New Year – new me? {And a giveaway!}

Happy New Year! I won’t do a “year recap” post as I personally find them a bit dull. Also my year wasn’t the best if I’m honest.

Yes I know I ran two marathons and I’m so proud of myself and pleased that I got through them (especially considering I didn’t do ‘proper’ marathon training for either). And a few other races were good experiences too but on the whole and everything in between, it sucked in terms of my running. One injury to the next, one rubbish run to the next.

But 2015 is going to be better (ahh, haven’t we all heard that before in January, eh??) I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions but I have some rough goals that I’m keen to stick to this year to help make 2015 better than 2014.

What I came to realise (and probably must be quite clear as an outsider I suppose) is that running took over things. I’d almost say it consumed my life. I got very down when I couldn’t run and everything I was looking forward to was to do with running. Every goal I had, every plan in the diary. Having now not run since November I feel (and this is going to sound really stupid and weird) free.

All races planned for this year (including London) have been put to one side and I’ve stopped thinking and worrying about them. Who knows I might run them or not. I frankly don’t care at the moment. Without any pressures on me the need to get back into running has disappeared. I’m satisfying my need for exercise by going to spin (I have a love hate relationship with that brutal class), pump, circuits and all the other crazy classes I’ve tried over this break. I feel stronger and my general fitness is still there and I can go to the gym however many damn times I like in a week without worrying I might break. I’ve even been doing double classes some days – because I can. (Don’t worry, I’m still very much balancing all this exercise with cake).

And this made me realise that I can easily give up running for a bit and still be fit, healthy and more importantly happy. Obviously I do want to run at some point – and though I’m not running right now I am still very much a “runner” in my heart and always will be. But my goal for this year is for it to not be all I do. I want to keep going to the gym, working on the weights and my strength, and going to spin, but running when I fancy. The mistake I made last year was quitting the gym as soon as I was back into running, which doesn’t work for me. So that’s my goal in a nutshell! That and eat less cake. Nahhh scratch that actually, less cake would make 2015 truly rubbish.

On to the giveaway! The lovely people at 9Point9 have sent me two of those very cool Zephyr Fire 100 hand torches (normally £44.99) made by Nathan Sports to give away to TWO of my readers.

IMG_8402I did a review of this product a few weeks ago which you can check out HERE. Basically it’s a hand-held torch so when you go running (or walking!) in the dark you can shine the light in front of you to see. It’s also USB rechargeable which is immensely useful as batteries truly suck. It also has a button on it to sound a siren if you’re in trouble.


To been in for a chance, just leave a comment below saying why the hand-held torch would be useful to you! I’ll announce the winner 12th January. Good luck!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? What are they for this year?

Did you achieve last year’s resolutions?

How do you achieve a balance with exercise? Is it all one sport or do you vary what you do?

***Full Disclosure: I was sent the two Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 products for free to giveaway to two readers***

26 Replies to “New Year – new me? {And a giveaway!}”

  1. So glad you’re feeling so positive! And in your new year pic with Ben and Alfie (Balfie…) you look so strong! Great work

  2. Wearing a head torch is OK, but I usually end up part way through my run taking it off and holding it as it bugs me. A torch specifically made for runners looks like a much better option. I like the idea of it being rechargeable as well, must be better for the environment……right?

  3. I’ve never made a resolution, and that’s because I know with my stubborn personality I’d inevitably rebel against them and want to do the exact opposite. I have no strong opinions on them though, and I’m definitely not one to dismiss them as a useful tool and incentive. If they work for some people, great! It’s just important not to be too rigid and then feel like a failure if they don’t always work out the way they’re originally intended.

    I like to vary my exercise, but running has to be a constant…and that can get me in trouble because I like to do classes on top of running as opposed to instead of it. I wish I could come to more of a place of peace with running, because the way you described your 2014 in terms of your relationship with it basically defines my entire life since 2009. I guess I just never felt that sense of relief when I didn’t run; only sadness, inferiority and guilt. Perhaps it’s because you’re successful in many areas of life, whereas I only ever felt I could ‘compete’ on the running front…and now I can’t even do as much of that!

    I think that torch would be very useful to me because then I might see small walls in the dark, icy winter mornings and then I could avoid inadvertently hurling myself over them when I slip on said ice 😉

    I hope the New Year is off to a fantastic start for you 🙂

    Jess recently posted…11 reasons to start Les Mills classesMy Profile

    1. In terms of the resolutions, for one thing I’m likely to find something else to take my interest in as I go through the year – adapt to what’s happening rather than stick to a rigid goal I made months ago. I agree with you entirely.
      Yes I need to be careful with my gym going when I do get back into running. No point adding MORE stress to my body. Just need to find that balance.

    1. It is easy to become sucked it. I know a lot of people who are literally running mad (I was definitely one of them too). It got to the point that Ben and me would talk mostly about running. There is definitely more to life.

  4. I just can’t get on with head torches and would love to do the nighttime fun 6k at Gibside National Trust property in February so the torch would be perfect!

    Best wishes for 2015 🙂

  5. Those torches look amazing Anna – especially with the siren on them. I’d love one for walking the new puppy when he arrives later this year, and before then (I walk in deserted streets to get the newspapers super early this morning and it’s always dark and a bit scary!).
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

  6. Ah this is great, it’s good that you’re focusing on other ways to keep fit. I’ve just done my yearly recap and have realised that I spent the first half of the year focusing on running and the latter half trying loads of other sports from climbing, swimming, kayaking and boxing, and had a great time!

    Anyway, I’d love the handheld torch so I can get up the Downs for some early morning and evening runs – I bought a headtorch but it’s more suited to cycling than running so this would be poifec!

    1. It’s amazing how much running can take over all fitness really. I got really into cycling during the summer and hope to be back out there again this year. I’m sadly not hard core enough to brace the cold weather cycling yet!

  7. A great post – thanks for sharing. The torch would be really handy for me as I work shifts and so often am walking to work in the dark or going for my run at very unsociable hours. Fingers crossed!

  8. Taking the pressure off is a fab way to rediscover your love for something I always find. Although again, not really a resolution, I would like to spend more time in 2015 taking part in other activities to running. I love running, but I’m also a big fan of other sports/exercise in general and it would be great to try more new things this year.
    The hand-held torch would be very useful to me. I love the fact that it is USB powered – I’ve replaced so many batteries in my headtorch this year! Starting my new job on Monday will very much mean I leave for work in the dark and get home in the dark as well – all workouts will be pre 6am or post 6pm – torchlight necessary!
    Mary recently posted…The Hare & Hounds and back pain hellMy Profile

    1. I think it’s easy to go overboard on something you love. Like listening to your favourite song on repeat it’s eventually going to start bugging you. I’m at that bugging stage with running sadly. But I’ll get back to loving it again!

  9. Love the idea of a torch with built in siren. With hubby’s commute all my runs are either early or late…. but basically in the dark! It’s all well and good having a head torch but I do find the light bobs about and, as I usually run wearing a cap (unless it’s very cold when I wear a beanie), the light is more likely to be pointing skywards guiding planes into land than lighting me way!

    PS You’re not as behind in writing as I am in reading! Must catch up!

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