Week #2 Marathon Training

I loathe to write anything hugely positive about my running for fear that the sword of Damocles hanging above my head will drop…and injury will strike. However, I am trying my best to avoid that situation as you can manage!

I’ve pretty much followed my training plan but shifted some miles here or there depending on the time I had, though the overall week’s mileage remained the same. I’ve also modified the Ab challenge because I read a few articles about how it wasn’t that good for you…specifically crunches and sit-ups being bad for your back and neck, and rather than creating a nice strong core it’s actually just working specifically your abs. I’m not interested in getting a six pack or the aesthetic side of things but I do want a strong core.

So instead of doing the sit-ups I do Russian twists instead to work my oblique muscles (side abs?) and instead of the crunches I do bicycle crunches which I hear are better for your back and more dynamic. I’m not judging anyone else doing the Ab Challenge (Ben is sticking with the regular plan), just personally for me I didn’t want to risk anything. Everything else on the challenge I’m sticking to.

So last week, this is what went on:

Monday – no running. 45 minute strength workout:

– 100 weighted squats
– 4mins toe lifts
– 3mins calf raises
– 4mins crab walk (—> demo)
– 3mins bridge
– 1mins bridge pulses
– 10×3 bridge leg lifts

Toe lifts

Toe lifts

Tuesday – 5k at a fast pace. Not breaking any records here but I’m chuffed I almost fully negative split it (damn you 0.1 nubbin).


I also did a strength workout after work:

– 30 x3 (per leg) hip hikes
– 30 x3 (per leg) backward lunge and knee lift with ankle weights
– 5mins toe lifts
– 3mins calf lifts
– 24 x4 (per leg) clams with resistance band (—> Demo)
– 30 (per leg) bird dog (4-8 sec hold) (—> Demo)

Wednesday – 10k Race for Life in Basingstoke.


I ran this with my friend at her pace to support her in her first 10k. It was such good fun! More on this in another post, though I will say she smashed her target at got 1:04 which is brilliant (and she could have done better but we were held up by walkers).

Thursday – no running but a strength workout after work:

– 4 mins bridge
– 3x 10 (per leg) bridge leg lifts
– 5 mins toe lifts
– 3 mins calf raises
– 3x 1min heel taps (—> Demo)
– 5 mins crab walks

Friday – 4 mile run on feel keeping it easy. Another (almost) negative split run! I wear my heart rate monitor for my runs so I can make sure I’m not pushing too much. My heart rate was an average of 157 (my fast 5k on Monday was 172 average).


Saturday – 5k at Parkrun. In my plan I had said this was a speed session so I wanted to push it.Netley Abbey Parkrun selfieParkrun Selfie

I just ran as fast as I could basically. There was a girl in front of me the entire time and though I managed to overtake her twice she still beat me.imageIt was a bit frustrating but what are you gonna do! I should have kept to her shoulder and not wasted energy in premature over-takes and seen if I could pip her towards the end.


My time was 21:42 and I was third female. Not too shabby!

Sunday – I got up early and ran a 7 mile easy paced run. I found this run quite tough. Even though it was early (8.30ish) it was already very warm. I struggled to maintain a good pace and felt a bit rubbish. I don’t think what I ate the day before had helped… (BBQ and lots of cake).


From the get-go it just felt like a slog.

After the run Ben and me met up with our friend to go for a 15 mile bike ride again.


I enjoyed this a lot more than last week. Not sure why but it felt nice to work the legs in a  completely different way. We didn’t go at any great speeds but it was just nice to be out in the sunshine, chatting away while moving the legs. I think we’re going to try and continue this every week when we can but probably move it to a Saturday as the long runs are going to increase and I won’t fancy a bike ride afterwards!

Total of 23 miles.

I’m pleased with the week. Feel like I’m getting faster and hopefully getting stronger.

How has your week been?

Has the sun been affecting your running?

Have you ever done the Race for Life?

12 Replies to “Week #2 Marathon Training”

  1. I think it’s great that you didn’t just sit behind the girl’s shoulder – I hate it when people do that! There’s so much more satisfaction in doing the hard work yourself and not relying on others to to pace it. Plus you probably got a faster time by ‘going for it’ rather than if you’d sat behind her, so well done! Glad you’re feeling stronger 🙂
    Autumn recently posted…30 Day Challenge #FailMy Profile

  2. Love reading about your training! Wish I was as dedicated as you with training. I know you’ve been frustrated lately with injuries/ times but you will definitely reap the rewards of your training:-)

  3. Yay for helping your friend with her race for life! My first run was a 5K race for life and that is what got me into running! I have looked at them in recent years but they have always clashed with other races, and I think as they are more of a fun event than a race event I would only do one if I was helping a friend or raising money.
    The heat just drains my energy- I really struggle as I seem to heat up really quickly and never cool back down again- I am way slower in the summer.
    Good on you for adapting the challenge too- you need to know your body and adapt it so it suits you.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Ashridge Trail Half- all the superlativesMy Profile

    1. It’s like a ‘gateway’ race I guess as it seems the RFL really triggers people to start properly running.
      It was good fun though I wouldn’t be certain of racing it properly. I’d feel a bit rude, you know? There is a cash prize I think which is odd considering it’s supposed to be for charity…
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…When I’m not eating cake…My Profile

  4. I’m glad you put in some demo links, cos I didn’t recognise half those exercises!
    I am NOT a fan of the heat for running, although try my best to stay positive, thinking that for my next marathon in October it will be so much easier running in the cool Autumn weather than over the Summer, so my body will thank me for it then!
    Well done to your friend (and you!) on the Race for Life. I’m running the one in Kings Lynn with my Mum in July which I’m looking forward to. I did complete a 5k event a few years back before I was a regular runner and I’m looking forward to going round with my Mum on the day.
    Mary recently posted…A run homeMy Profile

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