9 miles, Bath and lots of fudge

Thank goodness January is over. OK it wasn’t a terrible month for me, but I just hate that sort of fog of depression that everyone has after Christmas. February is where we really start getting on with the year and looking forward.

I found Friday a day that just draaaagged. Everyone at work seemed a bit sleepy. Doing Pilates in the morning as well really didn’t help things.Morning PilatesIt’s so relaxing and gentle. But this Friday it was actually quite tough as well. I feel like we’re really getting into it now and getting to the good stuff, like the hundred move which just kills your abs.

I had a fairly early night on Friday as I was getting up at 6.15am on Saturday to do my long run before heading to Bath.

image (Along with Garmin Connect I use Strava to upload my runs – follow me if you like! I like Strava as it shows my GAP pace which is basically adjusting for elevation, up and down)

I’m really happy with how things went. It was tough but I kept an eye on my heart rate and general effort level and I wasn’t going crazy. I just listened to a podcast and ran as naturally paced as I could. The only thing I did notice was a slight ache in my other knee when I’d finished. Nothing near like I’ve had with my bad knee but just like a ‘hello what’s this’ feeling. Possibly because I could have been slightly nursing the right one and putting more pressure on the left? But it feels fine now. Honestly, I can’t take anymore injuries!!

Then I jumped on the train to Bath. I was supposed to be meeting one of my uni friends on the train but sadly her train had been cancelled which meant she couldn’t come. Really sad as I was looking forward to a lovely train ride catch-up. And I hadn’t brought my Kindle which meant I was a little bored on the journey.

Bath train trip

Normally I don’t put my feet up on seats in trains but it was empty, my boots were relatively clean and I was elevating my legs post-run 😉

So I did a lot of looking out the window. It made me appreciate living in such a beautiful country though – so green and picturesque. But so much flooding!

I met up with my friends and we straight away went for coffee…time for a good catch up and chin wag!

We then went for lunch in one of my favourite chain restaurants, Giraffe. I could eat just a plate of their sweet potato fries for lunch. Seriously so good.Giraffe sweet potato fries

I had these with a chicken, prawn and mango salad. At first they brought me a really small salad. I poked through it and found it really wasn’t what I had ordered! But the waitress quickly swapped it for the right salad – which was so much bigger. But still a little stingy on the chicken I have to say. But it was still nice.

Then we walked around Bath and saw the Cathedral.Bath

And then the highlight of the day…an amazing fudge shop (The Fudge Kitchen) where you could see them making the fudge. And they offered free samples!

Fudge KitchenI tried the salted caramel, after dinner mint and butterscotch. It was so hard to decide between them. They were so tasty. The mint was very creamy whereas the butterscotch was very crumbly. They were so friendly in the shop as well, it was a lovely experience. I bought Ben a cheeky slice of the mint one – he was very pleased.

We also went to another fudge shop (the Fudge Factory) and I got a rather large marshmallow dipped in chocolate.

Fudge Factory Yum!

Then we finished the day with a lovely tea/coffee in one of the small tearooms.

IMG_5901 How lovely is that tea cup?

Then our farewells and back to Southampton for me. Such a lovely trip. And we missed the rain in the end which was fantastic.

My legs felt pretty good the whole day. Just a bit achy. And Sunday they felt the same. Just achiness and tiredness. Ben thinks I’m over thinking everything (very possible) but it’s hard not to when it’s been this way for so long now. It’s hard to remember what post-long run feels like…whether that’s a normal achiness/tiredness or not.

I was going to run this morning (Monday) but I’m going to give myself another day as I really don’t want to push myself too much. Nine miles was a long way for me, I must remember that. I’m not where I was three months ago where nine miles was just a normal run. But I plan to run tomorrow morning, I think. Just an easy three miles.

After an injury, how slowly did you get back into things?

Have you been to Bath before?

What’s your favourite flavour of fudge? I need to try more before I make my mind up 😉

21 Replies to “9 miles, Bath and lots of fudge”

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Giraffe everytime we’ve had a layover in London. Is it worth trying? I mean by the looks of those sweet potatoes, I’d say so! Seriously, they look so crispy. YUM!

    Glad to hear your 9 miles went well. Give yourself a day (or 2) of rest, and you should be good to go. 🙂

  2. Mr PoP is from Bath so I’m there quite regularly – I love all the little shops 🙂 I haven’t come across the fudge shops there though – will have to have a look next time we’re there! The best fudge I ever had was from the fudge shop in Cambridge – it was chocolate I think – and it was SO good, but really expensive too!

    1. It was such a lovely trip. I could have shopped for hours. The fudge shop is quite small but it’s definitely worth a visit – they were so friendly and keen for us to try all the flavours. Well…I couldn’t say no!

  3. Nine miles is great! Not too far off where you should be for your long run mileage. You WILL make Paris! 🙂
    I went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my friend several years running and one of our highlights was always watching the fudge makers make their goods, and getting lots to sample! I always brought back some vanilla and Baileys fudge for Dan. I love the really creamy ones in small doses!
    It was a lovely day on Saturday. Really sunny where we were, and no hint of rain, so you picked the best day for a day out. 🙂

  4. I love days out on the train, especially when I’m going to visit friends! Love your boots too. Look after your legs, take it easy, and I’m sure they will look after you! 🙂

  5. I love Bath, such a great place for a day out or long weekend. I am incredibly sore this morning, after yesterdays race, I think general stiffness and niggles are to expected post long run, and I wouldn’t read too much into it. I had sweet potato fries from Giraffe on Saturday as part of my carbo loading- they were awesome!

  6. I had exactly the same experience at Giraffe a few days ago! Really mean chicken salad, there couldn’t have been half a chicken breast in it. I left feeling hungry, despite those awesome sweet potato fries! I love Bath, let me know if you’re ever at a loose end and fancy a cake trip 🙂 The fudge kitchen is awesome, I love their flavours!

  7. Bath is one of my favourite places to visit- I just love the pretty town centre and all the tea rooms, and the Roman baths are interesting, and then of course the tea rooms…
    I never buy fudge because I am always shocked at how expensive it is- I could make it for much cheaper so I normally look at the flavours and get tempted, then see the price and decide not to get any. Peanut butter fudge is my fave as the pb makes it a bit softer in texture which I prefer to the tablet style fudge.
    I imagine that you were just tired after that long run- I did 10 miles on Saturday and was still really tired on the Sunday, and a bit achey- I think that is just what happens when you run that far- fingers crossed anyway!

  8. FUDGE!! oh my gosh so good. I have a special place in my heart for that stuff. My gma used to make a HUGE batch of chocolate and pb fudge each xmas, and now, no one else’s fudge comes close. When she passed I got her recipe, so I make it every once in a while, but it never lasts long. I eat like, a batch a day. That stuff is crack to me!!

  9. That hundred move DOES kill! We did pilates in my high school summer gym class and I was so sore from that. It’s kind of made me shy to ever doing pilates again. Lol.

    Reading is the best way to pass the time. That’s why I downloaded the kindle app on my phone. Never leave home without it. 🙂

    Too bad about your friend but I’m glad you had a good time!

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