Runner’s Christmas Wishlist

I know every blogger is doing a similar post but I personally quite like them as they give me ideas of stuff to buy for (runner) friends or stuff I want to ask for for Christmas. None of this is sponsored and yes some of it is from Wiggle, where I work, but I’m not being asked to write about and, no, I don’t get commission (damnit).Runner wishlist

Hyperice Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball

This is what I’ve asked for from my parents for Christmas. As it’s from Wiggle I get a discount which helps as I’ll admit, it’s quite pricey. But (and I’m now fairly certain you’re sick and tired of me saying this) as I’m an injury prone runner I’m always on the look out for gadgets and witchcraft to keep me running 😉hyperice-hypersphere-massage-ball-sideVibrating foam rollers are *apparently* better than regular ones (random study I found starting to explore this area, I will preface this with I’m no scientist) and as I really get on well with using a tennis ball I thought this would be the ideal upgrade. I’ve read a lot of very positive reviews and I do find regularly foam rolling helps keep me less tight and niggle-free. I will do a review of it once I’ve given it a few goes.

T-Rex Medal hanger

Weirdly, I’m a big fan of dinosaurs. I actually wanted to be a paleontologist when I was growing up after finally getting over my extreme fear of the velociraptors in Jurassic Park when I first watch the film (side note: I’m really proud of myself for spelling paleontologist correct first time round. Other side note: I genuinely had a big fear of dinosaurs growing up. To the point that I couldn’t sleep on my own for a few weeks and my sister had to make up a bed in my room, not that she could have saved us if indeed they did attack. I was a sensitive child with a very active imagination). ANYWAY, so the dinosaur-themed medal hanger really appeals to me.

I don’t actually hang up my medals at the moment. They’re in a box. I wouldn’t want to hang up all my medals, just a few prized ones. Or maybe rotate them. I don’t know. But it would be nice to have them up.

Garmin Fenix 5 (with HR monitor inbuilt)

I almost, almost bought this watch when I started at Wiggle. I currently wear a Fitbit Surge as my ‘step counting’ daily watch and then wear my Garmin 225 on with this when I run (double watch lovin’). I love my Surge, don’t get me wrong. It looks less like a convict’s tag than some of the other fitness trackers and more like a proper watch and it tracks all the stuff that I like geeking out over (sleep, steps and heart rate). But it does bug me having to put on another watch to track my runs. Yes I could track my runs using the Fitbit but it really wipes the battery and the Garmin is ultimately better at tracking runs in my opinion. The Garmin Fenix however does everything so I wouldn’t need to wear two watches. Yet it’s over £300. And after I crashed my car and all the other stupid stuff that cost me money because of my stupidity a few months ago I can’t justify the cost. But it’s still on my wishlist if I win the lottery.

Aftershokz Titanium

OK technically I have these already. But I’ve been meaning to talk about these a bit more on my blog because I love them. If mine broke tomorrow I’d buy a new pair pronto. I know some runners can be a bit sniffy about using headphones when you run (and God forbid you use them during a race…) but I actually love listening to podcasts and music when I run. Obviously not when I run with other people, but certainly when I’m on my own or when I’m running a race where I either need to run fast and need the motivation or where I need to zone out a bit (like the middle section of a marathon) I really find it helps.Aftershokz-Trekz-Titanium-Wireless-Headphones-Slate-GreyWhat I really like about these headphones is that they don’t go inside or over your ears but rather behind your ears. The sound travels through your bones by vibrations so you can still hear external sounds from around you as well. So they’re a lot safer; you can hear traffic, cyclists and people. It’s also great in a race because you can still hear marshals and the crowds and feel the atmosphere. They’re also partnered with England Athletics and are OK’ed by the UK Athletics to be allowed to be used at races.  Yes the sound quality is somewhat compromised but that’s to be expected and a sacrifice I’m happy to make.

parkrun Plastic Barcodes

After my idiotic barcode mix-up it was certainly wise of me to upgrade my current situation. I did used to have a plastic ‘credit card’ barcode but I lost it and then stuck to the printed out paper version (and there began my mix-up). So I recently re-purchased the plastic card again. I keep a couple of paper ones around the place (in my purse and in my car).

