Rants and Raves #35

One more cheeky Rants and Raves before Christmas? Go on then… Though I do have some choice rants, in general I’m very happy at the moment. Life seems to be going quite well, if I do say so myself 🙂

Rant: Idiots who can’t park. Ahh parking and car-related moans. They really do bring out the best in us, right? I have to say, I don’t swear that much being the polite young lady I am (hi, mum!), but get me into a car on my own and some choice words can be known to fly out of my mouth during my commute when people don’t seem to know how to drive. And likewise, when people don’t seem to know how to park. Case in point in the village where my parent’s live.

I just don’t understand how anyone can walk away from a parking like that? Bizarre. That didn’t necessarily annoy me more than baffle me. What did annoy me was after going to the gym one morning and driving back into the enclosed shared parking area I noticed some knob idiot had decided to park two cars rather than one. We only have one allocated car parking space per flat and have our own designated space with our number on it. The way this person had parked – diagonally behind their first car (not a legitimate space) – meant I couldn’t get into my space.

It really annoyed me. How selfish. Before I calmed down and thought a bit more rationally I was about to do one of two things: start beeping my horn until they came out, but thought best not as it was before 7am, or park behind them and block both their cars in. But that seemed childish and I didn’t want to get keyed.

So I did the next best thing. I wrote a passive aggressive note which I slapped on their windscreen. How very British of me.It made me feel a lot better I must say. There have been no more stupid parking. My work here is done.

Rave: I’ve been mixing things up on the porridge front (crazy, I know ;-)) by continuing to add protein powder to it. Protein is always important for me as I find it fills me up a lot more than just carbs and in general my porridge was a lot higher in the carb to protein ration. So I add about 15g of protein powder to my normal amount of oats and almond milk and it feels a lot more filling.

My current protein powder set-up that I’m loving is about half and half of a flavoured powder with an unflavoured as I don’t really like my porridge overly sweet. I have the PEScience Select Frosted Cupcake and the MuscleFood unflavoured whey. I definitely need the unflavoured variety to tone down the PEScience one as otherwise it’s incredibly sweet (but FYI great for protein pancakes). I’m loving my breakfast even more now – and you know how much I love my porridge if you’re a long-time reader! (No affiliation with either product, I just like them).

Rave: I pay the monthly fee for Audible which gives me one book a month for “free” (if you count paying £8 a month free…) and recently I’ve listened to some really good ones.

The Girl With All The Gifts  – M. R. Carey

I love an “end of the world” style story and this had me gripped. It slowly draws you in and you’re constantly wondering what’s going on, but in a good way not in a Lost series kind of way (i.e. here’s a polar bear in Series One that we’ll do vague some hand-waving explanation about in Series 8). And I loved how unpredictable (at least to me) the ending was.

Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick

It’s always great getting an autobiography on audible as they’re usually read by the author, so you can really feel a connection with what they’re saying. I saw some good reviews from this book and while I didn’t know a huge amount about Anna Kendrick I’ve quite enjoyed some of her films and thought, “eh why not”. Initially I thought I was going to hate it as she has quite the nasal American accent (no offence to any Americans reading this, I’m almost certain my stupid posh British accent would annoy the hell out of you guys!) and she had one of those “I was unattractive and was never popular” kind of backstories which you struggle to believe because, well, she’s Anna Kendrick. HOWEVER, within a few chapters I was laughing out-loud and fully wanting her to be my best friend. She’s got a great self-deprecating and dry sense of humour it’s really difficult to not like her (damn it). It’s also got some great “behind the scenes” stories from her different films and some realities of trying to break it in Hollywood.

Rave: I was given some flowers and chocolates at work for doing well this month and it really made my day. I obviously don’t talk much about work on my blog but I’m really enjoying work-life at the moment and seem to be doing a good job, which can’t be a bad thing 😉 Those chocolates didn’t last long. I might have consumed a good number on the way home after the Christmas party.

Rave: It’s taken me a year to realise I haven’t been receiving my RunnersWorld magazine subscription every month. And I’m still paying for it! So I emailed them and they changed my address and gave me last three months, which is good of them considering it was my stupid mistake for not telling them.So I have some good stuff to read over the holidays 😉

Rave: Proud daughter alert. Both my parents are doing incredibly well at Slimming World.

My dad has lost almost 2.5 stone now (the above picture was for when he’d reached two stone – so 20% of his body weight). He seems to be steadily losing between 1-3 lbs a week. Obviously this will slow down the more and more he loses, but he’s doing it in a very measured and sensible approach. He still has treats and meals out, but he plans them in now and makes sure to eat healthily around those days. Though I feel incredibly uncomfortable when my parents talk about “Body Magic” when they’re referring to exercise…Slimming World has some weird terminology.

How Christmassy are you feeling?

Are you a good parker?

Do you have any good books to recommend?

8 Replies to “Rants and Raves #35”

  1. I’m feeling Christmassy (just bought the Lindor)

    I’m RUBBISH at parking. Had a boyfriend when I was 18 who laughed and laughed at my efforts, and I now have a mental block. But even I wouldn’t leave a car quite like that. Did my own fairly aggressive note to someone who’d parked half on the pavement, next to a hedge, to point out that they had not left a wide enough gap, and that while I could easily walk in the road, Granny and her walking stick might feel a bit vulnerable, and someone in a wheelchair even more so. Car has not been parked half on the pavement since (and there’s plenty enough width for them to park fully on the road).

    Last night I decided I absolutely positively had to re-read “I Capture the Castle” by Dodie Smith. So I started it (it is always good to have a set of heaving bookshelves).

    So with you on almond milk porridge. It’s so much nicer.
    Jane recently posted…Oh, eBay.My Profile

  2. Yes I am feeling Christmassy- finished work today woohoo!
    Also, parking used to drive me mad where we used to live and was one reason for agreeing to move- we had one space and one garage, but we were the only people who used our garage- everyone else used the visitors space, or made up spaces which meant we could not get into our garage. Often people would park in someone else’s space too, which was just so rude. Someone did that to us once, and when we complained they said “everyone else does it”- we pointed out that we never do that and it stopped. But it was so selfish and I left many a “polite note”. Once I covered a car in super sticky post it notes with “NO PARKING” written on them- made me feel much better!
    Andy always said we should submit them to YPLAC (you park like a c…) but I was never that brave!
    Nice work on your work front, and hooray for your mum and dad doing so well too! 🙂
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…A weekend for feeling festiveMy Profile

  3. Arghhh! Stupid people who don’t park properly gets on my nerves! I have to park properly.. I’d be as bad as everyone else if I parked the same way!

    I was feeling fairly christmassy, but this week has been quite stressful and Im travelling home on Christmas Eve, so I imagine Im just going to be stressed!

    Im not a massive reader, but making more of an effort in the new year. Have you seen the book club thats being run by Charlie from The Runner Beans? The book for next month looks quite good 🙂
    Laura @ Laura : Fat 2 Fit recently posted…Training Diary // Cambridge Half Marathon // Week 1 RecapMy Profile

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