Being ill and cookies to make me smile

Hi guys. I apologise in advance for this post. It’s going to be a bit of a moan and ‘woe is me’…

I have had a terrible week. I mentioned on Wednesday that I was feeling ill. Well, it only got worse. I have literally been on the sofa huddled under my slanket all week (slankets were made for ill people I swear. It’s a blanket with arms basically). My whole body has felt unbelievably achy and tired, my throat like it has been cut with knives, headaches, and I have felt sick on and off.

Sleeping has been a nightmare. Then in the morning I’d get up, force myself to shower, then get back into fresh pyjamas and recommence my sofa experience. Ben, bless him, has been looking after me between work and Alfie has kept me company in the day. The Smith-James household has not been fun place.


I haven’t been eating my porridge in the morning (or anything for that matter). Food just turned my stomach. Lunch has looked like this for the past few days:


Have you ever seen anything more boring?? Sweet potato and broad beans. I just have to eat the most bland food as anything else turned my stomach. My appetite has been zero.

Sorry to sound oh so depressing. I’m not very good with being ill. I’m sure a lot of you can relate that when you’re ill you feel helpless and weak. These are things that I hate feeling. I’m not one of those people that enjoys sitting down for ages and not doing anything. So when I find myself literally unable to get off the sofa to do anything it really frustrates me.

After Bruges I had all these plans of running and my strength training. So I would feel in ‘peak condition’ before Christmas. I know that sounds ridiculous but I like to run up to Christmas feeling my most healthy so I can really relax on the day. But getting up and walking to the kitchen was difficult so there was no way in hell I was running. It just wasn’t even an option. But I haven’t run since last Wednesday. For me that’s crazy! I love running and I miss it so much but I just can’t do it. It would be stupid and would feel horrific.

I don’t feel guilty for not exercising – that would be stupid as it’s completely out of my control. But I’m just terrified I’m losing everything I worked so hard to achieve. They say it takes two weeks to lose your fitness level. I know I shouldn’t care, but I don’t want to have to climb that hill again! I was doing so well with my times and speeds. If this illness and taken me back a step I’ll be so angry.

Last night the only thing I fancied for dinner that didn’t make me feel sick was pizza.


Sometimes only pizza can help, you know? I just fancied something carby and easy. It was a Pizza Express Lighter Gustosa (roasted peppers, mushrooms, cheese & ham). I didn’t want a huge pizza to lay heavy on me so this was perfect. Not massively flavourful so it worked a treat.

Anyway, I’m feeling better today but I’m still suffering a little. I am however off the sofa (hurrah!). This is good news considering this weekend we need to do a lot of cleaning (The Big Pre-Christmas Clean) and marzipan the cake.

And in perfect timing, I received something very lovely in the post.


I took part in Tamzin’s cookie exchange and received my cookies in this beautiful box. I was sent it by the lovely Cerian. I basically said I didn’t mind what kind of cookies she’d make – I quite like surprises!IMG_3334

She made these amazing Welsh cakes! Neither Ben nor I have had Welsh cakes before so we’re very excited to try them. They smell amazing. And there were two cheeky mince pies in there too! Thank you Cerian! Smile So this has definitely been one of the better parts of the week!

Now off to get some jobs done!

How do you cope when you’re ill?

What do you eat when you feel sick?

8 Replies to “Being ill and cookies to make me smile”

  1. Aww, Anna, I’m so sorry you’ve been under the weather this week! Being sick is never fun, but it’s especially dreadful before the holidays. I’m glad you’re on the mend; hopefully you’ll be 100% by Christmas!

    I’ve never heard of Welsh Cakes (uneducated American here 😉 ), but my family makes mince pie for dessert every Christmas! xoxo

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Umm I’m not relly sure what they are. They’re like flat scones I think. Not massively sweet, but really good either with a cup of tea or a bit of jam. Mince pies are so goood!

  2. Sorry to hear you are unwell! I was ill at the beginning of the week, was better by this weekend, but I have a tickly throat yet again this evening, boo! I love Welsh Cakes, I don’t have them too often, but my mum recently made a apricot and white chocolate version, yummy!

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