Unpopular opinions #2 and more things I’m loving

I really enjoyed writing the unpopular opinions the other day so I thought I’d do another round, as well as some cool things I’m loving lately. First the unpopular opinions…

I love salad and all vegetables. If half my plate isn’t full of vegetables I feel a bit miffed. In the blogging and fitness world this is not such an unpopular opinion, but perhaps not in the general population. I think it could also be that I’m volume eater and adding vegetables and salad to a dish is a great way to trick my greediness into believing I’m eating more. And that vegetables are super tasty.

I don’t share food. I think this harps back to me being like a squirrel and worrying food will run out. I don’t know where this fear came from because I’ve always been well-fed through my life!

I just don’t share food unless I can guarantee there’s a proper divide and equal proportions of food. And that I still get a significant portion. So if I’ve ever shared food with you, count yourself lucky. To have escaped alive.

I haven’t watched the vast majority of the Marvel movies. I love Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men (not Marvel but superhero-y) and Thor but all the others have passed me by. It might be because I’m not a big Robert Downey Jr. fan but I feel like too much has happened now to catch up.

I like a selfie. Yes it might be narcissistic and vain, but I quite like them. I do a lot on Instagram and it’s more because I like to track progress and keep connected with other people than “omg look at me”. It’s nice when you do it in an interesting place as well. Like, here’s my face plus something more interesting too 😉

Films about animal cruelty get me far more upset than small children cruelty. Don’t get me wrong, the latter does upset me. I’m not entirely heartless! But if a dog dies I will be in pieces. I was really chuffed to find the Hachi statue in Tokyo (actually, the dog was called Hachikō in real life). He was the dog that waited for his owner outside the train station.No film has ever destroyed me as much as that film. I was sobbing. Not delicate little sobs, but full on “I can’t breathe” gasps and shudders. On a coach full of people I didn’t know.

And things I’m loving…

Leisure trainers. Hmm, what? Trainers you don’t run in? What are those?These Nike trainers though are SO comfortable. They’re quite thing and light, so definitely not for running (for me). I wear them to the gym, but I also wear them to the shops and seeing friends. If I’m entirely honest, I’d live in gymwear most of my life. It’s a struggle to wear jeans.

And, I promise they’re not the same shoes, I recently got these Vans:Yes they are very similar colour… but they’re Vans so completely different. Ahem. Anyway they too are super comfortable and handy for leisurewear (leeeeeeeeeeeeesurewear is how I say this in my head).

My new Starbucks mug. I bought this in Tokyo. I’ve never seen a black Starbucks mug. It’s got a very matte feel and says “Starbucks Reserve” on it.It’s a decent size as well. I can’t be dealing with mini-mugs.

Biotrue Eye Products Review

I was recently sent some eye health products from Bausch + Lomb. It’s a bit of a random one I guess but I was keen to do the review because, as some of you might know, last year I had laser eye surgery done. I no longer have to wear contact lenses or glasses – yay! This is still amazing every single day. Though in the morning I will still go to grab my glasses when my alarm goes off, it’s that ingrained.

So these eye products seemed ideal for me to test because, though my eyes have been pretty much 100% perfect since the surgery, they do get a little dry towards the end of the day. I’m sure this isn’t just due to my surgery but also to the fact that I’m staring at a computer screen all day long. 

Biotrue® Rewetting Drops

These drops are used to refresh tired or irritable eyes. And they’re not specific for contact lenses. They contain hyaluronic acid, which helps to maintain the natural structures of a healthy eye.The drops are administered using a the “Control Grip system”. It was easy to use – no squirting or great gush of liquid. It literally just drops one tiny drop at a time in a very controlled way. I’ve used quite a few different types of eye drops and these are by far the best at accuracy and not soaking my face or making me look like I’ve watched Hachi again.My eyes felt very refreshed after using these when I finished work. Driving home can be such a pain when you have dry and tired eyes so these helped give a bit of life back into them. My eyes felt more refreshed and, well, moist (apologies, I know that word is awful for people).

TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask

The eye mask is to help with eye hygiene and can be used for the management of blepharitis, conjunctivitis or styes when used warm. I can see this fully helping as when I had a stye I used a hot compress (well, a flannel) on my eye for two evenings in a row and it really helped. Using the mask for cold helps relieve headaches.It’s re-usable and moulds to your face thanks (apparently due to the “pearl technology”).

