Chicken Soup and Christmas

Hi all, thought I’d do a very quick post before taking a break for Christmas.

I’m feeling miles better than I did but still not a hundred per cent which is still driving me crazy. But I’m able to get on and do stuff so it’s fine. This weekend has been all about cleaning and getting things ready.

Ben’s dad will be down tomorrow to stay until Boxing Day, which will be lovely. The three of us will go over to my parent’s house for tomorrow evening to celebrate Christmas eve. And then Ben’s mum will be over on Christmas day to spend the day with us. My parents and granddad will pop over on Christmas morning briefly I think as they’re then off to have a Christmas meal out.

I really want to run on Christmas morning but I’m still not certain if I’ll be able to yet. I think I’ll be fine I just don’t want to push myself too soon after getting better, you know? But I really really want to go out for a lovely early Christmas morning run and just enjoy that time. Otherwise it will be a walk with Alfie instead!

Then Boxing Day everyone is over ours (including my sister, brother-in-law and niece) for a buffet that I’m rustling up. All this cooking is feeling a bit daunting at the moment as I’m still not 100% but I’m hoping it will run smoothly. I love cooking so it should be fine.

And that’s us! I don’t have much else to add. Unfortunately I’ve not been doing any Christmas baking (apart from marzipanning the Christmas cake) though I have been eating some really yummy home-made chicken soup in the spirit of getting healthy.


Really simple. Just chicken or vegetable broth with garlic and ginger, and a small chopped onion, carrot, diced chicken breast and some peas. Then simmer for like 15 mins and add some pepper and coriander. I’ve been living on this stuff!

So have a great Christmas everyone! Enjoy the food, the time with your family and friends and relax!

xx Merry Christmas! xx

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