The Great British Plank Off

Hey you lovely people. Thanks so much for the lovely support and comments regarding my last post. It really meant a lot to me and I was smiling so much by the end. Thank you πŸ™‚

Well, it’s Wednesday. Dare I even mention it for fear of jinxing things, but my hip feels a lot better and my knee is definitely getting there. Specifically this is what I’m doing:


OK, maybe not just nothing, but in terms of exercise I haven’t gone to the gym. I haven’t run. I haven’t even done that stupid tester run down the corridor when no one’s around – please tell me someone else does this? You know, you do a few running steps to ‘test’ things out. I haven’t even done that.

Instead I have been giving Alfie a longer walk in the morning…he’s loving this week, the furry little traitor πŸ˜‰ and a longer walk in the evening.

Guilty Alfie

Nothing major though. And working on my planks. FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES!!

Excuse me while I celebrate a little – a PB I can physically achieve right now. Hurrah.

Incidentally a man at work who cycles a lot happened to mentioned planks to me the other day. I loved that I could tell him I can do a 4.5min one. He got down on the floor there and then and attempted it himself. 1.5minutes. Not bad for half way through a day in the office!! And now we’ve launched an Office Plank Off for December as a competition. Amazing.

But yeah apart from doing planks, I’m also taking Ibuprofen and foam rolling. That is it. Come on Saturday – I’m going out of my mind with energy here!

But onto things a bit more exciting. FOOD. In line with WIAW, let’s cheer things up a bit round here!

I’m still eating what I would normally eat. A girl at work asked if I was suddenly watching what I eat because I can’t run. Nope. Not worried, don’t care. My body needs good food and nutrition right now. And the cake and chocolate are still there, rest assured. Gosh, wouldn’t life be even more depressing for me otherwise??

I had the most INCREDIBLE slow cooker meal on Monday night:

Bacon, Squash and Goat’s Cheese Mess

Bacon, squash and goat's cheese

All I did was chop up a load of veg (onions, courgettes/zucchini, mushrooms), a load of chopped squash and sliced up four slices of bacon (I got the ‘healthy living’ ones with the rind cut off as we’re not fans of the fatty bits so the slices are smaller) and cooked it in the slow cooker for 8 hours. Then I crumbled goat’s cheese on top and allowed it to get all melty and then promptly scoffed the lot. Oh my gawwdd it was good.

Still loving the slow cooker soup as well. The flavour last night was Pumpkin, Coconut Milk and Chickpeas.

Pumpkin soup

Pretty much same as previous soups, just with pumpkin. A hug in a bowl.

Right, I will leave it there. Have a great Wednesday!

What meal has rocked your world lately?

Do you go to food for comfort when you’re sad? I wouldn’t say I do but it helps to have different things in your life to take your mind off things, like a good meal. But I can’t be more grateful to my family and Ben right now. They’re definitely my rocks!

What’s your favourite soup?

16 Replies to “The Great British Plank Off”

  1. FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES!! Holy abs of steel lady!! I need to get on board with that one lol Im so bad at planks! I never understand why, but they really hurt my shoulders! I’ve tried all different variations and I always have to give up because of the shoulder pain. My abs never even get tired!

  2. 4 1/2 minutes, that’s amazing! Love the plank off competition, I think I got mine up to around 3 minutes in the past but then I started slacking, I’m back doing them now though, up to 1.30. That soup looks lovely and warming.

  3. Woah that plank is amazing! Well done!
    Just make sure in the plank off no-one is cheating- I saw one on TV (on Top Chef randomly) but loads of them had their bums right in the air!.
    Glad you are feeling better- a few more days of rest and nothing and hopefully you will be ready to go and as good as new.

  4. It used to be a run up and down the stairs for me πŸ˜‰ That plank time is insane, I used to be able to do almost 3 minutes, but now I’ve got my curves back I can just manage 1 minute! That slow cooker meal sounds good, at the moment I’m just having a lot of pretty standard eats to use up what we have before we are away on hols, still good but I fancy something a bit more special soon!

    1. That’s actually quite a good test with the stairs – I’ll use that in future.
      It’s been a lot of building up with the plank. I try and increase 15 seconds when I can. It’s tough though!!

  5. You are officially the best planker I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. As long as I don’t forget, I’m going to attempt one tonight in your honor πŸ™‚

    I have been meaning to add coconut milk to my soups for awhile now. As soon as we load up again on our coconut milk cans from Trader Joes I’m going to try it out.

  6. Have decided to do a ‘plank challenge’ as of today. I haven’t fully gotten back into running yet, feeling rather slobby, also eating as much as I was whilst running 50 miles a week and just generally feel like I should! The challenge seems to think I should be capable of 5 minutes after a month. I’ll be happy with anything over 5 seconds! Four and a half minutes is seriously so impressive!
    Also, goat’s cheese is one of my favourite items in a dish and your slow cooker meal looks fab. I’ve pinned it for another week. πŸ™‚

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