 hours flight) he didn’t get up once. SERIOUSLY.

  2. Great to hear you’re ‘just’ running for fun at the moment. I think it’s really important not to lose sight of the fact that, for most of us, running (or whichever sport you do) IS a hobby and if it’s not enjoyable then it doesn’t hurt to take a break / have a change.
    I ran Stubbington on Sunday and the weather was just perfect. Really cold (the colder the better for me), dry, not too sunny and no wind… A completely enjoyable run. And as usual, brilliant HERC support!
    I’m quite lucky as Phil is a bit of a foody so we have been to some lovely restaurants – BC I took him to Ramsay’s in Chelsea which was A.MA.ZING! but generally these days we are more likely to go somewhere family friendly. Interested to hear your experience at Gun Wharf though as I have been VERY anti Brasserie Blanc after experiencing dreadful service at their Winchester restaurant a couple of years ago. Maybe I should give the Gun Wharf one a try as their food is usually brilliant!
    Have a fabulous holiday – maybe I’ll see you at Parkrun soon.
    Liz recently posted…A fine line…My Profile

    1. Yes exactly! I started running purely because I loved it and I enjoyed it as a way to keep fit and healthy. Somewhere last year that got lost and now I need to find the love again. I’m enjoying what I’m doing at the moment so I’m very happy, despite not running 20+ miles a week.
      I really want to go to Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant!! We’ve been to Jamie’s 15 one in London and that was incredible. I’ve been to the Brasserie Blanc in Winchester for my 21st birthday (so about 5 years ago) and I found it really good 🙁 sorry to hear you had a rubbish experience. And the one in Gunwharf was fantastic. The waiters were very attentive and lovely and the food was spot on. Definitely recommend.

  3. I’m so glad that you’re back to running again, and that you’re enjoying it on your own terms. As usual, your times are great even when you’ve had a long break from running!

    I would definitely run early if I knew I was going to be sitting down for a long time, so I don’t think you’re mad at all 🙂

    I didn’t get to race in the end because I was so scared about the ice. I tried a patch where we were and I went skidding down the street to the point of having to grab a lamppost to stop myself from falling. But 1420 of the 1500 people entered turned up to the race and there were tonnes of PBs, so now I feel pretty bad about it. I’ve seen the video footage and photos though and I still think I would’ve have fallen over – it was -2 for the whole thing and the road was visibly shining. How so many people can run on sheet black ice I’ll never know 🙁

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy being in the sunshine, well away from the grotty weather we’re getting!
    Jess recently posted…Posts That Piqued My Interest #3My Profile

    1. Thanks Jess, you’re very sweet. The parkrun was tough though so regardless of what looked like OK times it felt a lot harder than (in my head) it should have. But I know as I get more into it times will improve and I have no races or PB intentions so I’m quite blasé about the whole thing for once (shock horror).
      I’m sorry to hear your didn’t do the race but I still think you made the right decision. Better to miss one race than miss so many more because of an injury. I think those people who did turn up are mental – I wouldn’t have done it.

  4. Good news about the running 🙂 No pressure and just enjoying running sounds perfect.
    I would not get up early before a flight, because of the time difference- otherwise by the time you land you could have been up for 20 hours or something- we tend to walk up and down the airport once through security to get walking just before the flight.
    I did parkrun this weekend but can’t next weekend as we have a mystery day out. The weekend after we are meeting friends for brunch at 10am and I am considering doing the parkrun nearby, then just changing and using some baby wipes as I won’t have time to go home or have a shower. I can’t decide if that is not socially acceptable though!
    Have an amazing time in Florida 🙂
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Fred Hughes 10- freezing my crumpetsMy Profile

    1. You do make a good point about the amount of time we’ll be up for. My only counter argument is that we will have an hour and a half in a taxi to the airport and then a lot of time on the flight for a nap. I’d rather be tired than restless, if that makes sense? Also I imagine we’ll go to bed very early Orlando time (though it will be very late UK time) so can get a decent amount of sleep that evening. It could be a disaster but I’m gonna risk it!! :-S
      There’s a parkrun in Orlando (SO EXCITED) and we’ve OK’ed with our friends who are going to Orlando with us that we’re going to pop off to do the run and then be back to do the rest of the day. I think you should do it! My friends think we’re mental but they know what we’re like so…

    1. Thanks Jemma. I think this is where I’ve been going wrong for the past year. I assure myself there’s no pressure, but there’s always a race I’m training for in the future…not good.

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