Unpopular opinions and things I’m loving lately

Well this is really a random post! It’s a mix of things I’m loving at the moment and some unpopular opinions.

The unpopular opinions idea came from a post from Hungry Runner Girl and I thought it would be a fun post to do as well. I’ll throw my hands up and say it’s mainly food related but that should hardly surprise you 😉

  • I really don’t get Nutella. Yep starting with a big one. I mean, I like chocolate and I like hazelnuts. But together? As a weird thick paste you put on bread and crepes? Nope. Doesn’t do anything for me.
  • I also don’t get the craze for peanut butter (or any nut butters really). It could be because I don’t often have bread or toast. But I don’t see the appeal even on it’s own. It’s alright but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find any or eat it. I quite like a peanut butter chocolate flavour combo with cookies and ice cream but as a fun change rather than something I’d crave.
  • Toppings on porridge. In fact, I could say a whole lot about porridge and what people do to it. Cold overnight oats? Nope, no, nooo. The most exciting I do is putting protein powder in it.

  • Not one for the veggies… I really like eating my chicken with the skin on, and in general I’m a big fan of meat on the bone. I think it’s because I’m a mini T-Rex.

  • And one non-food related one. I’d rather get up at 5am to workout in the gym than do it in the evening. I can be motivated to run whenever, but going to the gym? Nope.

And onto things I’m loving lately…

This is fairly random but it made me laugh. Have you ever wondered what animal you’d be if you were to be one? On my two holidays I was called two different animals. The first was a hyena. This goes back to the eating meat from the bone (see above).I’m pretty good at getting as much meat as I can off it. It’s a well-honed skill. I like to think that back in the day (you know, a few million years ago) I’d have survived for a good amount of time as a neanderthal with that kind of ability.

In Tokyo I then got called a squirrel. This is because I have a fear of food running out and so to combat this I constantly carry snacks round with me. On the flight I had three different packets of crisps, two apples, a mini bag of pretzels and some turkey jerky. I didn’t eat them all but I felt happier knowing they were there.

This doughnut. Now I’m not a huge doughnut fan. I’m more of a cake-lover. However when I was in Southampton West Quay shopping centre I saw a “make your own doughnut” stand. Basically you could choose your own toppings…as many as you liked! For £1.50! I walked over to have a look – just a LOOK – and found myself with my purse in my hands perusing the menu before I knew what I was doing.I got a white chocolate covered doughnut with caramel sauce and caramel shrapnel.Caramel shrapnel? What a wonderful way to describe little droplets of sugary heaven. I won’t lie. I got it all over me in the middle of the busy shopping centre and I did not care.

Odd but tasty gels. My lovely friend, Mat (AKA triathlon legend) sent me some gels a while ago and I was FINALLY able to try them out during the marathon. Well, one of them anyway! Maple Bacon flavoured GU. Yes really.I have quite a strong stomach and have never had an issue with gels before so I was confident to just try it for the first time during the race (I live life on the edge…). It was really good. I love the flavour of maple bacon anyway (Kettlebites I’m looking at you) so this wasn’t too weird for me. Sweet and salty yumminess! (FYI: I believe he bought them from Amazon).

Tokyo goodies: When I finished the Tokyo Marathon (I’ll stop talking about this one day), we were first given a towel as we walked from the finish line. I was like “oh cool…but we still get a medal, right??” Thankfully we did, but getting a towel as well was pretty cool.I’ve only ever received a mini gym towel (and that was in place of a medal) but this is pretty damn good. Get me to a swimming pool/beach/plumbing disaster immediately!

I also got a technical t-shirt which (hallelujah!) actually fits.As I’m a fairly micro person I always opt for extra-small if it’s available as an option and this fits like a glove. I suppose it helps that Japanese women in general are quite small.

ASICS running gear from Millet Sports: Millet Sports kindly sent me a pair of ASICS leggings and ASICS running jacket to review.Firstly, apologies for the most ridiculously cheesy pose in this picture. Catalogue pose eat your heart out.

The jacket is brilliant. It’s quite thick, so perfect for when it’s really cold outside (like those ridiculously cold mornings or evenings we’ve been having). It has the fabulous thumb holes as well as a couple of nice pockets. It’s waterproof, breathable and has reflective dots over it so great for visibility when running in the dark. I just love the colour as well.It matches my new trainers!

The leggings are full length made from a breatheable stretch material, with a short zip at the ankles to give a bit of ventilation (I personally wouldn’t when running as it would flap, but I imagine after a run it’s lovely to have a bit of air). There’s a drawstring around the waist so there’s no worries about them slipping down mid-run as well. Though they’re not baggy they are less tight than other leggings I have, like ones from Fabletics or Lululemon which literally suck you all in. This makes running in them a lot more comfortable.

There’s also a back pocket slightly to the side which I like as sometimes a back pocket can annoy me with the zip, whereas slightly to one side is a bit more comfortable.

A great winter running outfit. Check out Millet Sports for more running gear!

What would be your ideal doughnut topping?

What animal would you be and why?

