Let there be cake… #WIAW

Hello, you fabulous people.

The weekend gone was amazing. My mother-in-law, who I get on so well with, had the brilliant idea of hosting an afternoon tea party at her house on Saturday. Obviously this is the best idea in the entire world to me. So I thought I’d get involved with What I ate Wednesday!

 Check out Jenn’s blog for more details

But before I get to the good stuff…I had a really good workout in the morning. Obviously I would have much prefered to be out Pakrunning (do I say this every week? I think I do) but this was a second best. I went to spin and endured that torture for 45minutes before then going and doing my own strength routine afterwards. I like Saturdays at the gym because I don’t have to rush off straight after the class or worry about time like I do in the week. Though Saturdays are heaving with people furiously running on the treadmills (don’t they know about Parkruns??), using machines or doing personal trainer group sessions.

I did a similar routine to my Winter Workout but I missed off the single leg squats and added instead:

  • Russian twists with 8kg kettle bells
  • Planks
  • Lateral pull-downs
  • Kettle bell single arm presses
  • One arm rows

Ahh I fear that the days of my 5 minute planks are gone…I didn’t attempt a lengthy one, I tried to vary it up by moving each leg out and in while maintaining the same core position. And that was tough. Use or lose it!

In the end I was at the gym for two hours. Seriously. I am that sad. But it felt good to take my time and get what I needed to done. I didn’t want to go to the gym Sunday so it was then or never.

Back to cake.

My MIL had done herself proud 🙂

Let there be cake

There were sandwiches (ham, prawn, coronation chicken, cucumber and salmon with crème cheese), home-made Victoria sponge, home-made lemon drizzle, éclairs, little biscuits, scones (with raisins & plain)…a feast!

MIL Afternoon tea

Well, I pretty much had everything. Obviously.

A few sandwiches (I see it as a necessary ‘lining of the stomach).

Afternoon tea sandwiches

The coronation chicken was my favourite. I went back for a few more of those!

Then a lovely slice of Victoria Sponge. Positively scrumptious.

Victoria sponge

A cheeky slice of lemon drizzle.


And obviously a raisin scone with jam and clotted cream (no photo. I can only assume I was too concerned with stuffing my face and floating in cake heaven).


Mmm. Though I must say I was quite stuffed. This was Ben and my late lunch…and dinner as it turned out. We were so full! (How does that surprise me? Three cakes and a platter of sandwiches??)

Sunday was just a blissful day of nothing. I took Alfie on three lovely long walks though as I did get a bit cabin fevery. Sometimes I just have to be outside…I listened to Marathon Talk on two of the walks and walked with Ben on the other one. We were spying on some potential houses that we would love to buy…Fingers crossed maybe to moving out this year!

What would be on  your menu for afternoon tea? I’m not a fan of éclairs at all but my dad loves them. Victoria sponge is always a winner for me. And cucumber sandwiches.

Does it annoy you when the gym is busy? Thankfully our gym is quite big so there’s never a queue for machines or weights.

Have you been Parkrunning lately? I have such withdrawal symptoms!! 

22 Replies to “Let there be cake… #WIAW”

  1. What a tasty spread but I have to say it would probably kill me all that gluten ha! I used to hate it when the gym was busy but working out at home I never get that problem now : )

  2. I miss parkrun too 🙁 Have not been for ages- was very envious of all the people doing it on New Years day and things. Not this weekend for me but maybe next weekend, who knows.
    That lemon drizzle looks so good- that is what I would choose- I am never fussed about sandwiches so I would have a scone and then some real cake, none of the fancy little cream filled things.

    1. Yeah and hearing all about how amazing it was for people and refreshing way to start the year…while I was at spin. It really sucked.
      I’m not a big fan of cream cakes either. I much prefer a dense slice of cake 😀

  3. Oh my lanta everything looks soooo good!! We went to a tea house for my mother in laws b-day last year and it was a blast. We had little tea sandwiches, biscuits with jams and creams and an epic cake. Plus of course, loads of yummy tea 🙂

  4. What a fantastic spread! 🙂
    When I still lived at home we always used to have a ‘Sunday tea’ consisting of sandwiches, sausage rolls, odd bits of meat and salad items, buns, chocolate biscuit and cakes. I need to introduce this into my life again. They were the best teas! We never had scones and cream but I think I would need to make that addition now.

  5. Oh my god, I’m in cake heaven! That afternoon tea looks SO good! I’ve never had afternoon tea (I think I need to rectify this) but I’m a big fan of scones – with jam and clotted cream, something chocolatey, and Welsh cakes – with salted butter! Yum yum yum, now I’ll be dreaming of cake all afternoon!

  6. I used to use the treadmill once a week for a speed session, I just hate it, it’s so dull. I love running outside, I can’t understand people who regularly run on treadmills. That looks like a super spread!

  7. AWESOME Tea party! 🙂

    What would be on your menu for afternoon tea?
    I’m also a very dedicated Victoria Sponge gal (without the buttercream though).
    I love little sandwiches too – not at all fussy on flavours but cucumber, cream cheese and salad cream is yummy!

    Does it annoy you when the gym is busy?
    I’ve been fortunate to avoid the January rush at my work gym as I’m one of the early morning crew (7-8am) and there’s only 5 of us in there, max. I think the lunchtimes are a lot busier though.

    Have you been Parkrunning lately? I have such withdrawal symptoms!!
    Never been but hope to later this year – am only just starting c25k 😉

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