The in-between bit

Though it’s sad that Christmas is over, this bit between Christmas and New Year is a nice chance to relax. Last year Ben and I didn’t have it off and were both working so it’s nice to spend this time off work together. Ben’s dad went back home the day after Boxing Day so we’ve spent the time just the two of us, which has been lovely.

Though I do enjoy doing nothing, I find myself getting a bit antsy at times and wondering what to do with myself. This is usually the time I decide to organise and tidy things or drag Ben on long walks with Alfie. Though we have been watching some films together and are now half way through Homeland, which is so good!

As we had so much food left from Christmas and the Boxing Day buffet every meal has basically been using leftovers, which is brilliant!


Lots of picky food! This was a few slices of ham, a couple of prawns, smoked mackerel, parsnips and carrots, stuffing, Brussels sprouts and salad. Whew! I love plates like this as I am a huge fan of variety.


And this was just salad and roasted butternut squash with a huge dollop of homemade hummus and some ham. Ben’s being enjoying eating lots of sausage rolls and cocktail sausages hehe.

Unfortunately we’re pretty much finished with the leftovers now sadly. Though we still have mountains of chocolate biscuits and Christmas cake leftover. It’s all so tempting!

And I’m back into my running. After running Christmas day, I ran the day after Boxing Day and I started OK and thought I’d push myself and do 5 miles. I felt fine until I got past 3 miles and then got a seriously painful stitch which meant I had to stop running and catch my breath for a bit. Now I never stop running so this really annoyed me. I wasn’t nearly as quick as usual either. I felt so frustrated as the stitch kept coming back and I had to walk and jog home. I did manage my 5 miles but it was painful and no fun at all.

I can’t really work out what’s going on. Before I got ill I was loving running and running faster than ever. Now since getting ill it’s like I’ve gone backwards. I still have a bad cough and at the end of a run I can’t stop coughing so I’m hoping that it’s just because I’m not 100% recovered yet. I ran 3 miles yesterday and it was still tough but not nearly as bad. Well we’ll see! Sorry to  moan!

So it’s almost New Year’s eve! Normally Ben and I don’t do anything vastly interesting. But this year we’re going over to see some friends. There’s likely to be a lot of drinking and playing games which should be fun. Since my drinking adventures in Bruges I won’t be drinking a huge amount though! I just don’t want to feel so rough the next morning as it’s the day before going back to work. But I’ll have a few G&T’s I think, I mean it would be rude not to Winking smile

For Ben and me, 2012 has been a brilliant year. I started a new job in January as a business analyst and have been really enjoying the different projects I’ve been on – and got a cheeky pay rise. Ben has been doing amazingly at his job and together work-wise and progression-wise we’re very happy. We’ve enjoyed living in our little home for over a year now as well. And of course, we got married!


It was a perfect day in every respect and if I could relive it over I definitely would a hundred times. It seems like a lifetime ago now!

And then we went on a brilliant honeymoon to Orlando and Colorado. Our first ever holiday just the two of us.Honeymoon

My sister announced she was pregnant as well so around April-May time Ellie should have a big sister too!IMG_1559

Very exciting! I can’t even  imagine having one child at the moment let alone two! She’s an amazing mum.

Throughout this year I’ve found a great love of running and improved hugely from when I first moved from the treadmill to outside (when I started my new job). I also started up my blog! I love writing it and I’m over the moon that people actually read it! So thank you, lovely readers Smile

So in terms of 2013, I only hope that things continue to go as well. I couldn’t be more happy at the moment with my life. I know I am extremely lucky to be so happy and to have everything I have and I am so grateful and thankful for all the good things in my life and the amazing family and friends that I have to support me.

So, goals for next year?

– Run a half marathon (planned for March!)

– Cook at least one new recipe every week.

– Go skiing.

– Run off road more (I would say every week but I think this might not be possible due to the weather and the mud baths that appear on the off road routes!)

– Eat less apples…

Other than that I can’t think of any more! I think they’re all do-able and not too scary.

Anyway, have a brilliant New Year’s eve and hope that your 2013 starts amazingly! See you on the other side Smile

How are you spending New Year’s Eve?

Do you set yourself goals? What are your resolutions?

Happy New Year!

6 Replies to “The in-between bit”

  1. Wow, 2012 really has been a big year for you! Once again, congratulations on your marriage! I think I started reading your blog right before your honeymoon, and really enjoyed hearing about your adventures in the States. 🙂

    I’m so sorry to hear running is going well right now. Give it some time; I’m sure you’ll be “back” once you’re fully recovered. I went to the gym for the first time today since being sick, and felt as though my body was going to collapse after five minutes. I pushed through and completed 20, although it definitely wasn’t my normal intensity or duration. I’m hoping tomorrow is better!

    Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy your party tomorrow night! xoxo

  2. Love your goals for the coming year! And 2012 was such a great year for you, so exciting! And as far as the bad runs lately, I definitely think you’re just fighting off the tail ends of a cold. Nothing to worry about, you’ll be feeling great again soon. And hey, your “bad” run would be a freaking fantastic one for me! haha

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