Don’t fear the eggs

Hello! Hope you had a lovely, lovely Christmas 🙂 Normal posting will continue soon, I’m just enjoying my time off at the moment. But I do have a quick post on one of my favourite foods (no not apples!)

I’ve many times expressed my love for eggs. I think they’re brilliant. When I’m all stressed out and don’t know what to cook for dinner, it usually ends up being eggs. A perfect source of protein, it goes with everything and anything and it’s easy to keep a pack of eggs in the kitchen at all times.

There’s always a nit of confusion as to whether to keep eggs in the fridge or not. I’m part of the “out of the fridge” group. I haven’t had any nasty food poisoning yet so finger’s crossed!

IMG_8846 Keeping eggs out of the fridge is handy considering a friend of ours gave us a huge amounts of eggs the other day that I’m not sure would have fitted in the fridge. He gets a load free of eggs from work apparently and was happy to palm some off to us. Nice!

Whereas I’m more a scrambled egg fan, Ben loves poached eggs. We used this cool egg poacher and, after a few bumps in the road (we forgot to put the lid on so it took AGES), Ben got some perfectly poached eggs to sit quite nicely on his toast.

IMG_8847I’m not a fan of the poached egg texture though which is a bit random I must admit. I much prefer the crispiness of a fried egg or scrambled egg when it has a million other ingredients in it.

IMG_2945 Or a meal that has firmly stuck on our weekly rotation is gammon and fried eggs.

Gammon and eggs And it has to be a runny yolk. It’s devastating if we overdo our fried eggs, or it splits when cooking. Sad times indeed.

It always irks me a little when I hear people are still harbouring a fear of eggs. Specifically the cholesterol in eggs. The British Lion Eggs has a great website which goes over this misconception about cholesterol (amongst other interesting things to know such as egg allergies). People used to think that you shouldn’t eat so many eggs in a day because of the cholesterol the eggs contain, and this would apparently increase the risk of heart disease in healthy people. But recent evidence suggests this isn’t so as the cholesterol they contain doesn’t significantly affect our blood cholesterol. This is great news for egg lovers like me 😀 We get through a lot of eggs in a week!

Do you eat a lot of eggs?

What’s your favourite egg-based recipe?

Poached, fried or scrambled? I love fried egg but I cannot stand ketchup with my eggs. It really doesn’t go in my mind and freaks me out.

***Full disclosure: I was asked to write this post by the British Lion Eggs in return for the egg poacher. All opinions are my own. The links are not affiliate links.***

20 Replies to “Don’t fear the eggs”

  1. Well, my favourite egg recipe is French toast. Or cake. Or pancakes. Basically anything where you can’t taste the egg. I wish I liked them more, because they are a good option, especially for a veggie, but I really find the texture weird. If I was starving I could eat a few bits of scrambled egg, if I thought about something else, but I could not eat a boiled or fried or poached egg- to me they are very slimy. And also taste too eggy. Surprisingly.
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  2. I eat at least 2 eggs a day. Either poached or fried both sides and yolks always almost solid, I can’t stand liquid egg yolk 😛 Also, I don’t mind ketchup on my eggs although these days I don’t add it as it has a lot of sugar. I just whack my eggs on slices of well toasted rice bread and I’m happy 🙂
    MrsB recently posted…Marshmallow snowmen and Merry Christmas!My Profile

  3. Ah I love eggs! Poached eggs with mashed avocado on toast is something I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner- although not on the same day 😉 Eggs are great fall back options though when you can’t think of anything to cook as you say, and it’s great to hear so many people are now appreciating their health benefits and tastiness! 🙂

  4. I love eggs in any form! Boiled eggs are the perfect mid-afternoon snack, frittatas and omelettes are great pre-prepare breakfast (I often bake a big fritatta, portion it up and then freeze it – then get it out for breakfast the evening before, just a minute in the microwave in the morning and you’re done!), crispy fried eggs with smoked salmon and avocado is a favourite weekend brunch too. Oh and I agree, it always has to be a runny yolk!
    Helen recently posted…2014 – a year in runningMy Profile

  5. Eggs are my favourite food, and I have them at least 4 times a week if not more! My favourite type goes in phases, and at the moment I’m a fan of scrambles, because of all the mix ins you can have. Happy New Year!
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