Let’s get the excuses in now…

Right, well this is it. Last post before the inevitable. The impending doom is now almost…well, just doom I guess.

It’s like déjà vu all over again from the Paris marathon…my longest run during this training cycle (which would you believe started in June) has been 13ish miles. I’ve run that distance four times and have run 10-11 miles four times. My total mileage for the entire cycle (included the marathon) will be (all going well!!!!) 259 miles, with 348 bike miles.

So feeling a leeeetle bit unprepared. But I believe I have a good level of fitness. When I couldn’t run, I still cycled and cross-trained. Getting back into running post injuries hasn’t felt hard. I’ve consistently strength trained two or three times every week and have incorporated yoga into my week too.

My plan for the actual race? I have my paces all written up on a piece of laminated paper which, like I did in Paris, I will keep with me tucked into my sports bra and, all being well, I will stick to those paces. If it goes to plan, the first half should feel very easy. My pace is fairly consistent, though it drops slightly as I near the end (we’re talking 10 second increments, never increasing more than a total of 30 seconds from my starting pace). From experience I know that the easy pace I’ve set myself won’t feel easy at all past 16 miles. I don’t have the miles on my legs in terms of training to go any quicker later on so I’m being very very conservative.

My plan is to run 10 miles without any music or podcasts and ‘absorb’ the atmosphere and scenes (though I do have a playlist just in case I need it with ‘gentle’ songs to enjoy and keep me entertained rather than spur me to go faster), then 10-20 miles will be a podcast (BBC 5 Live Film Review) and then the last 10k I have a super duper playlist aimed to pump me up and get me going. This worked perfectly for Paris.

Marathon playlistPart of my 10k playlist 

Ben and me leave for Berlin Friday lunchtime and my dad will arrive Friday night. We have nothing planned for Saturday so we’ll probably just mosey about and take things nice and easy. Though I do hope to do a very easy shake out run of 3 miles in the morning.

Sadly Ben has decided not to run the marathon 🙁 I’m not going to lie, he’s devastated, as am I. There’s nothing I can say to make things better. We both love running so much and it’s a big part of our life, so not to be able to do it is really gutting. He saw the physio on Tuesday night and the physio suspects he’s torn his hamstring. He’s having an ultra sound in a couple of weeks to confirm. He can’t run for at least two weeks, potentially a month. But the outcome of the ultrasound will really define his recovery time. Thankfully he can still cycle and swim, but these are poor substitutions for running (in our opinion).

I feel terrible that I can run it and he can’t. I did say I wouldn’t do it, but he wants me to run it. Some consolation is that my dad will be there too and the two of them will have an adventure of their own getting to different spots around the course while also sampling some German beer beverages along the way where they can. They hope to be at mile 5, half way, mile 18 and the finish. This is hugely encouraging! I couldn’t be more grateful. But the race has less of a ‘sparkle’ now that Ben won’t be doing it too.

So there we have it. Not much can be done now. I did my last UK run this morning. To be honest, I don’t care how fast or slow I run this marathon. For me it will be a success if I finish it without shin pain or any other injury. I just want to get it done.

Have you ever been to Berlin? Any recommendations?

How do you keep yourself mentally motivated during a long run/workout or race?

Have you ever had a injury that required more than just rest?

20 Replies to “Let’s get the excuses in now…”

  1. EEEEeeeeekkkk!!! It’s come around so quickly hasn’t it?! I know your training has been far from what you’d originally hoped but you showed in Paris that you don’t have to do loads of long runs to still be able to run a decent marathon time. You’ve done it before and you can do it again! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Massive respect to Ben for insisting you still run. I’m sure he’ll still have a great day and hopefully he can get over his injury soon and be back running pain-free. Lots and lots of luck to you 🙂 xx
    Autumn recently posted…You Take It With You, You Bring It Back.My Profile

  2. I’m so sorry Ben has had to pull out – a tear this close to the marathon is really unlucky 🙁 Good luck on Sunday – I hope it goes well for you, will be thinking of you!

  3. Poor Ben, I’m so sorry to hear he’s had to pull out 🙁 But it sounds like it is definitely the right thing to do – a torn hamstring is no joke and I’m sure he’d rather be able to run in the future than completely break himself. Plus, I’m sure he can drink a lot of yummy German beer while you cover 26.2 miles 🙂
    Have a fabulous time Anna, I bet you’ll absolutely rock it (especially with the playlist!). Berlin is such a fab city 🙂
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…And then there were twoMy Profile

  4. No excuses! Why? Because you won’t need them. You have a plan and I have no doubt you’ll execute it perfectly. The circumstances aren’t ideal and you should be proud for adapting to them so well. I have so much faith and belief in you, and I know you’ll be able to finish with your head held high.

    Ben has made the sensible choice, and I’m glad he has some company for Berlin too. He’s a star to cheer you on and I’m sure he’ll have his marathon moment soon in the future.

    Sadly whatever injury issue I have with my dead leg at the moment requires just about everything I can throw at it. Since no-one seems to be able to figure it out, I’m going to see a chiropractor via the NHS (so it’s going to be about a month due to waiting times) and if that doesn’t help I’m looking at surgery on my back, since nerve impingement seems to be the most likely cause. I’m really trying not to think about that though :/

    Best of luck for Berlin – oh, and just like at Paris, you don’t need it anyway 😀
    Jess recently posted…Fitness vs. Fashion?My Profile

    1. Thank you, Jess. Your support as always is great 🙂
      I truly hope you get some answers and solutions for your injury. With Ben we’ve found the worst thing was just not knowing what was wrong and the time frames for recovery. I guess when you know exactly then you can plan and look ahead. It’s a bit of a nightmare I’m sure 🙁
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Berlin Marathon 2014My Profile

  5. What a shame about Ben, but as you say I’m sure him and your Dad will have a fab time getting around the course. It sounds like you have a really well thought out plan and will be fine! I loved Berlin when we visited this time last year, I can’t wait to go back some day!

  6. That is a shame for Ben, but there will always be another marathon.
    I hope it goes well for you- stick to your plan and you will be fine. Love the Foo Fighters for some pumping music 🙂
    I really liked Berlin when we went in May- I am not really that interested in History generally but there was so much to see, and it was all very well done too. Plus lovely parks and cafes- you will have a great time. Maybe get a pass for the underground so you don’t have to walk too far on Saturday?
    Good luck!!!!!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Coconut chocolate slicesMy Profile

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