Busy, busy

I feel so behind with everything. It’s amazing what not having a weekend can do to you.

Thankfully I did have Friday off – though it was only really because I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and had booked to see The Hobbit in the afternoon with Ben that I managed to hold on to my day off. It’s all a bit hectic at work at the moment because our project deadline is Friday 20th. So it’s all hands on deck!

I did have a lovely day off on Friday though. I endured the gym by doing 40 minutes on the bike and 40 minutes on the rower. I felt really into this and it was almost like getting a runner’s high I was that ‘in the zone’. But obviously no where near as good as actually running.

I saw this as well.

Injurred spin bike

Mr Spin Bike, I feel your pain!

Then after the gym we had to rush to visit my sister to give her much delayed birthday present to her and have a catch-up. Nothing better than a catch up with your sis!

Then we headed home, had a quick lunch and zoomed to Gunwharf Quays for a little shopping and movie-seeing.

Christmas in Gunwharf

It was lovely and Christmassy with all the lights and festiveness. We managed to cross a few more things off our Christmas shopping list, wohoo!

And The Hobbit was amazing. I love the Lord of the Rings and the first Hobbit so this is hardly a surprising review from me. They’re just so epic.

And one of my favourite parts of the cinema…

Cinema pick n mix

Ahh sweets. I do love them. Expensive but tasty. I just can’t resist them.

Unfortunately it was just before going into the film that I found out about having to work the weekend, which sort of put a downer on things. Suddenly my Friday night turned into a school night. What was more annoying was I had to actually go into work, whereas previously I’ve been able to work from home. But you just have to do what you’ve gotta do in these situations!

I won’t bore you too much with the details of how my weekend went. But it was a nice feeling of camaraderie from the people who came in and our boss was there and did a huge Tesco round for us for lunch and bought lots of treats. Then he invited us all to his house for a BBQ dinner (yes, I am aware it’s December). My boss is great and he’s very generous, he invited Ben and my mum (my dad works at the company too) as well so that was nice. The company is quite small and very ‘family-like’ if that makes sense. I’ve known my boss for years because my dad has worked at the company for over 10 years. It’s all very weird working with people you heard about as a child growing up!

Anyway, we enjoyed some lovely mulled wine, some very nice steak and jacket potato with pomegranate salad. It did help take the edge of working the weekend to know that what you’re doing is being appreciated.

And wow it’s Monday again…just got to get to Saturday now.

How was your weekend?

If you work, does your job require you to work long hours/weekends?

Do you work in a big company or a little company, or self-employed? I’ve worked in both big and small companies, and I much prefer smaller companies. You feel like you’re not just a number.

What snacks do you enjoy at the cinema?

12 Replies to “Busy, busy”

  1. Even though you had to work over the weekend, it sure sounds like you had a lovely time w/ your favorite people. I’m pretty jealous of that candy selectiion. I’d probably have to go to the theatre at least a half hour ahead just so I could have enough time to decide what I wanted. Ha!

  2. I know that when I have to ‘properly’ work a weekend – i.e. I’m at an event or something, I am playing catch up for the whole week! I work part time for myself and then part time for a charity with only 3 other staff. I MUCH prefer working for a small organisation, I used to work for the council and it was awful! Now I work for myself, I’m never ever really ‘off’ but I love what I do so much it doesn’t feel like work anyway 🙂

  3. Haha! Love that sign on the bike!
    We’re big pic ‘n’ mix monsters at the cinema too. I like all the chocolatey sweets and Dan has all the gummy ones. We tend to pick them up at Wilkinsons on our way in though, because they are so expensive at the cinema.
    Your company sounds lovely, even if you did have to work over the weekend. I’m guessing if your deadline is the 20th you should at least be able to relax over Christmas?
    I’ve gone from a massive school last year with about 500 staff, to a tiny school this year with just 15 (all but two who are part-time) employees. The difference is very weird! I’m not sure which I prefer just yet…I haven’t been invited to any December BBQs though!

    1. Yes to Wilkinson!!! If I can get to one beforehand I always do that. Sooo much cheaper and actually more choice.
      Yes fingers crossed finished by Friday!!
      I suppose it might be different with schools? Though I’m not sure. Probably waaay less corporate.

  4. So sorry to hear you had to work the weekend Anna, hope you get to enjoy the next one and can celebrate reaching your deadline!
    Sweets at the cinema are so tempting, I usually hit M&S for a stock up and hide them in my bag before I go in – I’m lucky there’s one right near the cinema so I don’t have to fall victim to the inflated prices!

  5. Working at the weekend sucks 🙁
    I often have to work at the weekend and evenings- marking/ planning/ catching up on paperwork etc- it is a bit never ending at times. I don’t mind usually but it is annoying as we are not paid per hour, we just have to do “as many hours to complete the job to a reasonable standard” or something along those lines. (But I am not complaining as I get nice holidays too). I used to work in a small school, but now it is a large one and I much preferred the atmosphere in the smaller one- they have pro’s and con’s but I know what you mean about it feeling more like a family.

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