What’s your unpopular opinion?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent the leggings and jacket for free in return for a review. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

25 Replies to “Unpopular opinions and things I’m loving lately”

  1. Fun to read. As always. In answer to your questions: a) I don’t eat donuts b) I would be a cat because I would sleep 20 hours a day if I could c) I have many unpopular opinions – let’s start with this one: I don’t think people who are not ultramarathon runners need to eat energy balls/bars made from oats and nut butters and dates and more dates and more nuts. They are so calorie dense and not really a ‘health’ food.
    MrsB @ Mind over Matter recently posted…#shesquats aka Instabutts aka Does she actually squat?My Profile

  2. I am obsessed with nut butter, I have to almost always have it in my porridge, I also really like overnight oats ha. We went to this amazing Vegan donut shop in Brooklyn, and the donuts were so so good, I think some sort of peanut butter flavour is always the winner for me. I would also always rather get up early and work out than do it later in the day, energy is so much better for me earlier in the day.
    Lauren (@poweredbypb) recently posted…Training Month 2: Building the MileageMy Profile

    1. I know there’s a full love for it out there and perhaps I *would* enjoy it in my porridge (I confess, I’ve never tried) but I just love my porridge as it is! It’s so simple but so comforting 🙂
      I would definitely try a vegan donut! Sounds good!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Not the weekend I wantedMy Profile

  3. I love peanut butter- we always had it at home (apparently my cousins thought we were posh because we always had both smooth and crunchy!)- a little bit on porridge is so good. I also love Nutella but I do not read the ingredients because it is full of horrible things. Melted on a crepe with some banana- so good.
    I don’t really get doughnuts- they are at the bottom of the list of baked goods and although I don’t dislike them, I’d only eat one if I was staving and there was nothing else around.
    I’ve been called two animals- a penguin because of how I walk (I think I take small steps), and we went to the zoo and saw this little deer that was so jumpy that Andy said it was my kindred spirit- I jump when the doorbell rings even if we are expecting it. So something skittish.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Half marathon recovery attemptMy Profile

    1. Isn’t that the case with most tasty foods…the ingredient list is a horror story (except for apples!).
      Haha I don’t think a doughnut would provide that much sustenance if you were starving, but better than nothing I suppose! Yes they’re far down on my list too.
      Aww they’re nice animals to be. Very gentle 🙂
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Not the weekend I wantedMy Profile

  4. Long time reader, new commenter here :). I LOVE nut butter, and have it in my porridge most mornings (I also don’t really eat bread or toast, but I can eat peanut butter out the jar!). I love the Asics running gear – I’m newish to running and don’t have a huge collection at the moment. I definitely need to invest in a long-sleeved top for next winter, I have either boiled or frozen when running this winter!

  5. My unpopular opinions hmmm…well I have no real desire for doughnuts (so can’t answer your first question!) and I am utterly unbothered about Nandos (I think I have only ever been once and clearly didn’t have much of an impression on me!) I also found Downton Abbey boring and couldn’t get into it.
    However, I basically live off peanut butter and am trying very hard to wean myself off eating it from the jar!
    Katie @ TheseGirlsDo recently posted…International Women’s Day – a #womeninsport wrap upMy Profile

  6. I can’t eat nuts so that instantly prevents me from jumping on the peanut butter/nutella bandwagon. It also means I can’t eat most sports energy bars, so irritating. I don’t like porridge, the texture makes me gag. I eat Weetabix with milk 7 days a week, so boring! While I love meat, I also love most vegetables. That doughnut does like really tasty but my nut issues mean that I can’t risk eating food like that. I love the Tokyo Marathon t-shirt, towel and Asics running gear.

    My university supervisor called me a donkey, I think it was meant as a positive. If I could be any animal I would be a giraffe.

    My current unpopular opinion is that the vast majority of bloggers aren’t ‘influencers’.
    Emma recently posted…15 tips for running and racing on a budgetMy Profile

  7. Anna! Big time reader of your blog. A public service annaouncement I don’t like PB on bread or toast or even with chocolate, but I bloody adore the stuff on fruit like apples (with cinnamon mmmm) bananas, or even pineapple, mango, blueberries… The juiciness cuts through the dryness and they are perfect together! Orrrr with pancakes and fruit, or even with broccoli (so weird! Bit like satay??) in soup, on a plain cereal with milk or even my fave is with porridge and cold milk and some fresh banana. Oh dear I need to calm it! Just love the PB :):)

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading, always nice to hear from a reader 🙂
      That’s interesting what you say about PB. I get what you mean about the whole combo of flavours and texture. But could I add it to my apples?? Oooh not sure! Apples are perfect on their own 😉 (My own obsession right there)
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Not the weekend I wantedMy Profile

  8. Ideal doughnut topping? Peanut butter or something sharp like a lemon drizzle. So good! I am a big Nutella fan. I can’t have it in the house at all.

    As for the animal, I am definitely going for panda. Bloody love pandas. Though I would need to be an omnivore. Vegetarian is not the way forward.

    Unpopular opinions? I flat out couldn’t care less about Harry Potter, got bored silly by the first book (didn’t make it past the second chapter) and will actively turn off the films.

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