The one with all the selfies…

This past weekend was quite a strange one for me. Ben was off camping for a running event called Ultra 12 (solo or relay runners running Saturday 7pm until Sunday 7am). I had planned on doing it as well and being part of a team of six with Ben but as it got closer I realised my time was probably better spent focusing on the marathon.

I didn’t feel too bad leaving the team because this actually meant they could get more laps in without me and they’d get a better running experience (I hoped) from it. Obviously I was sad I wasn’t going and being part of the team but I knew my decision was sensible (albeit boring). I’d get to go to parkrun on Saturday and do a longish run Sunday.

This past week or so I’ve had a few niggles I wanted to put to bed so have been focusing a bit more on cycling and hoping the niggles don’t develop further. So far so good. Just means I haven’t been able to run as far in my long runs as I’d want at this point. But I’m not dwelling on it or panicking.

Friday night I was on my own and watch the Dallas Buyers Club (a film I knew Ben wouldn’t want to watch) occasionally interrupted with a few selfies from the husband to keep me informed of all his good behaviour…

IMG_7589 Preparing well for the race the next day

Saturday morning I cycled the four miles to parkrun and helped them set up.

Parkrun selfieParkrun selfie 

Then ran a nice and easy parkrun with a friend from my club. I just ran on feel and didn’t want to push it but felt good at the end and picked up the pace a bit (to the surprise of my running partner, whoops!) I would like this documented that this was my first ever royal flush negative split parkrun (I know it’s only three miles but still, this is something for me!)


Very pleased with that! Then I helped pack up and cycled back home.

Ben was away until Sunday lunchtime-ish so I’d planned on hanging with the parentals for Saturday until Sunday morning, where I’d planned to do a nice long run along the seafront (as my parent’s live closer to the sea than we do).

I took Alfie with me and we headed there at lunchtime. I enjoyed a nice walk down to the local village with my parents to pick up some supplies for the evening dinner.


Then we had a nice lunch and headed out for another walk, this time along the seafront to stop for coffee in one of the little tea rooms. The walk was very windy but lovely in the sunshine.

Lee on Solent walk 9.08 I do love being near the sea. And this helped take my mind off that I was missing out on all the Ultra fun and Ben 🙁

IMG_7541 Sea-side selfie

I sent some selfies to Ben and he responded likewise so I sort of felt in the loop.

IMG_7580 Ben and Nathan

The weather was looking to turn to the worst however…

IMG_7573 Some less happy than others!

Anyway, back to the walk. Our plan was to have coffee and to also buy a slice of cake each to have after dinner. Well that did not work out at all after seeing the amazing selection and having worked up a bit of an appetite for a snack.

Lee on Solent tea room Yeah right I could walk a slice of cake the two miles back to the car without eating it!! We all agreed cake would be far better now than after dinner. Good decision, yes?IMG_7568

That absolute beast of a slab is red velvet. So. Damn. Good. My dad had an incredibly sized slice of carrot cake and my mum had the same as me. I think I need to return though for test purposes because they said they had a cinnamon bun cake and I’ve never tried one of those before.

IMG_7571 Our walk back was powdered by cake; we were stuffed! As we continued to walk we all agreed our planned steak dinner was probably not a good idea anymore. It’s a shame because it was going to be Steak Diane and this is one of my favourite recipes my dad cooks.

Anyway we had a lazy evening of a snacky dinner (soup for me) and a good film, the Guilt Trip. This film is just made to watch with your mum. Seriously. It was very funny and the perfect choice for the evening…while Ben and the team were working hard in the night…


 Head torches to the rescue?

The next morning I planned on running 10 miles down the beach…until I looked outside.

IMG_7581It was absolutely pelting it down and the wind was unbelievable. Hurricane Bertha was saying good morning it seemed. Running along the beach in this? No thank you! I’m not a fair weather runner (I’ll run in wind, rain and snow any day) but this was stupid. I’d get blown away! My parents agreed I shouldn’t go out so instead I enjoyed a bit of Xbox with my dad (geek at heart I’m afraid).

Then I made my way home and had the lovely company of my returned exhausted runner. The team absolutely smashed it and came first for the mixed relay runners – how about that! They were amazing and I’m so glad they all enjoyed it. Ben managed four laps (of the 5 mile course) so he was pretty spent for the rest of the day.

IMG_7585 His well deserved medal still round his neck

I’m a very proud wife! He did amazingly. Though I don’t regret not going, I am sad I wasn’t involved and didn’t get to see them all do so well. Next year!

What films have you seen lately?

Have you ever done a relay race?

Do you enjoy spending time with your parents? My parents and me are very close and I’m not ashamed to say I like spending time with them. And Ben’s mother in law as well. I’m very lucky to have such a lovely family! (Cheese alert sorry)

20 Replies to “The one with all the selfies…”

  1. WOW ! Those cakes look amazing. I’m glad you had a good weekend. We missed you but sensible of you to focus on what matters to you. I’m still cold ! xx

  2. Wow all those cakes look amazing! And well done to Ben and his team too, impressive work Like you say, there is always next year for you to join in with it.
    Hmm, not sure what the last film I watched was. I watched the new Muppets on the plane on the way out and really wanted to sing along, but didn’t think the rest of the passengers would be so happy about that!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Awesome OttawaMy Profile

  3. I love the headtorch shot in the dark – very spooky 😉

    The last film I saw was Divergent (I was stuck in bed and desperate…) and I wasn’t impressed at all, but then again I absolutely loathed the ‘books’ (they do not pass for literature…) so I’m not sure what I was expecting. Sometimes it’s nice to pick holes in awful films though: it’s a good outlet for me!

    I honestly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my parents. They are my best friends and the only people who understand me. I don’t think I can ever fully trust anyone else.

    I hope the niggles have stopped niggling you!

    Jess recently posted…VirusMy Profile

  4. All those cakes look amazing! Well done to Ben, that’s awesome.
    I am not overly close with my parents, as I moved out when I was 16 and then moved to the other side of the country when I was 18, but it would be nice to spend more time with them. I really respect people that are so close to their parents.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on 15 Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference to Your Health by DanniiMy Profile

  5. Well done Ben and the team! Great effort! I love Dallas Buyers Club, it’s a fantastic film. I’ve been back and forward staying with my parents in Cardiff over the last few weeks while we sort our house move out, and it’s been nice to spend more time with them than in recent years.
    Lauren (@poweredbypb) recently posted…Berlin Marathon Training Week 9My Profile

  6. Haha love the selfies, I’ll have to try and convince James to take more! That sounds like a lovely weekend and I definitely don’t blame you for not running in that! It didn’t end up being too bad up north but we still ended up in the pictures to see Guardians of the Galaxy which was awesome. That cake you had looks incredible too!

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