Why I’ve decided to get a coach

Howdy! Right seriously, is was like winter the other day. Hello mist, hello bitter cold mornings! And to think this time (bar a few days) two years ago it was beautifully sunny and I was almost a little too warm in my wedding dress…


Yep on Monday it was Ben an my second wedding anniversary – how quick the time flies (read my recap of that day HERE). We’ll be celebrating properly in Berlin (post marathon!). Though I did indulge in a fair few salted caramel truffles and chocolate Monday night. Well, you’ve got to really, right?

Dare I say it…I’m actually looking forward to the marathon? I just want to get it done. I just pray and hope I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the Paris marathon. Don’t get me wrong, I know it will be stupidly hard work and so tiring but I just feel mentally ready, though maybe not physically with my mediocre training!

Post run selfieA post run selfie after a really good feeling run – hurrah! 

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got so fed up with running (did you notice??). This year has been dreadful. One injury after another – and not one PB to show for it. Some of the injuries may be down to bad luck and some may be down to bad running form…but I’m pretty sure I don’t help myself with how I train. I convince myself that I’m running easy when I probably should be running a lot slower on recovery days. Then I race too many races. And I didn’t take a proper break after Paris.

I decided that something needs to be done. Clearly I’m not doing something right. I need someone to point me in the right direction and take the mental complexity out of running. Frankly I need someone to just tell me what to do.

I mention Kyle quite a bit on the blog. He’s a friend of Ben and mine, an amazing runner, a good sports massage therapist and…a coach. He actually coaches two others in my running club at the moment and they’re doing amazingly (dropping minutes off of PBs and flying along). Now I don’t particularly care about speed at this point. All I care about is consistent SMART running without getting injured.

I sat down with him and had a lengthy chat about my goals and future races and as of two weeks after Berlin (provided I don’t get injured at Berlin…PLEASE god no) then I will be following his direction completely. His plan is to gradually build me up again slowly. In fact I won’t be racing any races this year, despite having a few in the plan. They’ll all be training runs as, in his words, I won’t be ready yet. Even to have someone say that to me is eye opening as I thought by November I’d be back in the game again ready to race a half marathon I have planned.

They’ll be more structured sessions: proper tempo runs, interval sessions and recovery runs. I will no longer plan my week – it’s out of my hands! This makes me so happy as I can relax my brain. It takes the stress out of running; the constant wondering if what I’m doing is right. And what’s more is that my training we’ll be specifically geared to my goal, which is actually having a good go at a marathon next year (either London or Brighton). No longer will I haphazardly create my own training plan and hope for the best, and probably get injured several times along the way.

Huge sigh of relief!

Have you ever had a coach (in any sport)?

If you have a partner, how do you celebrate your anniversary?

Do you like getting flowers? I rarely ever buy flowers as they just don’t last that long, so it;s a nice treat to have them bought for me.

[Check out Kyle’s website if you’re interested in being coached by him; you don’t have to be in the area! – This post wasn’t sponsored, I’m just a fan and a friend of Kyle’s :-)]

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  1. I’d actually really love a coach – I’ve been hashing out my own training plans for a few years now and I know it’s probably wise to get some pro advice (not that I don’t get enough online!) but money and knowing who to choose are my issues.

    Ooh enjoy Berlin – I fell in love with it earlier in April!
    Cat recently posted…NYC Day 4: A Manhattan BrunchMy Profile

  2. We don’t have an anniversary ! How sad….
    I’d love a coach and would also love to get faster but at the moment two small people get in the way. Maybe when I’m older! Happy anniversary my lovely friends, enjoy Berlin, if not the marathon then the bit after where you have fun!

    lauren recently posted…John LewisMy Profile

  3. I think you’re *so* sensible to get a coach. It will be amazing to have someone who knows their stuff to filter out all of the blogging madness and get you on track to meet and exceed your goals. You have the talent, but it’s so hard not to over-think things. I am far too undisciplined to work with a coach and I’m also a stubborn idiot who only enjoys running if she can do it her ‘way.’ Only it’s not so much fun when said way ends up making you exponentially slower instead of faster :/

    I’m not really mad about flowers as I’m useless at getting them to stay alive for very long. I am obsessed with roses though, so even if they only lasted a day I would be elated with just a single one, let alone a bouquet.
    Jess recently posted…Fitness vs. Fashion?My Profile

    1. Yes exactly! My head gets in the way so much I just need to focus on running. But I am slightly apprehensive because, a bit like you, I am very stubborn and I’m quite a control freak so it’ll be interesting to see how it works with someone telling me how and when to run!
      Haha I’m exactly the same with flowers. I fully expect them to be dead when I get back from Berlin next week. Ah well, they’re pretty at the moment at least!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Let’s get the excuses in now…My Profile

  4. Hope you enjoyed your anniversary on Monday guys! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your little Berlin trip too. 🙂 Dan and I will have our eight year dating anniversary in March…are we still allowed to celebrate dating anniversaries now that we’re married or do we have to reset it back to zero again?!
    How great that you have Kyle as a personal trainer and that you’re friends so he’s pretty much around all the time by the sound of it! I’m interested to see how he changes your training and if it helps you with the massive selection of injuries you’ve suffered from this year.
    Mary recently posted…Scarecrowy StanwickMy Profile

  5. Happy Anniversary! And great news about the coach too. Did you hear the marathon talk last week? I think (although I can’t quite remember) she found out that people with coaches were less injury prone? I don’t have a coach at all, and the guy at sweatshop has now given up making us do the silly walks before we go on our run!
    We are not that great at celebrating our anniversary- often I have been at school for parents evening We do sometimes have a weekend away at that time of year, although we also do that at other times too!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…What would I say to my younger self?My Profile

    1. This makes me incredibly happy that you’ve said that!! I truly hope it stops me getting injured as much. We shall see!
      Well, we’re not great either. We don’t do cards as I see them as a waste of money and, well, card. But I do like flowers and chocolate, and Ben likes wine so we do that. We’ll have a nice meal in Berlin but that’s it really. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day either.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Let’s get the excuses in now…My Profile

  6. I’ve also just taken on a coach (for triathlon).
    He said the same thing to me- in that I will be using races as training runs, and not ‘racing’ them. I’m also going to be having more structured sessions, every training session will have a purpose. I’m going to be cutting back on my running and focusing more on my swim and cycle, which suits me as I’ve just had a running-related injury.
    Look forward to reading how you get on with your coach. I’m quite exciting to be working with a coach- it’s nice to have my week planned out for me!
    Lucy recently posted…London Winter Run and Hot Bikram YogaMy Profile

    1. I think that’s such a wise move to get a coach to help you train for a triathlon. I wouldn’t have a clue how to split my week into training for three disciplines – I barely know how to train for just running!!

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