Things I’m Loving Lately

I’m fairly behind in my blog posting. I still have an epic food recap for Orlando and the MarathonTalk Run Camp to come, but while I work on those I have a quick post for things I’m loving lately.

Hard Rock Hotel: As I mentioned in my Orlando recap post, I stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel which was amaaazing. But yes fairly expensive. The room I stayed in was so nice. Oh the bed… the bed was super comfy! I actually had two beds which was amusing; which one to choose each night??And I don’t know if you can quite see, but on the mirror it has a measuring rule and then the heights listed for different famous people. I’m 5ft4(ish) so I’m around Madonna and Pink’s height apparently. Very cool.

And as the hotel was fairly expensive I had no issue in stocking up each day on the really fancy smelling bath products each day…I’m sure I’m not alone in doing this… because after all, these little shampoos and shower gels are so handy for when you next go away and don’t want to take a huge bottle with you!

Jam Bluetooth Speaker: My dad gave me this little speaker when he saw how I was playing music… through my phone and carrying it around the flat with me. He had one of these spare.The sound quality isn’t exactly Bose quality of course but it is a lot better than my phone! I love this little speaker as it means I can leave my phone on charge somewhere and still listen to music or a podcast. I usually listen while cooking so this is perfect.

Boots: During the winter I practically live in boots. I have a fair collection now, whether that’s ankle boots or more full leg boots. My mum recently passed these UGG boots on to me as she bought them on a whim and then found she actually didn’t like them (yes, my mum actually does this).Obviously it works out quite nicely for me! They’re so soft inside as they’re lined with sheep’s wool. But they’re suede so I have to be choosy when to wear them!

I also ‘splashed’ out on a pair of over the knee boots (they weren’t expensive at all!).But they’re great for the winter as they basically give you another layer over your legs over your jeans!

Chicken: It’s kind of become a Sunday tradition for me now to cook a whole chicken. I then carve it up and it gives me delicious roast chicken for the week. OK that’s a lie, it probably feeds me for four days… But that’s still pretty good.It may not surprise you that I love roast chicken so it’s always nice getting home from work knowing I have some in the fridge to throw into different meals that night.

And now on to a quick review…

Splat Blackwood Charcoal Toothpaste Review

Charcoal toothpaste you say? Doesn’t sound entirely pleasant, right? But withhold your judgement for just a bit…

So I was sent this charcoal toothpaste to review and was indeed fairly sceptical and a bit worried about the taste.

The company who made this, My Natural Smile, is a natural and organic teeth whitening and healthcare product specialists. My Natural Smile has been endorsed by the dental team at Visage, the UK’s best Private Dental Practice North as voted for at the Private Dentistry Awards 2016, as well as Avsan, one of the UK’s leading dental groups.

They argue that because your mouth is pretty significant gateway to your body and health, it’s probably a good idea to look into more natural and organic ways to strengthen gums, whiten, help sensitive teeth and bad breath.

There’s no alcohol or dodgy chemicals. The birch charcoal whitens enamel and absorbs odours, while juniper berry extract has antibacterial effect to ensure protection against bacteria and plaque formation. It helps normalise pH balance, it’s fluoride-free and vegan friendly.

But what does it taste like? Because let’s be honest, that’s a very key part of a toothpaste if we have to use it at least twice a day.Yes the toothpaste is actually black, which is slightly disconcerting. And it does foam up to be fairly grey. But it does taste like toothpaste, though you can tell it’s not Colgate or something seriously minty. It does have that kind of “natural” edge to it.

After using it now for over two weeks I’m fully used to it and quite happy with the taste. The only slight con is that the black colour can leave unsightly marks on your sink if you don’t wash it all away. It doesn’t stain but it does make your sink look a bit grubby if you don’t wash it all away, whereas normal toothpaste would just leave a white mark which is harder to see. You can check out more of their range of natural oral care products on their website.

What’s your favourite style of boot?

Do you listen to music or podcasts around the house?

Do you do any food prep on a Sunday?

**Full disclaimer: I was sent the toothpaste for free to review for my blog. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

4 Replies to “Things I’m Loving Lately”

  1. I live in boots in the winter! I have a few pairs but one that is my favourite- they are mid calf in length I suppose, flat and with good grips on the soles. The only thing is they have stretched a teeny bit so if I wear them with thin socks my feet slip about a bit.
    I love listening to podcasts or music around the house- we have a little speaker like that which we take on holiday, but at home we have a sonos and an Alexa (whatever they are called)- although that can be funny when she does not understand what you are saying.
    That toothpaste looks good- I have tried a few natural brands but they have had weird flavours and although I don’t like strong mint, I do prefer mint to other ones.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…A weekend in Nottingham (more parkrun tourism, pancakes, snow, cinema..)My Profile

  2. Those UGG boots are SOOOOO cute on you!! Good thing mom has the same size feet as you, huh? 😉
    I’ve only ate at the Hard Rock Cafe before, never stayed in their hotel. I can imagine it must be a really cool hotel to stay in though!
    kat recently posted…TOL #121 Birthday ShenanigansMy Profile

  3. Black toothpaste? Did not know it exists. I have a black electric toothbrush. I wipe down the handle after each use, my boys don’t. I don’t like the white toothpaste stains. Maybe I could get them to try the black paste sell it to them as special ninja stuff 🙂

  4. I live in ankle boots from October to April. Never owned UGGs but yours look great and I bet they’re comfy and now I want a pair.

    Charcoal for teeth – yup. I just buy charcoal capsules and open them up and pour the powder onto an old toothbrush and brush. Messy business though 😉

    P.S. I really like these posts of yours. I always find interesting stuff to try in them 🙂
    MrsB @ Mind over Matter recently posted…CrossFit Open – 17.1 done. Twice.My Profile

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