Confession time

I have a confession. Actually I have a few confessions. Nothing major. I just feel the need to get it out there into the universe. Then let the universe judge me, or something or other.

I am becoming an old lady (I hasten to add that there is nothing wrong with elderly ladies, I hope to be one someday – just not at 24!) Consistently now I have started to get tired at 8.30pm. And then 9pm I’m in bed. Actually in bed, pyjamas, brushed teeth, ready for sleep in bed. Now I have every intention of having a good read of my book to chill me out. However, I begin reading and 10 minutes later I’m asleep.

And considering I don’t get in from work until 7pm, this is not very good. Ben is no longer surprised. Alfie no longer joins me as he knows lights off is quite soon.

But you know what the worst part is? I love it.

I get a full on 8 hours sleep. *Drops head in shame* I am an embarrassment to all those hip young twenty-year olds out there. Judge away. What can I say? I’m definitely a morning person. I start waking up from 5.30am onwards feeling nice and refreshed ready to hit the ground running (literally).

Next confession. Over Christmas I didn’t really go crazy on eating vast amounts of chocolate or biscuits. I just didn’t fancy it. Now January’s hit and it’s like BOOM I just can’t get enough. And all the chocolate from Bruges I got is just calling to me. And I just can’t get enough of my favourite chocolate (which I put in the fridge for that extra bite).IMG_2779

And I have since discovered the dark chocolate and mint flavour. This isn’t good people. Well, obviously it is! Winking smile

I’m fine throughout the day, it’s just when I’ve had dinner and I’m chilling on the sofa and I get that feeling. I’m sure you’ve all felt it (if you haven’t, tell me your secret!)…that “I NEED SOMETHING NOW!!” feeling. And it’s never savoury.

So most evenings I’ve been scoffing it and our supplies are dwindling…but I will be buying more. Life isn’t worth living if you deny yourself these pleasures! I just need to work out how to control the beast within.

My last confession is a dull one I’m afraid. I used to eat fish twice a week – proper oily, omega laced fish. Rainbow trout, salmon, mackerel….but now it’s somehow been forgotten. I’ve focused my energy on chicken. I’m not even sure how this even happened! So to remedy this sharply, I had sea bass.

IMG_3406 I dusted it with some ready-made seasoning (a fish-specific one) grilled it and had it alongside mashed cauliflower with goat’s cheese (heaven!), roasted root veg and my favourite veg, broad beans. What a meal! The lightness of the fish worked as there was quite a lot on my plate (maybe another confession of mine is that I’m a greedy eater – it’s all about volume with me! Stack is high and I’m good to go).

Whew, I feel better. The confessions were nothing major, I’m sure you’ll agree, but I do feel a bit lighter after holding in all of that Winking smile

What are your secret confessions?

What do you love having a naughty snack sesh on in an evening?

16 Replies to “Confession time”

  1. Haha love your confessions!
    1. I am an old lady too and if I’m not in bed by around 10 I will just fall asleep on the sofa instead. Oh well.
    2. Everyone has a sweet tooth!! Mine is really bad too and I always have to have something, even if it’s just a few chocolate chips to hold me over. Low fat chocolate popsicles are also perfect!
    3. I’ve been trying to eat more fish too! I bought some frozen tilapia recently but I need some more fun recipes to use it up with. Let me know if you have any good ones!

    1. Hehe I’ve yet to fall asleep on the sofa, but then I’m quite good at getting myself to bed after the merest hint of feeling sleepy.
      I’m definitely on the look out for interesting fish meals, so I’ll share if I find any 🙂

  2. I think I could almost have written this post 🙂
    I’m the same with sleep but it was when I found myself thinking that a long lie-in is “wasting the day” that I knew I was getting old! I also manage to resist chocolate all day but can’t not eat loads in the evenings and I love fish, especially sea bass and salmon… I need to try the cauliflower/goats’ cheese mash though, it sounds amazing.

    1. From your last post you definitely sound more of a night owl than an early bird. I’m definitely more of a morning person than an evening person I think.
      Much better to eat cold chocolate. But saying that, chocolate is good either way!

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