A cake lover’s problem

Happy Saturday everyone! I have a guest post for you today which rings very true to my heart…

There’s a problem brewing. My love of cake is getting a bit out of hand because treating myself to a nice scone, a Victoria sponge or a cupcake is no longer limited to trips to my favourite bakery. Friends have been swept up in the baking frenzy sweeping the nation and they keep offering their tasty creations to me!

The Great British Bake Off is to blame of course. Who knew watching a group of people try to out bake each other could be so entertaining? Or inspiring! There’s an abundance of cookery shows on the box, after all, and yet people are responding to the trials and tribulations of amateur bakers more than they ever have to Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson. Running helps to keep any pending weight and fitness issues at bay, but indulgences of this kind are always going to have an effect. In this case, my energy levels are taking a bit of a hit.

The media’s not exactly helping. Who tuned in to watch the Sport Relief Bake-Off? There was something very entertaining about watching a different group of celebrities an episode wise cracking and often failing miserably at baking anything that resembles an actual cake. And then there’s the events and competitions which are held by popular companies.

A friend for example, blames her baking obsession on the Foxy Bingo Twitter page. As someone who has spent a number of years playing the odd game of 90 ball bingo, she was intrigued when Foxy’s Bake Off was announced, rising to the challenge of creating a Foxy themed cake. While she didn’t win, it’s certainly given her a new hobby. One that’s benefiting my need for cake greatly and making me very conscious of my health.

In fact, you could say that Foxy Bingo really took to the new baking craze with gusto. Members of their social media community have been posting pictures of cakes on the Foxy Bingo Facebook page – and as you can see some of them are really quite good. Personally, I would welcome as many companies as possible getting on a baking tip. Few things can cheer you up like baking a cake, then there is the eating or giving of the finished product too. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Another of my friends was given a cake decorating recipe book this past Christmas, and has since been experimenting with butter icing on the cupcakes she makes in her cupcake maker. She can’t justify eating them all, so they end up in my possession (Like I’m going to turn it down!). Sometimes they’re green and minty in flavour, other times she pops round with chocolate orange flavoured cakes, ready for devouring, always scrumptious and more-ish.

The good thing about baking your own treats, is that you can control the measurements of unhealthy ingredients. Sometimes all it takes to live a cake lovers lifestyle without the unnecessary weight gain and shortness of breath when you head to the gym is to substitute low fat margarine, add slightly less sugar and a cut back on the chocolate chip. And much as I do adore bakeries, you do feel exceptionally naughty walking in and ordering your favourite chocolate muffin, even after a run.

What are the chances my friends can be convinced to substitute in healthier ingredients?
The Sport Relief Bake Off has had one inspiring effect, mind you. People who are not sporty have found a way to do their bit for the cause. I’m happy to give up the cakes baked if they are raising money. Get togethers are already being planned, so I suspect red butter icing is in my immediate future.

I loved the Bake Off and I loved the Sport Relief version! Did you watch them?

Do you have friends always offering you baked goods?

Who’s your favourite celebrity chef? Mine will always be Jamie Oliver.

*Guest post

2 Replies to “A cake lover’s problem”

  1. I am the person that pushes cakes onto other people! Although I generally make them for Sunday tea at Andy’s family, so there are plenty of people to share it with, or I take them to work- they are normally gone by lunch time!
    I love the bake off, as you know, although the thought of actually doing it would be so stressful- I much prefer just to spend time on my own pottering about rather than having to keep to time or make things look pretty!
    And my fave celeb would be Rachel Allen- her books are so good and the recipes always turn out so well, plus she does baked goods, “normal” meals and lots of veggie dishes too. And she just has a lovely way about her- I would love to go to the cookery school where she teaches.

  2. It must be great being part of your family. I’d love to have cakes made for me all the time! No one in my family bakes really. My sister baked me a cake once when she was into baking (for a brief period of time) but that’s it really sadly.
    I’ve never really looked at Rachel Allen’s recipes or shows before…I’ll need to do a bit of Googling I think.

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