Wedding-related panic

Good morning! I mentioned in my last post how I really hated people commenting on my food when I’m eating or making derogatory remarks, which often makes me feel embarrassed or insecure to eat in front of people. I had a few comments form readers agreeing with me, which was lovely! I think this is why I love reading and writing blogs. You’re surrounded (albeit virtually) by like-minded people. I love my family and friends obviously but sometimes they really don’t understand my quirky food loves or ‘healthisms’ (like getting up stupidly early to run). It’s definitely a community feeling in the blog world and you never feel embarrassed to post some weird recipe or try some strange food. This just makes me happy Smile

On a similar note…because I’m embarrassed by some of the stuff I eat (and I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m working on it), I bought a flask especially for my smoothie to take into work so people couldn’t see that I was drinking a bright green smoothie. Brilliant idea, I thought, it also keeps it lovely and cold! So I was feeling rather smug with myself as I unscrewed the lid. Unfortunately as I tipped it back to drink, it was less thick than I originally thought and it rushed out and spilt all down my front. Bright. Green. Smoothie. I’m now sat in the office covered in what looks like thick green snot. Brilliant idea, Anna.

But it’s Friday! And it’s 8 weekends until I get married. And honestly, I am stressed. So many things left to do. The most pressing being choosing my sister’s bridesmaid dress. I  know the colour but that’s it. I bought one online but it looked dreadful on her. Now we need to go for a shopping trip – probably better than buying online. I’m only having one bridesmaid for my wedding as it’s quite a small affair. Originally I was going to have my girlfriends from university but they live all over the country (and one in Germany) so it’d be a nightmare to coordinate (not to mention expensive) and in the end it would have been five bridesmaids in total and I think it wouldn’t have looked right as it’s a very small affair. So just my older sister, Rachel. But the point is that every weekend is now critical to some part of the planning of the wedding.

This weekend I hope to make progress in the sweet buffet I hope to have. I want something like this or this basically. I’ve got some jars and glass pieces so I now need to work out what’s going in them, some decorative labels and things like that…Any tips or suggestions are very welcome Smile

And we hope to have Ben’s outfit in the bag as well this weekend. He finally got around to booking his fitting (the one task he had been assigned) – cutting it a bit fine I think! Men! Honestly, I swear there wouldn’t be a wedding if he’d have had to organise it! How do programmes like Don’t Tell The Bride manage?? But anyway, we’re off tomorrow to get him suited and booted.

My run yesterday was OK.

26.07 Run

I’ve decided to mix up my workouts a bit. I usually run three times a week (usually one longer run at the weekend and two 5 miles in the week) and do a strength training session as well. But I’m really enjoying running at the moment and really want to improve my speed. So every other week I’m going to add a 3 mile run and try and run as fast as I can. It’s shorter so mentally it seem possible. But we’ll see. I’ll start that next week. And sometime I want to add yoga. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day! I think it’ll have to be at the weekend as I just can’t get up earlier in the week and I need one day in the week where I have a ‘lie-in’ and don’t do anything exercise-related. I think yoga will be important for me as I run so much and often feel my muscles are a bit tight. It would be good for my body to stretch properly, you know? So I have a few ‘beginner’ positions to try. I hope to try this at the weekend. I’ve never done yoga before so this could all go wrong!

As it’s Friday, I thought I’d leave you with a funny photo that might make you smile:

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


Have a lovely weekend everyone and finger’s crossed the sun keeps shining!

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  1. The wedding I went to at the weekend had a sweetie bar- it was amazing (but no photos yet)- one of the bride’s friends had been putting it together over weeks and weeks. They had a lovely wooden sign that said “help yourself” hanging from the table (you know, wood painted white, with ribbon to hang it with)- and a pile of pink and white stripe bags. They had jars with jelly beans, flying saucers (so retro!), dolly mixture and a few other things, and metal scoops (no idea where she got those from), smaller tubs with cola bottles and other chewy sweets, and thin glass jars (or maybe vases?) with massive lollypop things on them. Also they put on the table little cards from the photographer to say when the photos would be ready which was a nice touch. It did look very pretty. Have fun putting yours together 🙂

    1. That’s exactly the idea I’m going for. I have purple striped bags as my wedding is a purple theme. The sweet buffets seem to be really in at the moment I think. I’m just running around looking in charity shops for glasses. Vases are a good idea! I’m going to put my guest book next to the sweets to encourage people hehe.

  2. I’m convinced I’m going to spill tea down myself as I walk up to my office one of these days! Good luck with all the wedding planning, I recommend for ideas if you don’t know about it already! I started going to yoga classes in January, but haven’t been in about two months due to trying to save money, but I really want to set up a at-home routine!

    1. Thank you, that website is amazing! And dangerous…I now can’t stop looking at it. I love looking at other people’s weddings. Such a good place for inspiration. I was going to do yoga this weekend but it just didn’t happen…whoops. No motivation!

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