The Scone Debate and dog selfies

My friends from university came down on Saturday for a visit… (*whispers* because it’s my birthday this week) Well we combined it with a sort of hen do celebration for my friend, Charlotte, who’s getting married in less than two weeks. She is doing a ‘planned elopement’ to Italy with her to-be hubby for a romantic ‘just them’ ceremony.

Sadly I couldn’t make Parkrun in the morning. It would just have been a nightmare to have got back in time and wash and dry the beast that is my hair. So many hours of my life wasted drying it…But I did manage a speedy 5k on my own earlier in the morning. Anyway, my friends arrived at 10ish. We had the usual hen do bits and pieces (penis straws are always standard, right?) and some cupcakes one of my friends had made to celebrate Charlotte’s wedding. We caught up and then headed out to my favourite tea shop


Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately perhaps) it is very close, about 2 miles. So we walked there chatting. Girls just like chatting don’t we? Ben joined as well and was an honorary girl for the day 😉

IMG_6916I’ll never get sick of afternoon tea. I had ham and mustard sandwiches, a fruit scone with cream and jam and a slice of LEMON MERINGUE sponge cake. Sorry for the caps, I got all excited. There were pieces of meringue on the top all crushed and lovely. Seriously good cake. Though I must say, the best part of afternoon tea for me is the scone. And there’s always the debate of jam or cream first. I’m of the opinion that it should be jam first, then a dollop of cream. Otherwise the jam gets all smeary? But this is a fairly heated debate. Ben is a cream then jam man – how are we together?? 😉

Then we had a good long walk back through some lovely countryside. The next day was a five mile easy paced run and then a 15 mile bike ride. I never feel the same love for bike rides as running but it was nice. I still can’t not break on downhill’s though. A cardinal cycling sin I hear.

We popped over to my parent’s house later on as it was Father’s Day. We all just sort of monged out in the conservatory relaxing. Can parents ‘mong’ out? Not sure. We had some selfie fun with their absolutely mad dog Lexi.


She is literally wired all the time. She’s the same breed as Alfie (Westland Terrier cross with a Cavalier King Charles) but she couldn’t be more different. She’s a beast. She’s eaten a bag of POTATOES before. And bitten through a can of beer, spraying it everywhere. What fun for my parents.

IMG_6927Ben doing his best ‘gangster’ impersonation. I think he’s been watching too much of The Wire…

Tonight I’m doing the Race for Life with my friend from work. She’s a fairly novice runner (and I mean that in the nicest way). She’s done a 5k race before and has now made the leap towards a 10k. She’s done lots of training and even went to her local Parkrun (ahh I’m so proud!) so I’m sure she’ll be fine. I’m going to run it with her and support her.

She told me last year she had no one to cheer her on or hug at the end because her husband and son didn’t really understand the importance of it and didn’t go (I think it’s a cultural thing, she’s Indian and in India running isn’t really done, or so I’ve been told). I found this heart breaking and said I’d sign up and run it with her. Ben is coming to support, my mum and dad will be there and she’s guilt tripped her husband and son into watching now so she’ll have loads of support. She’s hoping to run it in around an hour so finger’s crossed for her please!

Do you like a lot of support at a race? Both my parents and Ben’s mum love to come and watch and cheer us on. Though my dad properly likes to get involved – he likes to pre-read the course map, find a good spot, work out our paces of where will be when. He’s a runner at heart!

Do you have any pets?

The Big Question: jam or cream first?

16 Replies to “The Scone Debate and dog selfies”

  1. Oh it has to be jam then cream. You are right, Ben is wrong! Haha!
    I laughed so hard about your parents dog eating a bag of potatoes! What?!?! That’s hardcore!
    How lovely that you and your family are off to support your friend at Race for Life tonight. I hope you have fun! I am running the Kings Lynn 5k race in July with my Mum and I’m sure that my Dad and brother will be out to support her on her journey. I love having lots of support at races. It helps knowing where I’m going to see my friends and Dan and spurs me on not to give up and walk! Always a bonus! 😛
    Mary recently posted…My first vlog: Wedding hair and makeupMy Profile

  2. Happy birthday for soon 🙂
    I don’t like cream so I just have jam, but if I were to have it then yes the cream would go on top of the jam. I don’t know how you can spread jam on top of cream- surely it would just get knocked off.
    How lovely that you are supporting your friend- Andy tends to come to most races (well he does run a lot of them) and his parents come to local ones to see us at the end if they are around. My Mum and Dad have been to a couple, but as we don’t have / do many local ones then it tends to be just the two of us. They tracked us online for our marathon, and that was a nice thought that they were watching sort of.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Not the best preparationMy Profile

      1. Yes, on Sunday Andy isn’t running so he is going to just hold my bag with my change of clothes, and it also means that if the car park is full he can drop me off and the meet me mater which takes some of the stress away too.
        Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Colouring coconutMy Profile

  3. Happy Birthday for this week! Ha the dog sounds nuts! I think initially my parents/Nick would come and watch all my races, but that is pretty rare now, the last few marathons/ultra I haven’t had anyone watching and that has been tough actually- sometimes a friendly face gives you a big boost!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Berlin Marathon Training Week 1My Profile

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