Visit to North Wales

Hey, hey, hey. I am back from my long weekend in North Wales and back to the blogging world. I’m very behind on all my blog reading as well…this both stresses me out and makes me happy as I love reading blogs but hate getting so behind.

Last Thursday Ben and me were off work as we were heading up to visit my grandparents again in North Wales, Llandudno. Though the weather didn’t look to be amazing we were really looking forward to the trip. I decided to get a longish run in before we went (13.1 miles to be exact). It went OK and I was happy enough. I tried to keep the speed down but I wanted to try a faster finish.


Sort of anyway! Annoyingly my left shin has been niggling me. It’s been niggling for a little bit, hence why I have been lighter on the running side of things and not racking up any great mileage. But after attempting to run again on Saturday (3 miles) it just felt bleurgh. I saw my physio today and he’s not worried but he says it’s inflamed and I need to let it rest. I can bike and swim to my heart’s content but the pounding of running isn’t letting it rest and heal sufficiently. Not ideal at all during marathon training but I’m trying not to stress too much about it. I’ve come to realise that running and me is a bit of a messy relationship. I just need to get through Berlin and then I’m going to have a bit of a break to let everything in my body that feels the urge to niggle settle down.

Anyway back to Wales. Our journey was 5 hours of being in the car which was boring and stressful for my teeny tiny bladder. We did however see a giant dalek in Chesire.

Chesire DalekRandom!

We arrived and caught up with my grandparents and had dinner. The next morning we were up to do a gentle bike ride (just under 10 miles) with them. I love how cool my grandparents are – along with their mountain bikes that they often take out to the surrounding hills and mountains they have their Boardman road bikes as well! So we all had a bike.

IMG_7705  The weather was a bit dubious but then the sun peeped out and we all got very warm. We stopped for coffee and a nice walk in the RSPB enclosure.

IMG_7712There were lots of birds to see but I honestly couldn’t tell you what we saw as I am no bird watcher! But it was a lovely walk in the beautiful scenery. IMG_7716 Then we cycled back home, while having a bit of selfie fun on the way of course…

IMG_7769 We’re fairly pleasant people I assure you

Then we had some lunch. My grandparents are quite health-focused so we had a delicious salad for lunch (you know I love my salads). Ben and me quite fancied another walk as the sun was shining and I wanted to have a little mosey around some of the local little Conwy shops so my granddad gave us a route on a map and sent us on our way – he’s very good at devising routes being a retired mountain guide!

IMG_7722Ben point out the sheep

It was a bit of a trek up some hills but we saw some beautiful views and I got my retail urge out of the way, though I bought nothing. IMG_7725 The next day I got up early and went out for a 3 mile run in the pouring cold rain and it was just terrible. My legs felt tired, my shin felt niggly, the rain was AWFUL and I was soaked. But I had a lovely hot shower and breakfast and was ready for a nice long walk with Ben and my grandparents. The walk was going to be very long and would basically find seventeen lakes (yep, seventeen). We started together but my grandparents sent us on so we could find our own way using our map navigation skills following a route my granddad had once again written.

IMG_7736The weather was strange. It rained a bit, it got sunny, it rained a bit more. But otherwise it was a lovely cool temperature, perfect for walking up very steep hills!

The first half of our walk went well and lasted about an hour and a half covering 3.8miles. We met up with my grandparents and had a packed lunch in the sunshine on a bench which was lovely. Then we went off again for the second half. We didn’t do quite as well this time…we missed a turning and got ourselves a bit lost.

IMG_7776 This was the ‘path’ we missed – doesn’t look much like a path does it!?

In the end it worked out fine as we met up back with my grandparents and we all decided to cut the walk short as we were feeling a bit tired (3.6miles in just over an hour and half).

IMG_7735 Serious navigation going on here

But we did get to see some very beautiful lakes.

IMG_7741 That evening we headed out for an Indian. Can’t beat a good Indian! The family loved that I was happy to be the designated driver and they could enjoy a pint (or three). I was just happy tucking into copious amounts of tasty food!

The next morning we had a shortish walk planned, then lunch out and then Ben and me would make the long drive home. We drove to Parys mountain, in north east Anglesey. Parys mountain used to be a very large copper mining area, which was quite clear as we were walking around.

IMG_7743 Huge quarry area

Sadly Ben’s leg had been quite painful the whole weekend but he was soldiering on. Looks like we’re both off running for a little while. Least we can mope together! What are we like??

IMG_7754 We made it to the summit. Our walk was under an hour and 2.1miles, with lovely views and lovely company of course.

