Three weeks

Oh wow I cannot believe that three weeks today I’ll be getting married! Or in fact, married!! I’m so excited. I really cannot wait. Everything is pretty much coming together. We bought our rings last week, and my engagement ring has been sent off to be cleaned and perked up. I feel naked without it! The order of services are off to be printed. The only last troubling worry is our flower girl’s dress (my little niece, Ellie). But I have a shopping trip planned for next weekend to get that sorted. Whew.

My workouts this week have been good. Though I was totally dreading my long run this morning. Because I’ve changed my runs to be short and fast the thought of having a long run just really wasn’t appealing. But I got up and did it. All 6 miles. And honestly, it was tough. Mentally difficult to run for so long. I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m glad I did it but it didn’t rock my world.

1.09 run

I set myself a challenge to run 6 miles in under 50 mins. And I ran 6.14 miles in just under 50 mins so I’m chuffed. Do you know what kept me going? The thought of breakfast. These tasty bad boys:

1.09 pancakes

I’d promised myself pancakes on finishing my run. Honestly these hit the spot! Basically I used the same recipe as before but I added a tsp of wheatgrass (as you know I can’t get enough of that stuff – can you see the slight green tinge to my pancakes?).

1.09 p

And I served it up with some PB2 on the side:

1.09 PB2 I made the sauce thinker than last time so it was more ‘’dollapable’ on the side of the dish. Perfect Saturday morning treat!

So my workouts have been quite good this week:

Monday – 3 mile run and 20mins ab work (2.15 min plank, 1min side planks, 60 regular sit-ups, 30 reverse crunches, 60 bicycle crunches)


Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 2 mile run and arm/shoulder work out (3 sets of: 12 hammer curls, 12 triceps kickbacks, 12 reverse fly, 12 bicep curls, and 80 dumbbell cross jabs)

29.08 run

Thursday – strength training (45 seconds of following: reverse fly push-ups, overhead press, dumbbell pull over, bicep curls, overhead triceps extension, standing pike crunch, sit-ups, torso rotations, high knee chop and waist pinchers – whew!!)

Friday – 2 mile run and 20 mins strength training (100 squats, 3 sets of 10 push ups, 3 sets of following: 8 bent over rows, 8 overhead press and deadlifts).


Saturday – 6 mile run.

And tomorrow? Definitely a rest day! We’re off to church in the morning. And then speaking with our organist to talk about our hymns and the possibility of my friend singing while we sign the registry. But other than that, nothing else has been planned for this weekend! Maybe a long walk with Alfie and regular chores. Oh and I’m totally addicted to watching Cutting It at the moment (British hairdressing drama from quite a few years ago – I love it. It’s on BT Vision…not the coolest thing to watch but I’m hooked). Anyone else…? No…?

Enjoy your weekends! Hope the weather holds up!!

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