MyProtein and MyVitamin review

Happy Friday everyone. The cool people behind MyProtein and MyVitamin (The Hut Group) sent me a couple of products to review.

Before now I have never tried protein powder. To be honest, I didn’t see the point. I love my food so why on earth would I drink my meals or the extra calories I need?? Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve been tempted when I see so many protein pancake or protein cookie recipes. But again I was like “why not just have a regular pancake instead?”

So I jumped at the chance to try the whey protein power to see what the fuss was about. I chose True Whey in the Chocolate Caramel flavour. It actually took quite a while for me to choose the flavour because there were several very tasty sounding ones (like chocolate mint, strawberry delight and velvet vanilla).

From the website, it notes the key benefits as:

  • Highest quality protein source
  • New fantastic flavours
  • Includes Lactospore® and Digezyme® (aids digestion)
  • Rich in BCAA’s and Aminoacids

I must say this all sounds very foreign to me! Apparently it has the “perfect blend of the highest grade whey protein concentrate and isolate” And “contains very little fat, zero added sugars and a only small amount of carbohydrates, but it is packed with the most biological available protein available and also contains a high amount of branch-chain-amino-acids (BCAA’s).”

MyProtein Whey Protein Powder It comes with a little scoop which portions out one serving. You can mix it with water or milk. I decided to go for milk because the idea of mixing it with water didn’t really appeal to me. I tried it with both cow’s milk and almond milk. Cow’s milk worked a bit better in terms of how well it mixed. Almond milk needed a bit more stirring and still it wasn’t fully dissolved. (You can buy those shaker things which I’m sure would help, but I was mixing using a spoon).

IMG_6904 Also, the less milk you put in, the thicker it gets (like a thick milkshake). The taste is pretty good, very much like a chocolate milkshake. There is a very slight chemical taste but nothing horrendous or off-putting.

I’ve also tried blending it with frozen banana as well (Ben absolutely adores this and often has it after running).


It mixes really well in the blender

Roughly per serving it’s 98 calories (without milk) and almost 19g of protein. Needless to say that when you have one of these you feel quite full afterwards.

Clearly I’m no body builder or have huge intentions to put on a lot of muscle weight so I’m not drinking this everyday. One of the reasons I was originally put off by protein powders was just knowing when to have it – I fill my day nicely with the food I need. However, there is a key time when this is very handy. When I go to races I usually have a stupidly early breakfast, then race and then finish. The time between breakfast, finishing and then getting myself together and finding food can be quite a few hours. By the time I do find food I’ve often felt very weak. Making up a good portion of this and taking it with me would be ideal to have straight after the race to fill that gap. Especially as I never fancy anything to eat after a race, but having a drink that would keep me from feeling faint is perfect!

We also made protein pancakes using the following ingredients:

  • 40g rolled oats
  • 1 scoop of protein powder
  • 2 eggs (or 4 egg whites)
  • Dash of milk if batter is too thick

Blend all the ingredients together and then fry batches on a heated oiled frying pan. Should make three decent sized pancakes.

Protein powder pancakes We did have three but Ben ate one before we could photo all of them (*sighs*). Add lots of great toppings, like maple syrup, fruit, peanut butter, etc.

I also tried some supplements from MyVitamins. I thought considering all the running I do and how injury-prone I seem to be I’d try the Joint Plus MSM Glucosamine and Chondroitin multi-nutrient blend.

IMG_6907 Basically it’s a combination of the three “widely recognised” join care nutrients. Each capsule contains 300mg MSM, 250mg Glucosamine HCL and 200mg Chondroitin Sulphate. I take one one every day with breakfast. Finger’s crossed it’s making a difference. I don’t feel any different but I can’t imagine you would! A bit like any supplement you take I guess.

All in all, two decent products that I will continue to use!

HERE is a link to their voucher code page, full of discounts on a wide range of supplements if you’re interested 🙂

Have you tried anything from MyProtein or MyVitamin website?

Do you use protein powders?

What supplements do you take?

***I was sent these products for free to review but all opinions are my own***

17 Replies to “MyProtein and MyVitamin review”

  1. I just bought some soya protein powder from Ocado- and I don’t know why. Every time I have tried a protein powder it has eiter just tasted weird and powdery, or has given me a stomach ache. I think I wanted to try a recipe, and didn’t think I could sub flour but I can’t remember what! I stirred it into yoghurt and that was OK.
    You are right about that post race crash- I normally pack a clif bar in my bag as if there are no bananas on offer after a race that is one of the few things I can manage.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…ExcusesMy Profile

    1. Yeah it’s that strange powdery chemical taste that I’m not a fan of. But this protein powder isn’t too bad. Definitely not powdery.
      I need to be more pro-active when it comes to after races. I’m not a big cereal bar/protein bar eater so I think the protein shake would work well for me.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Week #4 Marathon TrainingMy Profile

  2. I use the Myprotein hemp powder which I like in smoothies, and Sunwarrior which is my absolute favourite I use in oats/make puddings out of it, and it makes them much more filling. Glucosamine needs to be taken for minimum 3 months before it has any effect, also I think the dosage with all the research behind it is 1000mg minimum, although this one has the other joint support ingredients too.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted…Berlin Marathon Training Week 3My Profile

  3. I’ve been a fan of protein powders for a while, even before I was blogging but recently I can’t stand the taste of the whey ones! I have some MyProtein vanilla and I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy but I can’t manage it, I hope I can get back on it after the pregnancy as it is great in smoothies to make them more nutritionally balanced and filling 🙂

  4. I have to say, I’m a big fan of the Glucosamine. Really makes you feel good after a few weeks! Very noticeable and goes well with a good fish oil supplement, for joint health.

  5. Awesome review! Myprotein offer the highest value protein powder out of all supplement companies I have tried in the past.

    I currently use their hemp protein and mix in some nutri-greens to sneak in some extra vitamins and minerals, Works wonders and gives me that extra kick I need during workouts and throughout the day.

    I can honestly say that using Myprotein more than 4 years ago, I’ve never looked back since!

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