We’d worked up a fair appetite by this point so headed to Anglesey to a fantastic restaurant, Dylans. I loved it! It reminded me a lot of Jamie’s Italian with it’s decor and food options. They mainly specialised in fish and pizza but did a wide range of different meals. Ben and me shared a huge sharing platter called the Forager’s platter which had roasted vegetables, olives, bread, goat’s cheese and cheddar. I let Ben have most of the bread and cheese so I could have all the veg (we work well together in that respect).

Dylans Restaurant I had Caesar salad…what do you expect really? It was lovely. Good thick Cesar dressing, crispy bits of bacon, nice chunks of chicken and crispy lettuce. However, no anchovies (not that they were on the menu). Point deducted.

Ben got a fiorentina pizza (spinach, mozzarella, egg & parmesan). He loved it.

Pudding though…ohhh pudding. Originally I was like “nah, nothing really calls to me”. But Granddad and Ben were ordering pudding and the blueberry pancakes sounded quite nice.

Dylans puddings

Honestly the best pudding I’ve had in a while. Perfectly fluffy, good amount of blueberries and the best butterscotch sauce EVER. I could drink that stuff. Ben had a rhubarb sundae and he was equally impressed.

And that was our long weekend in Wales. I love spending the time with my grandparents. They’re such good company, so easy-going and so very active! I’m sure I’ve said this before, but we hope we’re like them at that age. Such great role models. Use it or lose it!

Do you enjoy active mini-breaks and holidays?

Is your family active?

What’s your favourite pudding?

18 Replies to “Visit to North Wales”

  1. I’m feeling really behind on blogs at the moment too. So many to read, so little time before I’m back at school again. 🙁
    Your grandparents are so amazing. I would like Dan and I to be like that at grandparent age too! We love heading out on walks as well although Dan wasn’t so keen on some of the ridiculously steep hills I took him up whilst we were in Italy!
    Mary recently posted…I have the very best friendsMy Profile

  2. Your grandparents sound amazing, I love hearing about the older generation being so active, interesting and good fun! I have one grandparent left, my Grandpa but he sadly suffered a massive stroke 10 years ago and has been in a nursing home ever since. I think if he hadn’t he’d be teaching me a thing or two about the great outdoors though!
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…New Eats and BudgetingMy Profile

    1. I think fresh air, being active and keeping the mind active as well is so important. My grandparents are proof of this and I’m inspired to follow suite. Sometimes life stops this for whatever uncontrollable reason, but if you can keep active I’d say!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Eggcellent food ideasMy Profile

  3. Ahhh this post made me feel homesick! Dylan’s is in the next village over to my parents, and I went to secondary school in Menai Bridge. Thankfully I’ll be heading back up there next weekend 🙂 I’m glad you had another nice weekend with your Grandparents

  4. Your grandparents sound awesome!
    I love North Wales, such a beautiful place and I definitely don’t visit there enough.

  5. I’m so happy you had a fantastic time in Wales, and I have no doubt you’ll be every bit as fit and active as your Grandparents when you’re the same age as they are!

    My Dad still walks and plays golf, but in general I don’t come from a very active family at all. My Mum has a lot of health problems and shouldn’t be exercising anyway, and sadly none of my Grandparents are alive today, but even when I think about it I don’t think I’ve met anyone I’m related to who does much of anything…I guess I must be an anomaly with my running.

    Hang in there Anna – I’m keeping everything crossed for you for Berlin.

    Jess recently posted…Final Update: Raw Till 4My Profile

  6. What a lovely sounding weekend! That sauce with the pancakes sounds very good, although for me pancakes = breakfast, not dessert! I like something like a lemon tart if I am out for dinner, although usually I share with Andy so it has to be something we will both like (generally chocolate related).
    All that fresh air sounds wonderful too, although I am not surprised you missed that “path”! I like walking, and don’t mind steep bits, but I don’t like seeing a long way down if it is steep as then I get dizzy and worry about falling off the side of the hill. But active weekends like that are great, although we tend to stick to just walking if we are away somewhere.
    My Dad is really active- he cycles a lot (next month him and my brother are cycling from Prague to Venice, they have cycled Lands End- John o Groats, over the Pyrenees…. he is taking time off tennis as he injured his knee, but he played tennis regularly ever since I can remember, and he is working his way back to parkrun (and his pb is an amazing 22.22- not bad considering he is 60 I don’t think!). My brother plays football and runs with me. My mum prefers more gentle things like swimming or walking- she has to be careful and can’t do anything vigorous.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Salad SprinklesMy Profile

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