You can put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and then put it over your eyes for some instant relief. It’s very soothing I’ll tell you! And it’s very easy to clean if you’re worried about hygiene.You can also pop it into the freezer for around two hours and use it as a cold relief. It’s super handy and easy to use.

Biotrue Daily Eyelid Wipes

The next product are the cleansing wipes. These are a safe and hygienic way to gently clean your eyelids and eyelashes without damaging the delicate tear film. Again this can be used as part of the treatment for blepharitis and cleaning any “crustiness” caused by infections or allergies.To keep everything sterile and from avoiding contamination between the eyes, the wipes are individually wrapped. The wipes don’t contain detergents or preservatives.The wipes are quite refreshing, don’t sting or feel chemically in any way. They do make your eyes feel very slightly sticky, but only briefly. Otherwise they’re great! Find the products from Superdrug or online.

Have you ever had any eye issues?

Do you have a favourite mug? And optimal mug size?

Are you on board with leisurewear?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent the eye products for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

36 Replies to “Unpopular opinions #2 and more things I’m loving”

  1. I’m sorry in advance for this, but I can’t ignore how hypocritical it is to get extremely upset over a dog dying in a movie, and animal cruelty in general, but still continue to eat such exhorbitant quantities of meat. It’s not just the consumption; it’s the celebration of ploughing through ribs, chicken etc. I’m not trying to be vindictive, but can’t you see a huge problem with that? Have you ever watched any of the mainstream documentaries about what animals have to go through before they end up on your plate (Earthlings, Cowspiracy, etc.) let alone actual slaughterhouse footage? It’s absolutely beyond horrific. I know how much you love Alfie, but what makes him ‘better’ than other animals? Dogs are no more intelligent and loving than pigs…it’s all just speciesism.

    I guess my issues with your statement are definitely an unpopular opinion and I’ll have to fill the stereotype of ‘asshole vegan,’ but I couldn’t ignore it this time.

      1. I fully get where you’re coming from. I’ve never said how I eat is right.
        BUT, I guess the difference is that I’ve grown up knowing that we don’t eat dogs. We don’t kill dogs. We don’t treat dogs badly. That was how I was raised. So to see that happen upsets me deeply. I was also brought up to eat meat. I grew up knowing that animals are killed purely for my consumption. I don’t think that’s hypocritical to have both of those opinions. I’ve also never said that I don’t get upset by how animals are treated in the process of becoming my food.
        And as for celebration. Yep. I won’t apologise for this. I enjoy eating meat. I choose free-range and organic where I can (restaurants are obviously more tricky). Yes I know that still means they are killed for my consumption but how they live their lives is better.
        I could torture myself with watching documentaries and crying about animals that have died… but I don’t. That’s just how I want to live my life. Likewise, I could torture myself with how children are living in war-torn countries. But I don’t because you can’t live life that way.
        And I *do* think Alfie is more special than other animals. Exactly like I think my mother is more special than other mothers. It’s a bond thing.
        (I don’t think you’re an asshole. I admire you arguing your case but I’m afraid I am who I am).
        AnnaTheApple recently posted…Unpopular opinions #2 and more things I’m lovingMy Profile

        1. I guess I’ve just never understood why it’s seen as normal to abuse one animal and love another. I was brought up in exactly the same way – my Dad was the biggest carnivore ever (not so much now because his cholesterol was through the roof and his diet was a major contributor to his multiple strokes, but I digress) but I was horrified when I discovered what meat actually was. It’s a tradition fallacy/appeal to tradition to suggest that it’s okay to do something morally reprehensible simply because it’s the way it has always been done – on that basis we’d still have slavery!

          Logical fallacies are very common when it comes to the consumption and slaughter of animals because the level of cognitive dissonance which occurs when we begin to see the truth of how much animals have to suffer for humans is simply too much for most to bear. Hence the avoidance of killing-floor footage. I don’t watch these films habitually by the way, and I’m probably a crappy activist because of that, because the images get stuck in my head for months afterwards. I know what happens at this point and I have a heavy heart on a daily basis due to the fact I can do nothing about it other than avoid contibuting to the process myself.

          Obviously you can live however you want – God knows I’m no Saint and I have no empathy for/with humans at all. It was just odd to read about loving animals in that context. Thanks for being so open to a discussion – I still read all the time even though I don’t blog any more and I’m astounded at how you coped with a marathon on the other side of the world. We might have wildly different views on omnivorism but I still admire you very much.

