Spinning fail

I was so mad Monday morning. I didn’t mention it in my last post as I wanted to just focus on the great weekend I’d enjoyed and not bring down the mood.

Sunday night I decided ‘oh what the hell’ I’d get up early Monday morning to do spin. I don’t want to do too much running this week as I want my body to have a little running-rest. So I thought I’d do spin instead. I’d rather just get it done in the morning because then it’s done and dusted and I’m up early to get on with the housework. I also booked circuits afterwards. Then I could chill later feeling smug.

So I got up at 5.40am on my day off to make this class. I got there for the 6.30am start feeling good to go. I was then informed that the instructor hadn’t turned up or bothered to ring to explain why.


I almost cried. I was so annoyed. The instructor who told me the news explained she couldn’t take the class either as she wasn’t trained. I think she could see how annoyed I was. I mean, seriously, I COULD HAVE STILL BEEN IN BED!

But she was lovely and did a legs, bums and tums (LBT) class for us instead. Not spinning, but better than the elliptical machine I’d be eyeing dubiously as I realised I’d be there for an hour before circuits.

LBT and circuits seriously did a number on my behind (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type) as I ached a lot the next day. Circuits involved a lot of burpees (the work of the devil), press-ups, squats, planks…all those crazy things I haven’t really been doing for quite a while and LBT was just a whole load of lower body-related pain.

So this week is all about pump, circuits and spin. I think my next run will be Parkrun. This feels quite strange but it’s nice to be mixing things up.

Speaking of mixing things up [now this is quite boring but for a simple person like me this is crazy]… At the weekend in Essex I had my usual oatmeal for breakfast but ‘normal’ people don’t drink almond milk (normal –> mainstream/non-allergic/non-intolerant) and I wasn’t carting almond milk with me to Ben’s dad’s, I had whatever milk that was available.


[I might have taken my own chia seeds with me to Essex, shhh I know this is sad]

I had whole milk. I haven’t had whole milk in forever. Before almond milk I used to drink/use skimmed. God forbid I chose *whispers* full fat milk. But now I’m not fussed. I know that fat isn’t the devil (burpees are – we covered that, right?). I only choose almond milk because it makes oatmeal taste so damn good and it also means Ben doesn’t drink it so we never have stock control issues Winking smile

Let me tell you, people, if you’ve never put whole milk in oatmeal you are missing out. Creamy, thick, delicious…heavenly! Definitely be recreating this at home (and still doesn’t cause stock control issues as Ben prefers skimmed – everybody’s happy!)

Actually one of my friends said to me that she puts cream in her oatmeal if she has it. I’m not sure I could handle that much creaminess in my stomach so early in the day – but I am intrigued I must admit…

Has anything really annoyed you recently? Go on, have a rant. It feels so good afterwards Winking smile

What recipe/concoction have you found surprisingly yummy lately?

What’s your workout hell? Burpees. Every. Single. Time.

17 Replies to “Spinning fail”

  1. That’s sounds incredibly frustrating and yell-inducing about that instructor. I’m trying to think of something that’s really bugged me lately… Probably being told by someone at my college that I’d be contacted on Friday via e-mail and still haven’t heard from them. I hope that when they do contact me it’s written communication and not face-to-face because I’m just fuming. This has happened too many times to count with the same person 🙁

    Whole milk would probably make oatmeal super thick and give a great wholesome flavor. I’ve actually heard that the full fat version of dairy is better for you? Anyways, I bet that’d be really delicious to have on occasion, but I’d still stick with almond milk for the most part because the thought of having milk in the morning, especially if it was before working out… Eh. No dice.

    1. Urgh I hate it when people say “oh yeah it’ll be with you on this day” and then leave you hanging. It’s just rude. The technological equivalent of being late!
      Yeah I couldn’t have whole milk every day – it was very rich!

  2. I would have been so cross! But at least they put something on for you so that you time was not totally wasted.
    I bet the break from running will do you loads of good too- you’ll be raring to go come Saturday morning 🙂
    Also in Scotland a lot of the traditional recipes for porridge have cream on them, but I don’t like cream anyway so can’t imagine having it for breakfast.

  3. I love whole milk, I was buying jersey milk a little while ago, so good for all the healthy fats! I would have been totally foaming about the spinning thing, what a disappointment. It’s a while since it happened, but when I ordered my new mac it got lost in the delivery system even after I’d arranged for next day pre 10.30 delivery. I’d taken the day off for it as well. I was not impressed!

    1. I would have been fuming about the Mac!!! How annoying!
      I’ve never tried Jersey milk. I did enjoy the porridge but I’m not sure I could have it every day – it was quite rich, you know? But very tasty.

  4. Oh man, sorry about the rough start to your day hun. That would really annoy me as well!! As for burpess….well I kind of love them 🙂 Then again Im in love with that out of breath oh my gosh I think Im gunna die feeling. I know I know…I have issues.

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