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Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re week is going well and the sunshine (if you’re lucky enough to have it) is keeping you smiling. Or at least stopping you from crying tears of frustration on realising that it is, in fact, only Wednesday Winking smile

I’m excited to announce that I have joined a gym. I know, I know, exciting stuff (ha). I have made the executive decision to balance things out properly with my running. I have been doing stretches and yoga poses in the morning but to be completely honest… it’s just a bit half hearted.

I just can’t motivate myself to do a proper session on my own. Seriously, at home there’s way more exciting things to do. Eat food, watch TV, stare at the wall. I need someone to kick my butt into gear and force me to do these things. So I joined my very local gym (open 24/7 – imagine, I could go to the gym at 3am. Why would I want to?? No idea). And the gym has loads of classes!


Don’t worry, I don’t actually do this. I use Twitter Winking smile

OK I suppose I could creep into the actual gym if I felt so inclined but really I want to go to a class, be shouted out to do this and that, and then leave sweaty.

I’m so keen to get into pump and kettle bells for the strength improvement (read: INJURY PREVENTION). And spin to work my cardio without pounding the pavements all. The. Time.

Speaking of balancing out the running – on Tuesday morning I actually went for a BIKE RIDE. Yep, I set out with my little helmet on and gave myself an hour to basically cycle as far as I could (with getting back in time to get ready for work). I managed 12.8 miles!


I actually have no idea how good or rubbish this is as I know nothing about cycling. After Googling a bit I think there is some consensus that cycling to running has a 3:1 ratio of miles. So my 12ish miles = 4ish miles running. Which makes kind of sense as it didn’t feel too tough a workout (though my butt hurt like you wouldn’t believe – seriously need to think about some better padding).

But moving away from fitness, I thought I’d share some tasty meals I’ve been trying lately in line with What I Ate Wednesday (thanks Jenn!).


So for breakfast…come on, of course it hasn’t changed. Even in the blazing heat we’ve had I’ll sit there sweating eating my piping hot bowl of almond milk oatmeal.


For lunch, at work I take in a zillion boxes of food. I’m like box lady.


It’s all good. Takes me ages to get through it all. I love it. Bloody pain when I get home and have to wash everything up though…

Dinners have been good. I’ve been trying new things. I’m the girl who swore she hated sausages.


But not chicken sausages! I love them! For this meal there’s only two but I split them in half to make sure I cook them properly (paranoid). I had cauliflower cream cheese mash with this and two eggs. Don’t get me started on how devastated I was when that second egg’s yolk popped.

I’ve also still been loving Skippy kangaroo burgers.


I had one with fried mushrooms and onions, and sweet potato and zucchini fries with salad. Love this so much.

And stir-fries are popular quick meal too.


Chicken, cashew nuts, loads of random stir-fry veg and zucchini noodles (and my stir-fry sauce). All I did for the noodles was use a peeler on a washed zucchini. No cooking, nothing. Plonk the stir-fry on top when it’s ready and enjoy.

And the usual million apples as snacks and cake. Always cake Open-mouthed smile

What new things have you been trying recently? Any new found loves?

Cycling: lover or a hater?

How do ensure your workouts are balanced? I have been so bad at this recently…

Do you go to the gym or do you prefer home/outdoor workouts?

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  1. I love cycling – I can’t wait to get a new (lighter) bike soon 🙂 Can I ask, how did you measure the distance etc…did you use your garmin? I way prefer exercising outside, but my workouts have taken a proper hit with the recent turmoil in my schedule – I can’t wait to get back to them soon. I think the gym will be great for you – the balance will definitely help. Your eats look great – especially the stir fry and the skippy burger (I didn’t just splutter green tea over myself when I read that, honest), yum yum yum!

    1. Yep I used my Garmin – kept it on my wrist. I had to Google to find out what to do though haha. For mine (which I think is the 410) I had to go into the settings and change the Sports Mode from run to bike. I think you can then fiddle with what you want to see on the screen but to be honest I just stuck with what I use when I run (mins/mile, time) as I don’t really know what’s relevant for biking!

  2. I’m the box lady when it comes to taking food to work too! My handbag straps are on the verge of breaking, and it is seriously due to lugging food to work everyday, and it’s not like my handbag is small either! Looks like I need to start reinforcing the straps! I’ve not been to CrossFit this week as I’ve been away with work, and I thought a week off exercising (especially as I’ve been so busy/stressed recently) would be a good thing. However my IT band absolutely killed! I realised that the only time I do my stretches are when I’m at CrossFit, and I forget otherwise, so hopefully joining the gym will help you with that too! When I went to teh gym I had a few yoga poses built into my cool down/stretching routine which worked well for me!

    1. Haha see I don’t put my boxes in my handbag, I just put all the boxes in a carrier bag (classy I know). It sounds like a workout in itself to carry your handbag to work hehe,
      Yep stretching really helps and foam rolling as well. It’s just being consistent I guess, which is always a hard thing!

  3. it is so devastating when one your yolks splits isnt it! heartbreaking! i dont really like sausages either but love chicken/turkey sausages mm! its been too long since i made cauliflower’ve reminded me about gonna have to make some again!

  4. How does it feel about having gym membership again? I can’t wait to join a gym when I move.

    Where did you get your chicken sausages from? I can never seem to find chicken or turkey sausages.

    1. I haven’t been yet but I’m quite excited. It’s like the door to varied fitness has been opened! I imagine the novelty will wear off fairly quickly though haha.
      I did struggle to find the sausages I have to admit. But Tesco had them so I reccommend trying there.

  5. I honestly can’t get myself to do workouts at home. I can run but don’t like biking alone and those self-workouts on the TV? Yeah, not happening. I love going to a gym because I actually have a bit more motivation but miss the days when my sports coaches would tell us what to do 🙂

  6. Awesome job with your bike ride! I love bicycling way more than running but I haven’t gotten to go once this summer because whenever I’m home for the weekend I basically lounge around exhausted 🙂 Plus in both directions from my house it is all hills… It would be fine if they were half way through the ride but when you are seemingly always pedaling up one it kind of takes some of the fun out of the ride.

    I love the look of your stir fry with the zucchini noodles!

    1. Yeah hills suck for both cycling and running. I’m quite enjoying cycling but I don’t get the same satisfaction as running…it seems I have to workout longer cycling to get the same sort of fitness buzz. But it’s a nice change for the moment!

  7. Oh that all looks so good! I haven’t had cauliflower mash in ages. I’m kind of in a bit of a food rut at the mo, this weather has screwed up my normal cravings, all I want is fruit!

  8. KETTLEBELLS ARE THE BEST!! Sorry for the all caps, I just wanted to get my true feelings across 😉
    And why have I never made cauliflower mash?!

    1. I am definitely going to give them a go! I’ve heard so many good things about them and let’s be honest I’d never do it on my own!
      Honestly, try the mash – it’s amazing. Add any cheese (my personal favourite is goat’s cheese, mozarella though is a let down) and it’s gooooood.

  9. I really like cycling, but I am really nervous on the roads. There are a few cycle paths near me, but to get to nice country roads I have to cycle down a fast scary country lane where cars go mentally fast. So I have not cycled for a couple of years.
    Love that card too, very funny!

    1. Yeah at least with running you’re on the pavement! Some cars drive so close to me it freaks me out. I have my helmet, my lights and I try and wear bright clothing.

  10. Yumm these all look great!! I think that sounds about right for the bike comparison. That’s helpful to know!

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