The plastic card is far better as it’s obviously more weather-proof than paper (and sweat-proof). It’s a worthwhile investment if you’re a parkrun nut like I am 😉 The key fobs are great too.

Bardou Immaculate Spray Dry Shampoo

As someone who works out quite a lot and has long hair, washing my hair has become the bane of my life. Specifically blow-drying my hair. So I invested in some very nice dry shampoo. Yes Bastiste is good (as is Boots own brand FYI) but I really hate how it can leave little streaks of white in my hair. Yes I know you’re supposed to brush them out but it doesn’t seem that easy – and also, continually brushing through my hair is just going to make it more greasy!BARDOU_Immaculate_Spray_Dry_ShampooThe Bardou one is a lot better and smells amazing. For those brunettes out there, it is perfect (Yes I know Batiste do a brunette one but if I get it on my forehead I look bruised).

Nathan The Hipster Running Belt

I love my running belt. It sits flush to your body and doesn’t bounce. OK you can’t get a huge amount in but it fits at least three gels and an iPhone all at once (generally what I take for a marathon). Sometimes it might ride up but otherwise it’s perfect..Nathan-Nathan-Hipster-Running-Belt-Belts-And-Wallets-Black-NA-91516-1

Adidas Supernova Sequence BoostCaptureAfter recently switching to ASICS Gel Exalts as my Boosts went over 400 miles I’ve realised how much I truly love the Boosts. The ASICS don’t feel right at all. Not as bouncy… so I’ve re-bought the Boosts to go back to that ‘running on the clouds’ type feeling. I love them.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

Do you use dry shampoo?

Do you foam roll?

12 Replies to “Runner’s Christmas Wishlist”

  1. I can highly recommend the Garmin Forerunner 935 over the Fenix 5. It has exactly the same features but is cheaper and more slimline/lighter. Honestly check out online reviews. Also the Fenix 5 has metal bezels which look nice but scratch easily, if you’re anything like me you bump your wrist on things when working out, plus generally around the house!

  2. I love dry shampoo- I made the mistake of trying the Aussie one once and it was rubbish. Lush also do one that’s basically like talc that you sprinkle in your hair, so I’ve gone back to batiste- although I know what you mean about the white streaks- something I think I’ve found a grey hair but it ends up being that!
    I just wear my 225 the whole time now as I was getting fed up of wearing 2 watches when I ran, and as it does steps and also heart rate it’s quite good. The battery seems OK too, even when I use it for running as well.
    I have the flip belt and it’s fab, and that medal hanger is great! I hang up my prettiest medals and the ones I am most proud of (apart from my first marathon which doesn’t have a ribbon so that’s just on the window sill)- the old ones are in school as the kids love playing with them.
    I hear so many good things about Boosts- loads of the people in my club wear them and I keep meaning to go to a running shop and try them out.
    Maria @ Maria runs recently posted…Chippenham parkrun, Christmas markets and lots of trainsMy Profile

    1. Dry shampoo is good but also a faff. But then probably less faff than washing and low drying I guess!
      I have the FlipBelt too. I think I prefer the Nathan one tho. It’s less bulky.

  3. Oh I LOVE dry shampoo and am a Batiste devotee. My hair may be short, but actually that means either more washing since it can’t be easily tied up, or dry shampoo to keep things ticking over. I used to wash my hair all the time but got fed up of feeling like I was constantly fussing with my hair. Dry shampoo has made such a difference!

    I’ve not made my Christmas list yet but I would definitely recommend both the Aftershokz (love mine!) and the Supernova Boosts. I am such a Boost fan!
    Allison recently posted…Friday Finds – 8th DecemberMy Profile

  4. I could do with stocking up on dry shampoo. Getting in the shower post run when I have Oscar is sometimes difficult and at least I could make myself look a little more presentable then! I’m currently going through a phase where I want to chop all my hair off to save time, but I know I’ll regret it if I do!
    Mary recently posted…The Gower adventure post-marathonMy Profile

  5. I have yet to find a dry shampoo that works for me. I try not to wash my hair daily because I know its bad for my hair, however I sweat SO much [2 hour workouts!] so on the days I DON’T wash my hair it’s pretty gross. Headbands and high buns for me! 😉
    kat recently posted…Vegan Peppermint BrowniesMy Profile

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