Moonlight running

Happy Monday all. Aren’t we all chuffed the weekend ended so quickly and we’re back to Monday again. No? Yeah me neither.

I feel shattered today. Just completely drained. I should have listened to my body this morning and not run. I did a 10 mile run (first time ever!) on Saturday morning and I don’t think I’ve fully recovered. But I pushed myself to get up early (5.45am, gargh!) and ran 6 miles.

It was hard work. Harder than the 10 miles can you believe! And because I tried a different route I ended up running down a very long stretch of road that had no street lights. Literally like running with my eyes closed. The only light came from the moon! And the occasional car. It was really quite scary. In the end I used my IPhone to light up the ground so I could see where I was running and also to make myself known to any cars flying past.

I managed to completely it in just over 48 minutes so I’m happy with the speed but I didn’t feel particularly good afterwards. I just felt drained. I had planned to run 5 miles tomorrow but I’ve decided against it. Just need to let my body recover and get back up to 100% again. I definitely do not want to have an injury.

Anyway, Maria from Running Cupcake nominated me for the Liebster Award and I know I’ve already done this but I do love the survey style blogs…So I thought I’d do this my own way and simply answer the questions Maria posed.

1. Ideal holiday destination? I like a bit of an adventure and activity, so maybe travelling around somewhere in East Asia as I’ve never been there before and I think it would be exciting. I’m not a lay-on-the-beach-and-do-nothing kinda girl so I need some sort of activity or adventure.

2. Favourite weather? Without doubt WARM SUMMER weather. Weather that you don’t need a coat, umbrella or wellies for.

3. Coffee or tea? Ooooh. I prefer black coffee in the morning but then black tea with milk later on. I think I’d have to say tea as that includes peppermint and I love peppermint.

4. What magazines do you read? Runners World, Zest, Good Food, sometimes Glamour. I don’t tend to buy a lot of magazines though on a regular basis.

5. Favourite place to eat out at? A Jamie Oliver restaurant. But normally a nice pub with a good menu (ideally with a mezze platter…mmm hummus).

6. Favourite show to see? Erm, I’m not sure. I don’t tend to go to see shows that often. Maybe something like Billy Elliot would be good.

7. Would would you order in my cafe? (Bearing in mind I mainly serve tea and baked goods). So I would obviously have tea then! Haha. White, no sugar. And a big slice (unashamedly HUGE) of Victoria sponge cake. Or maybe a big scone with a dollop of jam and clotted cream.

8. Do you prefer to exercise alone, or in a class, or with other people? I like having a run on my own and setting my own pace for most of the time but I do enjoy running in a group. The time passes quickly and it’s nice to keep each other going. But in terms of meeting certain targets and pacing myself well, it has to be by myself.

9. Favourite meal? Arghh, this is too difficult! OK, probably a big rack of sticky BBQ ribs and sweet potato fries. Inside me there’s a fat girl trying to get out Winking smile But a ‘normal’ everyday meal at the moment is my new found pumpkin and pineapple chicken meal.

10. What is your favourite thing about blogs (writing or reading)? I love the community and the knowledge share. I would never have found out about cauliflower mash or foam rolling or pacing for runs. I love it when you get some lovely comments as well. I am always so chuffed when someone writes something lovely on one of my posts.

11. What will do to celebrate your birthday this year? Probably go out for a nice meal with my family. Good food, good company.

Oops just realised this blog has no photos. Hmmm. Let me see.


There we go. That’s better. A tired Alfie after a long day of doing nothing. It’s a hard life being a dog!

Do you avoid running when it’s dark?

Answer one of the questions above if you like, I love finding out more about my readers!

14 Replies to “Moonlight running”

  1. Sounds like you are definitely doing the right thing having tomorrow off running, I can remember the days I was up early like that too, I can’t say I miss them that much! I like the sound of your ideal holiday too, adventure is much more interesting than lying on the beach!

    1. Yeah it is tough getting up in the morning to go and some mornings I hate it, but then some runs are just great and I love feeling all energised for the day. But rest days are just as important as otherwise I’ll run myself into the ground (pun intended hehe).

  2. Way to go running in the pitch black! I would’ve been scared out of my mind street lights at all? Eek. You got it done though! And sounds like a rest day is in order and well deserved, better to take a day off and feel great afterwards on your next several runs than have a few bad ones in a row.

    1. I didn’t realise until I got a fair way down the road that there was really not going to be any light! I did panic a bit but I think it helped me run faster to get to the light hehe!
      Exactly, it’s so important to listen to your body so today I didn’t run and feel so much better. I don’t want to ruin runs to come by being stupid!

  3. I am not surprised you are tired- especially as that was the first time you ran 10 miles- it does take it out of your body. Enjoy your rest day.
    I don’t mind running in a bit of dark, but I hate not being able to see the pavements, especially as they are often not flat (you know when the roots from trees sort of buckle the pavement)- I just slow right down as I feel sure I am going to trip over. Plus I get worried about cars not seeing me, so (even though it may look silly) I would always have on a high viz vest over the top. But I hate going out in the dark in the morning for some reason- I think the streets near me feel too empty, whereas after work they are busy with people walking to the bus stops, and lots of drivers too, so I feel a bit safer.

    1. That’s very true actually. I find running in the morning to be so quiet. The morning rush hasn’t yet begun so it’s all very eerie. I really need to invest in a high vis vest. I’ve got reflective strips on my leggings and jacket but it’s really not enough.

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