Long weekend

I think I speak for most people…


And in the UK we have a Bank Holiday Monday. Woohoo, three day weekend! Well, four day weekend for me as I’m off today!

I have recovered somewhat from Sunday’s half marathon adventure…though my legs were hating me Monday morning. I did nothing on Monday in terms of fitness. Getting out of bed was hard enough! But Tuesday evening I thought I’d brave running club. I knew if I tried running on my own I’d really struggle with motivating myself from now just crawling along the pavement and having a nap in the gutter. It wouldn’t have been pretty.

So I ran the mile to running club at a nice and easy pace and was surprised that it wasn’t too bad. And as luck would have it it was an easy session because the club had a league run the next evening (ha! which I would not be going to – need a break from races for a few weeks!)

Anyway we did 5 x 1200m with 3-4 minutes recovery between each. I was faster than I expected! I was tailing behind the speedy bunch and ahead of the slightly slower bunch so I was all on me own running along which did kind of suck. But on the last lap the speedy bunch took pity on me and forced encouraged me to do a ‘snake’ lap with them (we run in a line, the last person then has to sprint past everyone to get to the front, and it continues like that until the end – there were 5 of us in total). I really appreciated the encouragement from the others so this worked a treat.

Then a two mile leisurely(ish) run home.


Definitely wouldn’t have done that on my own I assure you!

This morning I had a one hour sports massage that I got through Groupon. Ahhh I love it. I hate it. It’s painful. It’s good. As well as my legs, the lady did my whole back and as she started I was like “pfft like I need my back doing – it’s my legs that are the issue”. Jeeze clearly I have back issues. It was PAINFUL. I had to grit my teeth to stop myself from screaming. I think it’s part of being British and maybe my personality that I don’t like showing pain or making noises of pain. When she asked how it was I could only squeak.

Now we’re off to Essex to visit Ben’s dad. We’re planning on engaging in a bit of Parkrun tourism by doing the Chelmsford one, and somehow manage a 10ish mile run around where Ben’s dad lives…errr I see trouble ahead. Or at least a phone call to Ben going something like this “Ben, I’m lost. Come pick me up please.”

Right, time to go!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sports massage: love it or hate it?

Are you OK with showing you’re in pain? Even when I stub my toe or something like that I don’t like showing I’m in pain. I get embarrassed.

How long does it take for you to recover from a race? I’m feeling pretty much back to normal now thankfully. Well, let’s see how the Parkrun goes I guess!

Do you run when you go away to different places? I love seeing new places this way but my navigation sucks.

19 Replies to “Long weekend”

  1. We do that exercise too! Although call it an Indian Fartlek. I’m not sure why. Your name for it makes more sense!
    I feel for your massage pain! The masseurs(sp?!) clearly love causing pain to us poor athletes…as if we don’t already go through enough pain!!!

  2. You are amazing! Seriously, running eight miles so soon after a half would kill me, I just want to sit myself in an electric chair and buzz around for a few weeks haha!
    I’ve never had a sports massage but that sounds painful! In a good way I suppose, I think I’d rather go and really feel it than not.
    I hate showing pain in front of anyone but my family and boyfriend. They get the full works though 😉
    Have a great weekend and yay for Parkrun tourism!

    1. I think I’m feeling all the running now though. This week is going to be have a lot less running! I was on such a high from the half but I must realise I need to rest my body!

  3. Nice miles after the half! I need to get a sports massage soon. The last one I got she did loads of work on my shoulders and I actually thought I was going to cry, it was brutal, like you when she asked me if it was ok, I was like yea it’s fine ha! I usually take an easier week after a race, with cycling/cross training and then get back to running after that. I love running in new places, it’s so exciting! Have a great weekend!

  4. What does a Bank holiday actually mean? Do they all have the same underlying reason/celebration, or is that just a generic term for different days off for different reasons (like our 4th of July or Memorial Day in the US)?

    I’ve never had any type of massage before but I’d really like to go sometime. I just feel like I’d be looked at as a little kid playing “dress-up”…. sort of, you know? Trying to be an adult and everything… Eh, worries!

    I don’t like people knowing that I’m in pain unless I seriously need to escape from something (awkward social outing for example). Then I will use me being sick/in pain to my advantage. Otherwise, I just hate talking about it whatsoever.

    Great run Anna! Hope you have an awesome weekend 🙂

    1. Oh you are missing out! Normal massages are dreamy and amazing. Like proper treatment massages with aromatherapy oils and gentle music, so relaxing! Sports massages are more functional…not as relaxing.

  5. I’ve never had a sports massage but I love going to the osteopath. It hurts and feels good at the same time but I feel so much better afterwards.

    I don’t get a three day weekend 🙁 they don’t have the same holidays in Scotland.

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