Reality TV stars at their finest

Oh I do love having a Monday off! This weekend England (not Scotland unfortunately – boo!) had a Bank holiday. This, for non-UK readers, is basically just a public holiday on the Monday. Though I’m not sure why it’s called a ‘bank holiday’ (though I know the banks are closed). Yesterday we got back from Essex seeing Ben’s dad yesterday and so today (Monday) we’ve just been chilling and catching up with the housework. So here’s my weekend catch-up.

Friday I got up early and went to spin which was good but as always hard. I was chuffed for getting myself there for the early class and then having enough time when I got back to pack and get myself together without stressing. Then we drove to Essex…and obviously this involved lovely bank holiday weekend traffic. *sighs*


Though it was perfect timing to paint my toe nails! Winking smile I was very appreciative of Ben’s smooth driving.

After having a nice evening on the Friday, we got up early and headed down to the Chelmsford Parkrun for a bit of Parkrun tourism! It was so great doing a different Parkrun. I had no idea about the course (though it’s always 5k).


It was located in a lovely park with a pond. The weather was a bit drizzly but a nice cool temperature.


The run went well. I felt speedy and strong and was grateful for a lovely flat course (there was a very small steep hill but nothing scary or hard).


My father-in-law cheered us on and took some photos and it was good fun. Though the girls were very speedy! There were at least three so far ahead of me that I had no chance to catch them.


But I was very chuffed with my time – about 10 seconds better than my Parkrun PB! But the course definitely helped I would say as my usual route has an annoying hill we have to do three times. I came 5th female which I was very pleased with considering all four females in front of me did it in sub-20s and sub-19s. Yikes!

Unfortunately – God I don’t even want to type this it’s so annoying and repetitive – I’ve twinged my groin. YES I KNOW. Another flipping running-related injury. Jeeeeeeze. But I’m not making a big thing about it. It’s fine. I’m just having a nice week break from running (well, I’ll see how it goes Winking smile). I’ve got my spinning and pump so it’s all fine. I’m not panicking as it feels like just a small twinge that just needs a little rest.

Moving on! For the rest of the day we did something hugely embarrassing that I can’t believe I’m admitting. We did the TOWIE tour. Now I will forgive you if you didn’t know TOWIE stood for The Only Way is Essex. And I will also forgive you for not knowing that that is a ridiculous reality TV show set in Essex… coining those elegant phrases such as “I’m well jel” (translation: “I’m very jealous”).

Well, we did the tour. As in we walked around Brentwood and went into all of the main cast’s shops (as they all now own their own shops for some strange reason). And lo and behold! They were actually in their shops. Now we are talking proper Z-list celebrities here, people. I know. Calm yourselves.

Well jel

All good fun. I will say that the majority of them were really lovely and didn’t mind me cheekily asking them for a photo. Apart from one. I think the phrase she used was “this ain’t a museum – have a look at the merchandise if you want a photo”. To which I promptly apologised and left the shop. I’m sorry I’m not paying £10 for a notebook to justify having a photo taken with her. I think she realised I was a bit affronted and called me back. It was all very awkward and I just wanted to get away as quickly as I could.

Not to labour the point too much but I do think reality TV stars shouldn’t be too high and mighty about fans wanting photos taken with them…after all, without us they wouldn’t be where they are. It’s not like they have ‘real’ talent like, say, actors and singers. Sorry if that’s a bit catty!

We also mooched around a few shops and I bought this top and skirt.


I’m not sure if together they go well but I was originally wearing a dress so I had to try them on together! Dorothy Perkins…how I love that shop.

In the evening we had a nice easy take-away (I had an Indian while Ben and his dad had a pizza – Ben was in heaven). We watched What Women Want (love, love that film! Such a classic) and had an easy evening.

We had a great time in Essex and it was good fun Open-mouthed smile

Right, now I’m off to do some ironing and watch some Friends. Rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle living over here!

How was your weekend?

Reality TV: do you love or hate? I’m terrible. I love all that rubbish; Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Hills, Made in Chelsea… But not Big Brother. I have some standards Winking smile

Have you met anyone famous?

What Parkruns have you done? Any ones to recommend?

22 Replies to “Reality TV stars at their finest”

  1. Sounds like a lovely bank holiday! Like you said, none for us up here in Scotland. Not that I ever get them as I am a nurse. I really need to check out my local park run, maybe once I’ve completed my couch to 5k app!

    Anna x

    1. Oh no that sucks about not getting the day off. Definitely do a Parkrun at some point – it’s such a great atmosphere. It’s not like a proper race, it’s less informal and more sociable.

  2. Woo on the speedy Parkrun time! Sorry to hear about your groin though , hope it feels better soon! Love the TOWIE tour!! I loved the first few series so would totally have done the same. I hope you had a fake tan while you were there 😉

  3. Hehe, all I can picture is you with your feet up on the dash board painting your nails! I can’t say I’ve watched any reality TV since Big Brother back in the kate and jonny years. God that makes me sound sad and super old at the same time 😉 well done on your park run too!

  4. Good for the Parkrun tourism! I was tempted when we went to Bournemouth but we had one hotel for the Friday night and another a long way away for the Sat so I didn’t think I would make it back from it in time for a shower. My Dad has done the Wimbledon one which he loves as it is on the common and very pretty, but I have only done one (so far…).
    Ah, reality TV. I love some trashy TV but I feel I have standards within that- for example I love the US Jersey Shore, but I tried to watch some of the Geordie one which was just terrible- I think the early series are better as the people are a bit more genuine, whereas as series go on (or with copycat series) you only get people who want to be famous, who are a bit more narcissistic, and a bit more hateful really. I also get annoyed when you can see that situations are created to add in the drama.
    I have never watched TOEWI though and I would not recognise any of those people- and yes I agree they should be a bit more friendly because they surely need people to keep watching their show?

    1. Oooh Wimbledon sounds like a good one. A regular from our Parkrunhas been to like 30 different ones! Crazy!
      Oh I tried Geordie Shore and it was just disgusting. It was terrible.
      I thnk I watched three series of TOWIE and it was quite funny but it got quite grating towards the end and the storyline’s a bit too unbelievable. But I was chuffed to see them in the flesh hehe.

  5. The only famous people Ive ever met have been athletes….those count right? Well, if meeting a celeb is supposed to make you lose your breath, sweat profusely and forget your name, then yes, they do count as celebs 😉

  6. I’m not a fan of realiy tv at all. Occasionally when it’s on I’ll get sucked in, or if someone else in my family is watching it then I’ll consider joining them, but most of the time not.

    So, who’s who in your pictures? I don’t recognize any of them! Lol. But like I said, that’s from my lack of reality tv-watching 🙂

    1. Yeah it’s mindless telly really. I don’t watch as much anymore now (apart from the Kardashians…)
      Oh they’re so z-list you would never have heard of them in the US. I think the most famous one is Amy Childs? Probably means nothing to you!

  7. Congratulations on your run! You are such a speedy little thing. So sorry to hear about your groin injury. Praying for a speedy recovery. Enjoy body bump & spinning this week=)

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