Catch Up

Hey guys, sorry been a while… I’m so behind on all the blogging business at the moment…I kind of avoided it a bit as I wasn’t feeling all that up-beat. But I’m feeling more positive now.

I worked from home on Thursday which is always nice. Though Alfie gets very confused and expects me to walk him every five minutes. Hmm. I also managed to make my own standing desk.

DIY standing desk

I am so aware of how much of the day I spend sat down so I’m trying to minimise this where I can. At work there’s not much I can do but get up a lot and walk about (go to the loo, get lots of drink – helpfully it’s a self perpetuating cycle). And lots of my hip flexor stretches!

I had the day off on Friday. Ben was supposed to as well but in the end he had to go in. So what does an Anna do when she has no plans and the house to herself? Clean. Fun times. I also washed Alfie in the bath. I used the shower head thing and he was not loving it at all. Neither was I as he kept shaking and getting soap and water everywhere.

Alfie bathtime

An old photo, but essentially the same look on Alfie’s face

Then I dropped the shower head and the water went straight in my face and all over the walls. Joy.

I also had the sports massage that I’d gotten from Groupon. *Sighs* I have mixed opinions about the guy I saw. It seemed he was a bit hell bent on trying to sign me up for another five sessions to properly ‘fix me’. And though he certainly didn’t say it, he definitely implied that if I didn’t come back and see him again my niggles were bound to reoccur and I won’t be able to run. He told me a lot of stuff I already knew and was already working on with my running school coach so I don’t feel I’m missing out on any valuable hidden information. The appointment wasn’t completely worthless though as he massaged a lot of knots out of my body, but I won’t be going back there.

Saturday morning was my first day back in my trainers and ready to run. Sort of. Ben and me went down early to help set up.

Netley Abbey sunrise

It was so cold. We had our winter coats on over our running gear but we were still freezing. I was dreading taking my coat off to run!

Parkrun volunteer

I ran with Ben and left the music at home so I could just focus on what my legs felt like. I kept things very, very easy. I had a knee support on as well. Things felt OK, not amazing but no pain. Just a bit weak and slightly uncomfortable. But better. The plan for this week is to keep things very easy.

Sunday I went to the gym in the morning to get back into my strength workouts. I did the following routine:

  • Bridges (holding for 30 seconds and pulsing)
  • Squats (holding a weight in front)
  • Wall squats
  • Single leg squats (no weights, and went fine – these were my biggest concern as when my knee was its worst I couldn’t do this without pain)
  • Russian twists
  • Press ups
  • Glute ham raises
  • Planks

I spent an hour just going through all these moves and repeating them. My aim is to continue to build up my leg strength. I’m terrified I’ll crumble in the marathon!

Then I gently cycled 6.5 miles to meet my parents, Ben and my mother-in-law at the lovely tea room we’re loving. I wanted to do something gentle to shake my legs out after the weights and also start to build things back up again.

I have to say, the cycle there was far better than the cycle back. Cake doesn’t lend itself to be a great cycling friend.

Victoria Sponge

How pretty is that plate? Oh and the cake was amazing obviously

So my plan for the rest of the week in terms of running? Oh jeeze, I have no idea! My legs felt fine for the rest of the day after the Parkrun, and the next day. Doing the leg exercises in the gym felt fine as did cycling. But I still don’t feel like I could just go out and bang out 18 miles or run 7 min miles at the moment. My leg doesn’t feel strong – does that make sense?

So this week is all about gently getting back into it. I’m going to run on Tuesday night and aim for 6 miles but just see how it goes. I just pray everything will feel OK and I can maybe think about a longer run (10-13 miles?) on Sunday. Nothing crazy and it’s not set in stone. At this point, I’ll be lucky to get in one decent long (17+ mile) run before the marathon. Maybe I’m being pessimistic…I’m not in a confident place right now! I know my knee is miles better than it was but I don’t want to aggravate things again before it’s ready…it’s a guessing game at the moment. All I can do is take one mile at a time.

I know it’s almost Tuesday…but how was your weekend?

 Marathon runners, how many long runs did you do before doing a marathon?

 Do you sit down a lot for work/school?

25 Replies to “Catch Up”

  1. Alfie does not look impressed! My parent’s dog loves puddles and rivers and getting wet by choice, but once it’s bath time he’s hiding under the bed! Yet, my cat loves it and will sit on the edge of the bath with her feet in if we’re having one! (She is an odd cat!)
    So glad you’re able to run again, no matter how steadily. That’s progress and sounding much more hopeful for your marathon. My friend ran Milton Keynes marathon last year on just one 15 mile run and got round without any problems. The last part of the race is very definitely mind games and all in your head – something I need to work on for my next marathon.
    I worry about sitting down too much. My main job is computer based, and so is my part-time job. I run a lot in the week, but other than that most of my time is sat down. Good idea to make a standing desk. πŸ™‚

    1. Haha can’t believe your cat likes baths! I thought cats hated water.
      That makes me feel better about your friend. A guy from our running club didn’t run further than 10 miles (!!) but he was a really strong and fast runner. He managed 3.30hours!! Crazy.

