OM Yoga Magazine July/August – my first steps into yoga

I’ve heard so many people talk about the benefits of yoga, both mentally and physically, but never thought to try it myself… Until I was offered the opportunity to review the OmYoga magazine and at the same time coincidentally found out about a local and fairly affordable yoga class with someone I knew.

Considering my past history with just focusing too much on running and getting injured all the time it was probably best I gave it a shot. I actually don’t know much about yoga at all. I’ve done Pilates but never yoga. I know you can follow videos online but for me doing something like that will never work. I’d get distracted and wander off somewhere to fold washing or eat an apple. So reading this magazine and then attending my first ever yoga classes really helped.

The latest OmYoga magazine is a double addition packed full of articles, information, yoga fashion and poses.

imageI’m a big an of running magazines (are you surprised?) so was fairly intrigued about what a yoga magazine would be all about. It’s got lots of interesting articles in which help me understand why yoga is such a craze. The mental (and of course physical) strength people seem to acquire to help them with their lives is incredible.

What really took my eye though was the article “Yoga Meets Physiotherapy”.

OmYoga July August addition

Hello, hello, hello. My kinda thing completely. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Apparently this practice of blending yoga and physiotherapy together is called “physioyoga”. It’s all about using the teachings behind yoga – the poses, the stretches, the breathing – to help overcome pains or issues you might have within your body. Purportedly yoga can help blood flow, digestion, and even hormonal imbalances as well as reducing stress. These can all help towards creating a healthy and injury-free body.

It’s interesting because a lot of the stretches I’ve come to learn through physio or from other people’s advice to help loosen muscles and up my flexibility I’m coming to realise are actually from yoga. Like the pigeon pose to open up your hips, downward dog to lengthen those calves and hamstrings, and loads more. Fascinating stuff!

Another article that caught my eye which is highly interesting to me at the moment is the “Yoga for Cyclists” article.

OmYoga July August addition 2

OK I’d say I’m more a runner than a cyclist but I do enjoy a good cycle and recently have been doing lots of cycling to help refresh my running and get my head into a good space. So these stretches are perfect for me at the moment. And actually perfect for runners too as there is a lot of crossover with muscles used between the sports.

As for me actually doing yoga? Well I’ve been to two classes so far and I’m really enjoying it.

Yoga time

I’m glad I have the class because I get to be told what to do and how to do it, and I’m motivated to do it in a class full of yogis. With the magazine as well it’s really opening my eyes to the fact that not everything I need to do needs to be fast fast fast or that I need to be ‘the best in the class’ (believe me I am quite firmly at the bottom of the class!). Yoga isn’t like that and I love that about it.

Do you do yoga?

Do you have the drive and need to be good at everything you do? 

What’s your favourite yoga pose?

OM Yoga Magazine

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14 Replies to “OM Yoga Magazine July/August – my first steps into yoga”

  1. The physio and yoga link is really interesting- that is why I keep dipping in and out of it, because I know I need to be ore flexible, but then I don’t see any improvements so I give up, whereas with running after a few weeks you can see improvements.
    I think a class would intimidate me though as I am so inflexible- I don’t even like some of the body pump stretches as I can’t do them properly.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…The 10% ruleMy Profile

  2. This is awesome!! I’m actually trying to get more into yoga as well. Its going ok so far…ive got some DVDs and YouTube channels that I use since I don’t particularly find going to a studio useful to me. I’m not so much into the mind-body connection though, I mean I’m all for breathing through the moves and finding that place of peacefulness, but I don’t really get the whole “melt your heart” thing. I’m a soccer player, I know slide tackle and get dirty lol
    KAT recently posted…Fit Bit: Behind the Scene VS Highlight ReelsMy Profile

  3. I went to yoga once a week while marathon training and I think it really helped with my recovery and strength, but also the mental aspect of running a marathon. It allowed me to relax and switch off but also focus on being ‘me’. I loved it! I really need to get back into a routine and going once a week again.
    Helen recently posted…Life on two wheelsMy Profile

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