15 miles, chicken and chocolate

Morning you fabulous people. Does anyone else feel like there needs to be a day in between Saturday and Sunday? A day to catch up on all the things you think you’re going to get done over the weekend but actually don’t. How many times has clean the kitchen floor been on my to-do list??

The weekend started off nicely, with a cheeky little trip to Nando’s on Friday night with my parents and Ben for a whole lotta chicken.

Nandos 21.02

So many choices of sauces! I went for mango and lime

I went for half a chicken, corn on the cob and side salad. How very Paleo of me (is that Paleo? Potentially…) 😉 I also got to eat Ben’s leftover chicken as well. Yum.

Saturday  morning we were up and at ‘em to help set-up Parkrun at Netley Abbey.

Netley Abbey It was the cricket pitch course again (five laps…snore). But I was determined to beat my time from last weekend (22:30). The weather was better and the course a bit drier.

It was quite nippy so I made sure I warmed up a lot – lots of walking lunges, high knees and strides. Then go go go!

IMG_6015 There’s me in the pink top and shorts. I felt really strong and just kept pushing. My pace dropped as I went along but I managed to maintain a speedier pace than last week.


In the end I got a time of 21:27 and was first female 🙂 Almost a minute off last week and I beat the lady that beat me last week, which was quite nice. And my lovely pregnant friend who is still running despite being fairly pregnant wasn’t far behind – I mean seriously, how inspiring is that?? I hope that’s me one day!

I foolishly did not prepare well for the next day’s long run. I ate a really big dinner and a lot of fudge the night before and felt very bloated and not too well when I went to bed. How stupid can I be?

Ben and me were planning to join up with our running club’s long run on the Sunday and for various different reasons, we managed to get there too late (by 5 minutes). This was really annoying as I was looking forward to running my long run with company and hadn’t brought my headphones or anything. Ben and me decided to part ways and just run on. I was aiming for 8.30-9min/mile pace and Ben wanted to do 9.30min/mile so we couldn’t really run together.

Anyway I headed off with the vague and optimistic hope that I could catch them knowing that a part of the group would be running Ben’s pace. This kept me entertained for about 8 miles thinking “Keep going, they’re just around this corner”. Happily I had no idea I got their route wrong and was going a completely different way…


I’d say it sort of went OK. I had some serious stomach cramps and moments when I thought I’d have to dive into a bush which wasn’t great. I had also brought only a tiny water bottle which disappeared by mile 10. And my legs felt very heavy and tired from the day before. The last two miles were spent mentally pushing myself and fantasying about a cold glass of water.

Basically I’d say 60% of the reason why the run wasn’t brilliant was because of the day before (hard Parkrun and bad preparation), 20% was my IT band feeling tired and niggling my knee (not major though) and 20% was mental. Not running with any music, podcast or conversation really put the focus on running and the miles counting down. It was nice to have that quiet time and focus but I’m not used to it for such a long run.

When I got home I had a glass of water within seconds. Best drink in the entire world. Then I stretched like a madwoman, had a huge bowl of porridge and then screamed the house down by having an ice bath.

Ice bath with socks I have to wear socks as my feet get so so cold. It took ages for them to warm up afterwards! Ben had to hug them for about five minutes. That’s love.

Then the rest of the day I somehow managed to get the ironing done, walk Alfie, prepare my lunches for the next few days and make Mars Bar crispie cakes for work! I then promptly collapsed onto the sofa and did nothing. Heaven.

I made the cakes for work to sell in order to raise some money for the charity (Make a Wish) I’m running for on Sunday’s Reading half marathon.

Mars bar crispie cake I went for the simplest baking I could. But still, what an arm work out! Stirring up melted chocolate with rice crispies is no small feat.

I made sure to save Ben one though when I cut them up this morning to take to work 😉


So a productive, tiring but brilliant weekend.

Now to relax a bit at work 😉 At least physically!!

What is the easiest thing you bake? I find everything hard to bake 😉

How do you recover after a long run/hard workout? All the foods!!

What’s your sauce of choice: hot, spicy, mild, sweet…? Sweet and spicy is one of my favourite.

**If you did want to sponsor me and my little team for the Reading Half you can find out fundraising page HERE. No donation is too small.**

23 Replies to “15 miles, chicken and chocolate”

  1. Corn isn’t paleo as it isn’t actually a vegetable, but near enough 😉 I’ve not been to Nando’s in ages, I quite fancy going soon.

    I really don’t know how you can get into an ice cold bath – but if it beats the DOMS I guess it’s worth it!

    I love Mars bar crispie cakes, another thing I’ve not had in ages!

  2. Mmmm Mars Bar crispie cakes sound amazing! I ave no idea how you do the ice bath thing – it must be SO unpleasant! For me it’s a balanced meal with carbs and protein, but sometimes if it’s been a really long ride without any proper food (gels don’t count as proper food in my mind!) then a protein shake or similar is good too, then a meal later on 🙂 Mostly I find I have to drink loads!

    1. I know. Honestly it’s the worse thing in the world. But I do find it helps with the aches and pains. Might be psychological!! Who knows.
      Yep I always need a drink after running. And food not too long afterwards. Though after a long run it does take some time before I can stomach actual food.

  3. great job on your run girl and congrats on coming in first for women! You’re a beast 🙂 I’ve never done an ice bath, but after some soccer games it would probably be more efficient than using every bag of frozen veggies in my freezer to ice my legs….

  4. I think we have all been there when it comes to eating too much the night before a long run…whoops! …And then thoroughly regretted it during the run, promising to learn from our mistakes…(Yeah, I’m still learning!) Well done on your 15 miles though! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to hearing about your first marathon experience.
    OK, questions…I find vanilla buns easiest to bake…I always used to make them with my Mum when I was younger so the measurements are engraved in my brain forever now!
    I’m all about a large glass of semi-skimmed milk after a run. Nice and cold! If I’ve driven out to meet others for a long run and happen to go past a KFC a Krushem also does the job. 🙂
    I tend to like mild sauces and hate BBQ sauce with a passion!

  5. Yes I really think I need a 3 day weekend! I keep telling Andy I will reduce my hours at work but he thinks I am joking at the moment!
    Nice work on the run- I think that even though it is tough it trains you well to be on your own during the race- although hopefully the race will be easier as you will have crowds and things.
    I remember one run I did and for the last bit I was listening to a food programme podcast all about non-alcoholic drinks (the rise of bars selling only soft drinks to cater for more people that don’t drink)- anyway I was so thirsty that it was almost torture listening to it!
    Those cakes look delicious! I love making cornflake cakes – melt chocolate, stir in cornflakes- enjoy 🙂

    1. Omg I couldn’t listen to a food podcast while running! I wouldn’t get further than a mile hehe.
      I did consider cornflake cakes, but rice crispies seemed easier (in my head?) and Ben preferred the rice crispies for breakfast cereal than cornflakes.

  6. Well done on your time and being the first women whoop! I still have never been to Nandos! This has gotta change! Yum those rice crispy bars look great I love to make a banana loaf I find them so easy and very satisfying to eat : )

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