  2. A lot of the marathon plans I looked at were by time and not miles, and some of the longest runs were only 3 hours, which would have been about 15 miles for me (at my slow marathon pace). I think for the first marathon you just want to get around anyway, so it is psychological, and you have a good base of running fitness behind you, it is not as if you have only just taken up running. Just carry on being gentle.
    Love the idea of the standing desk- I think I sit down a lot when I am working at the computer or teaching- I do have to get up and move around when working with children at their tables/ taking them to and collecting them from the playground etc, but I am sure I don’t move around that much.

    1. It’s just crazy the amount of time I spend sat down. In my head I think I’m really active but in reality I’m commuting 2 hours in the car and sitting like 8 hours at work. No wonder my hip flexors are tight!
      As long as I keep running without doing anything stupid and getting the miles back on my legs I hope I’ll be OK. Even if I don’t manage a long long run before…

  3. That picture of Alfie is too cute! My dog hates getting bathed, too.
    That scenery picture is just gorgeous. I can tell it’s cold! The ground has a different look to it when it’s cold, doesn’t it?
    I obviously missed something (what with my crazy schedule and inability to read/comment on blogs), but whatever it is that’s ailing you, I hope you get better soon!!

  4. Love the standing desk, I definitely have to watch how much I sit through the day – sometimes I have no control as you can’t get up and move around in court sessions though.
    Alfie looks so unimpressed haha! Dogs are so funny when they’re bathed and it is always such an ordeal for both human and pet but definitely worth it in the end!
    Glad to hear you were able to run again and that cake looks fab.
    Oh and the sports massage guy sounds like a plonker πŸ™‚ the osteopath I saw recently was super helpful and said ‘I only want to see you rarely, I’m not doing my job properly if you’re back every five minutes’. Such a breath of fresh air!

    1. That osteopath sounds like a keeper! My usual physio is great. She really understands me and knows my history with running so it helps. I just felt like this other guy really wanted to keep me coming back. If I was a millionaire maybe!

  5. Loving the standing desk!! With regards to the marathon, personally I did a lot of long runs (3 x 20, 1 x 21 and 1 x 22). BUT I was injury free and had a fantastic build up. Plus they were run very slowly. You’re already a great runner and you’re doing the right thing by taking it easy rather than attempting a 20 miler and doing some real damage to your knee. Just remember that marathon running is 90% mental and the rest is in your head πŸ˜‰

  6. Sorry you’ve been a bit down, Anna. Hope you’re OK *sending virtual cuddles*.

    About your sports therapy massage, have you considered getting regular treatment? Not that I’m trying to pressurise you, and that guy may have been telling you the truth or seeking more money, but I see an osteopath regularly which really helps me. I’m hypermobile, suffer from migranes and I was hit by a car three years ago, which has left my left side, especially my hip (and the foot that was ran over) really stiff.The car accident has stopped a lot of my running at times, but seeing an osteo has really helped me get back into exercise.

    1. Thanks, Nikki πŸ™‚
      I’m sorry about the car accident, sounds absolutely horrific. I don’t think the physio was all about pushing for a sale but the things he was implying that he could help me with I’m already doing with my running school thing. He was talking about building up strength in my glutes and legs, which I am doing so much more of now anyway. Less actual treatment, more coaching my style I guess. Maybe I will consider it later! Who knows!

  7. I’m glad to hear your knee is better, and boring though it sounds, I’m sure you’re doing the right thing in easing back in to things – I’m sure it’s really frustrating though! Cycling should be a good cross-trainer for your legs, and the strength moves sounds like they went well. With a bit of luck, I hope you’ll be good to go for the marathon! Take care πŸ™‚

  8. I think you have the right idea with taking it slow it gives your muscles time to recover and you’ll be back out there on your long runs in no time!

  9. Haha Alfie does not look like he loves bath time!! I think you are right to just listen to your body and take it easier. I got back into running last week after my hip/knee issues and have just been taking runs super slowly. I did loads of long runs before my marathon including 3 20 milers, to be honest though it was probably too much and my body was a little bit over-trained, I think it’s better to go in with fresh legs anyway and during a marathon a lot of it is mental rather than physical.

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