          1. I think essentially we disagree with what is “morally reprehensible”. To me killing animals for food is part of life. I don’t see it as something going against my morals. So your logical fallacy doesn’t apply to me I’m afraid.
            I do disagree with certain practices when it comes to the treatment of animals (factory standards etc.) which is why I’ll steer towards free-range/organic. But like I said, the actual death of animals for our consumption is something that I don’t disagree with.
            I don’t have any issues with a debate happening. I fully respect your choice to be vegan. I just don’t want to be vegan or vegetarian myself.
            Anyway, I hope you’re doing well! 🙂
            AnnaTheApple recently posted…Unpopular opinions #2 and more things I’m lovingMy Profile

  2. Um, do I have eye problems? Yes- I had to wear an eye patch for a while after squirting shower gel into my eye and burning the surface- I had to go back for a check up , but luckily it healed OK. As someone who hates touching their eyes,having to put in eye drops and have other people poke around was very distressing.
    I love that mug- I often buy the Starbucks destination ones (not sure what they are called, but they have cartoons of the place, like my Quebec one has the castle hotel, and an owl, and some other Canadian things)- they are a good size too. No mini mugs for me either!
    I do love leisure wear (and yes, that’s how I say it too). I don’t really feel that I can get away with it any other time though- just before/ after a run.
    My unpopular opinion would be not liking bacon (or any meat)- so many vegetarians seem to like meat but just not eat it, whereas I really hate it and really hate the smell, especially of bacon. Most people can’t quite believe it!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Recovering or tapering? Upcoming races and a peanut butter cheesecake.My Profile

    1. At one point I wanted to start buying the destination mugs as I’ve been to fair number of Starbucks in different countries and US states…but then I remembered I have a tiny flat and not much point of lots of similar mugs!! But it would have been a great collection…
      That is interesting about bacon as it is one of those smells that “everyone” apparently loves (me including).
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Unpopular opinions #2 and more things I’m lovingMy Profile

  3. I’m so not good at sharing food either!! I mean I want everyone to have a portion, just take it from MY plate, you know?
    I actually desperately need some new workout shoes and now you’ve really got me craving some! If I make a purchase today I’m totally blaming it on you! 😉
    kat recently posted…TOL #125 Time Flies When You’re Having FunMy Profile

  4. I’m the same with salad and vegetables – I need lots! I’m always a bit grumpy if the veg portions are tiny when eating out.
    We collect Starbucks mugs from places we visit – most of our old mugs needed replacing and they seemed like a useful souvenir. Also they’re huge, which is always good in my book.

  5. I am the same about children vs animals, and I always thought I was a bit mean. So glad I am not alone! And I am also with you on the Marvel front (except I have see Iron Man/Men and no X-Men).

    Love the Starbucks mug – no small mugs in this house! I always love the Disney shop for big mugs.

    I am quite lucky with my eyes, though I did sit on my glasses and break them, so I am now properly back to contact lenses.

  6. I saw a video yesterday about a cat and I won’t tell you what happened next but it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.. It was on Instagram so I’ve reported it. That’s the negative side to social media definitely.

  7. I loved your review of all the eye products. I keep thinking about getting laser eye surgery, but I’m worried about the dryness- especially driving home at night as you said. I have suffered from blepharitis in the past so that eye mask looks perfect for me. Great recommendations!
    Elizabeth C. recently posted…Recovery ReflectionsMy Profile

  8. I absolutely LOVE honest posts like this, you get to find out so much about the person. I must remember to plan in a blog post like this or maybe change my about the bio page to this format.

  9. Anna, you have to watch Dr. Strange, a Marvel hero movie. It’s one of the best ones.

    I try to avoid watching cruel films altogether. I have a cat but would love to have a dog in the future. Right now, I don’t think I have the time for a dog, but when my kids get older, I can get one. They are such loyal companions. I’m going to watch Hachiko next weekend; didn’t know about this movie.
    Leo Tat recently posted…13 Foods to Eat While You’re PregnantMy Profile

  10. I love a good cabernet sauvignon anytime of the year but am partial to it during the cooler months. In the summer I love Sterling Vineyards Malvasia Bianca , which is a white wine. I used to have a neighbor who was a wine goddess and would hand me glasses over the wall during the summer when I was cleaning the pool. She taught me that I didn’t hate wine, I just needed to find the right ones and the Malvasia Bianca is my favorite.

  11. Hello
    I loved your review of all the eye products. I keep thinking about getting laser eye surgery, but I’m worried about the dryness- especially driving home at night as you said. I have suffered from blepharitis in the past so that eye mask looks perfect for me. Great recommendations

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