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I can’t even begin to think that it’s Christmas next week. Nor can I believe that it’s the marathon this Sunday. The marathon I’m no longer doing…*sobs*. But Ben still is. And he has man flu!

I’m getting so stressed out. I’m worrying about Ben and how he’s going to be on Sunday – what with man flu and not having followed his training plan due to many different reasons (travelling with work a lot the past month and a hip niggle which he’s still seeing a physio about this week). I’m sure he will be fine and I’m just a silly worrying wife.

And also working stupid hours is just making days a lot shorter. When am I going to write and send my Christmas cards? When am I going to do the Big Clean before Christmas? Plan Christmas day? Wrap Ben’s pressies??

Anyway, as my head is all over the place here are a few random tidbits from my life at the moment.

1) I love my husband but why did he feel the need to empty his hotel room every night he’s there?

Hotel haulage

This is only from one visit – multiply this by four!

There’s just not enough room in our cupboards for this all. I do love mini bath stuff though. Perfect to take on short trips so I won’t complain too much!

2) Speaking of my husband. Bless his heart, while I was working over the weekend he did all the house work and put the tree up. Though, just to reassure me that he was indeed working hard and not dallying about, he sent me regular update photos of his progress.

Sorting the cupboard…

Cupboard sorted

Sorting the dinner table…

Dinner table

He works very much on praise 😉

3) I really hate my commute.

Commute annoyance

Liverpool football teddy in my dad’s car (*rolls eyes*)

During the week it just sucks. Driving to and from work on Saturday was brilliant, as was Sunday morning. Sunday evening though was terrible – an hour and a half! Just because people forget how to drive in the rain. Come on, it’s Britain, surely we’re used to this now?

4) I tried out this strange chair at the office the other day. It helps maintain good posture apparently.

Kneeling chair

Though it did nothing for my shins. I couldn’t sit on it all day. But it was interesting to try it out. It forced me to sit upright. I am so aware of myself slouching over my laptop after being told my posture is appalling.

5) Early mornings going to the gym… Early morning gym

…but coming out and seeing the sunrise.


It helps me feel less tired to get a good sweat on! But the early mornings are starting to wear on me now.

And getting to the gym for my 6.15am personal training appointment Monday morning (read: my alarm went off at 5.40am) and finding my personal trainer had forgot to set his alarm after a bit of late Sunday night. Needless to say I made my anger very clear when he woke up and he was very apologetic. I was so tired I just went home again…and did all the ironing. That’s how I roll. It was one of those days when I needed someone to shout at me to work out, rather than rely on my own motivation.

6) Amazon Prime – I signed up for the free month a while ago and forgot to cancel it (don’t you just hate that??) but I am definitely glad of it now! 80% of my Christmas shopping has been easy peasy as it’s all from there. Next day delivery, no shipment fees…it’s like Christmas every day for me at the moment the amount I’m buying. All for other people obviously…though I did a teeny bit of shopping at Top Shop the other day when I felt a bit down in the dumps.

Top Shop goodies

I treated myself to a pair of Hunter’s wellies. Living in Britain I see this as a sound investment. Walking Alfie will be brilliant in these bad boys.

And I have some great amazing brilliant news regarding my running…but more on that in another post 😉

What’s your commute like? I’d love to be able to walk or cycle to work.

Have you done all your Christmas shopping? What’s your Christmas shopping top tip? I’m not being compensated to say about Amazon Prime…I just honestly think it’s brilliant!

Do you ‘steal’ the hotel goodies? 

9 Replies to “Things around here lately”

  1. I did the same thing with Amazon Prime but I did remember to cancel it thankfully, it has been so handy these last few weeks. Ben must stay in some posh hotels with the Elemis products! My commute is pretty good, I’m only in the office 3 days a week and when the traffic is ok it’s just a 15 minute drive. When I worked in Newcastle it was more than an hour and I hated it!

  2. Ooo, looking forward to hearing your good news about running! 🙂
    Dan is exactly the same when he does house work. He wants lots and lots of praise whenever he does it, yet fails to notice that I do it every day of the week full time!!!

  3. I always take the good hotel goodies- if they are posh toiletries or smell nice, but I leave the stuff like soap which I never use. Also, I love a shower cap!
    I have many pre-Christmas lists (things like ice the cakes- have not done that yet- I wanted to make reindeer this year…)- but I am saving it all for the weekend or Christmas eve, it will get done in the end.
    I love online shopping in general- so much easier 🙂

  4. Haha, strange…I stayed in a hotel in London with Elemis products this week – maybe we were in the same place! Bah…commuing is horrible. I used to live 1.5miles from the office and could cycle to work, then I moved in with Mr PoP and gained a 70mile/day commute, which isnt so fun! Hope the marathon goes well for Ben, and that he recovers from his man flu!

  5. Amazon prime is so sneaky – Ive done the exact sme thing before but managed to cancel it just in time thankfully! Looking forward to hearing your good news. Im a new reader to your blog =]

  6. How sweet of Ben to clean up for you! Fabio totally would have sent me progress pictures too haha…the other day when I was working he texted me saying “Just finished vacuuming.” Very unnecessary text if you ask me but obviously he was digging for a little praise. Sorry you’ve been working so much- hopefully things will slow down soon!

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