Cake not children any day

Happy Monday, we’re here again. I don’t know what happened to me over the weekend but I was shattered! I even had an hour long nap yesterday afternoon, which is crazy for me! I’m back running consistently so this is probably the case. My foot seems to be fully OK now, whew!

Friday night Ben and me decided to go out for a meal to our recent favourite find (Zippers) and we invited my parents and Ben’s mum to join. Funnily enough my mum and dad had already booked to go to there after we’d raved about it! Happy days.

I went for my salad duo which, once again, rocked my world: salad bar starter and then chicken, avocado and bacon salad.

Zippers salad

Apologies for the poor photos – it was dimly lit in the restaurant

And because it is the best chocolate fudge cake I’ve had in ages, I had it for pudding again. Consistently good – and I think I’m qualified to say that now having had it three times! I didn’t take a photo because I’ve already got two photos of it…

Needless to say I think we’re done with Zippers for a bit. We’ll be back for definite but we’ve OOT-ed it recently as you can imagine 😉

Saturday morning I finally got back to parkrun. I haven’t been for soo long due to being busy, injuries and marathons. I really missed it. I went down early to help set up and caught up with the parkrun crew. It was the Halloween special which meant people had dressed up in fancy dress for the occasion which was brilliant!

Netley Abbey parkrun Halloween Skeleton morph suit!

The costumes were brilliant, from pumpkins to zombies, morph suits to masks. I love stuff like this. Sadly all I had to offer was a black sparkly tutu and my colourful RunMummyRun compression socks but it felt fun wearing it.

IMG_8317I took parkrun nice and easy and chatted to lots of people on the way round, which I always really enjoy. Unfortunately talking so much gave me such a nasty a stitch – that’ll teach me! I got just over 25 minutes which I’m happy with for a social run wearing, as it turns out, a rather itchy tutu.

IMG_8315 Check out the costumes behind me – amazing effort with the face paint!

The rest of the day was spent just doing the chores, walking Alfie and watching some trashy television watch (*whispers* Made In Chelsea) which Ben and me embarrassingly like to watch and Gogglebox (I’m a new comer to this programme but I am fully addicted – it is HILARIOUS).

Sunday I got up and ran for 50 minutes (Kyle confusingly works in minutes not miles…this makes route planning quite hard!!) then rushed about getting ready to go to church to see my friend Louise’s baby’s Christening-but-not-Christening thing. Basically it was a “welcome to church” kind of thing for their baby, Jacob, but not an actually Christening because they want him to decide on his faith later. I won’t lie, I did not sing at all. No one wants to hear me sing especially if I don’t know any of the songs! Louise is an incredible singer though and is part of the church band so she rocked it.

After the service we headed back to Louise’s parent’s house for “nibbles”. Let’s just dissect this word for a moment…we thought crisps and snacky things, which were out on the sides when we arrived. We nibbled away and had some fizzy pop and were quite content. But Louise’s mum is just amazing at hosting these sorts of things and suddenly an hour later BOOM there was an entire buffet of food. Then after the buffet there was a pudding buffet of lemon tart, chocolate tart, meringues, jelly (all home-made!) and ice cream. Wowza. And of course cake afterwards!


I won’t lie. I went a bit crazy having a slice of both the lemon and chocolate tart (let’s call them slithers shall we? They weren’t huge…) and a couple of slices of cake.

IMG_8324 All home-made by Louise herself. Vanilla sponge for the main cake and chocolate for the little trains and square blocks. My reputation preceded me as Louise came over after the first cutting of the cake and handed me a chocolate slice saying “I knew you’d want more”. Full sugar coma commenced afterwards (and an afternoon nap later).

Most of my school friends were there too so it was nice to catch up and have a laugh with them. Mostly taking the mic’ out of my fear of small people and how awkward I am around them. It was actually quite scary how many children were there – Louise has a HUGE family. Needless to say, it’ll be a few years yet before I have the desire to have one!!

Do you go to church? I’m not religious but don’t mind going to these sorts of things.

What are you doing for Halloween? We do nothing. Mainly hide behind our curtains and hope no small people come knocking.

Cake or dessert? I think I’d go with cake.

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  1. Ah yes, Gogglebox, one of my highlights of the week.
    I am not a fan of Church at all, I am not religious and don’t like singing all the praise god songs. I think it is great that your friends are letting their child choose their faith instead of forcing it upon them.
    And cake. Yes please.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…My favourite baking bookMy Profile

  2. Oh, I’m more than with you on the subject of children. I really just do not like them at all, to the point of it being an aversion. Rats, snakes, even spiders aren’t all that bad, but put me in the room with a baby or child and I’ll just about collapse with fear (and revulsion in the case of most babies…there a few out there that are photogenic so I don’t mind looking at pictures, but otherwise I’d just be a total failure of evolution and run screaming from a baby).

    I wish I could have seen all of the Halloween costumes! I love everything dark and horror-based, so obviously I think your tutu is fab and that skeleton suit is bloody amazing. I will also be hiding with all the lights off and hoping no-one rings the doorbell though 😛 I don’t really approve of trick or treating and I don’t understand why anyone is obliged to give people sweets for some arbitrary reason. I have the same opinion of Xmas and birthdays really with regard to presents…I really am an anti-conformity curmudgeon 😛

    I’m an atheist and so are my parents, so I always feel really uncomfortable and awkward around churches. No offense to anyone religious though – live and let live.

    Jess recently posted…Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon 2014 ~ 3:35:53My Profile

    1. Children are just so unpredictable!!
      Ahh the other costumes were good. One guy had a weird severed heads costume so that on his stomach and chest there were these grotesque heads poking out. I had to do a double take when I first saw it.
      Yep trick or treating is just stupid and annoying. It bugs our dog as well as he gets all antsy with the door going all the time. My parents would never let me do it as they saw it as begging. It’s really not in our culture. I can *sort of* understand it in America where everyone does it and it is a big organised thing, but here it really isn’t.

  3. Children are the best thing ever! They are just very small adults. Everyone used to be a child and it is how you are formed into what you are today. They are fun, joyous and can teach adults quite a bit if you let them. They can show you how not to worry, that fun and laughter are a huge part of a persons day (at least it should be) and you don’t have to do anything to impress anyone. I was terrified when I became a mother but now with 3, I couldn’t imagine not having them around.
    Cheesecake….give me all the cheesecake!!!!!!
    Staci @ Hoosier Running Mom recently posted…Running, poses and a fedoraMy Profile

    1. Well the zombies said that by the end they’d forgotten they had it on – which was funny because dog walkers kept looking at them funny and they got a bit offended until they remembered haha.

  4. We have a Halloween run in our local park at club this Thursday but I have no idea what to go as. I want something easy and runnable in. That skeleton suit looks great! I think I might raid ASDA later on today…
    Halloween is my birthday and we’re off to a scare-fest in an old farm this year. I’ve been before a few years ago and it was so much fun! When I was younger I used to hate Halloween. We used to get several trick or treaters round and my Mum used to give them slices of my birthday cake!
    Mary recently posted…Coaching and delicious foodMy Profile

    1. The morph suits were apparently great to run in because they’re so stretchy and streamline. My tutu was good and didn’t get in the way but it was a bit itchy!
      WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is outrageous of your mum. Happy birthday anyway for Friday!

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