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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done a race or a long run during the summer and either burned in the sun or become a few gradients above glowing.

And it’s not me being entirely reckless, forgetting to put on suntan lotion (or sunblock to our overseas friends). It’s the fact that you’re out there for so long, sweating away, that invariably the lotion will just slide on off. We’ve all seen those runners sweating off white liquid. RIP to the suntan lotions that didn’t last longer than 10k.

I was recently sent a somewhat different suntan lotion and moisturiser to trial out, called RiDE Skincare. One that was made with athletes in mind (and when I say “athlete” I am indeed talking to you recreational sporty people – you don’t need to be in the Olympics to be an athlete).The only thing is though, the suntan lotion doesn’t stop you getting delightful runner’s short tans. Not a great look, but at least it’s not crispy peeling skin sooo swings and roundabouts! I was also sent a moisturiser, but I’ll get on to that shortly.

I love the ethos behind the company: wanting the products to be a as natural as possible and also minimising the packaging for environmental concerns.

So, first up the suntan lotion.

RiDE: Protect SPF 25 Natural Mineral Sunscreen

This was designed with sporty people in mind, whether that’s surfing, riding, running or swimming. It protects your skin from the sun (both UVA and UVB), even in the harshest conditions. It’s a “physical mineral sunscreen” which means that the mineral sits on top of the skin and reflects the rays, rather than using synthetic ingredients, like Parabens or Phenoxyethanol. A huge bonus of this is that it won’t damage the skin or sting the eyes. Candilla wax is added to it which makes it resistant to water, as well as organic coconut and jojoba oil to help keep the skin lovely and soft.

It doesn’t feel greasy and it does indeed stay on even when you’re a sweaty mess. There’s no overwhelming smell. It’s not as liquidy as the chemical suntan lotions but I prefer this.

RiDE: Recover Natural Sports Moisturiser

This moisturiser has, again, been designed with athletes in mind. It helps re-hydrate the skin after it’s been beaten around by hours of working out in the sun, wind and rain. It contains all natural ingredients like green tea and peppermint oil which help with this recovery.I’m actually addicted to this moisturiser at the moment. It’s quite thick but not in a greasy way. I hate moisturisers that are really runny and watery, whereas this requires more massaging to get it absorbed into the skin which I prefer. It has a very subtle scent and doesn’t leave my skin greasy.

For both products, less is more as it does go a long way. Especially for the sunscreen because it’s a mineral-based one that sits on top of your skin.

Fully recommend these. Love products that are developed with runners (and other athletes) in mind!

Do you use moisturiser?

Do you wear suntan lotion when you do sports?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent these two products in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

4 Replies to “RiDE Skincare review”

  1. I’ve worn moisturiser daily since starting to run. I find the sun and wind destroys the skin on my face otherwise and it starts to flake and look just generally beaten. I do prefer thicker products too. These both sound great.
    My legs seem to have permanent running short lines. 🙁 Which look pretty ridiculous when I want to wear anything shorter than my running shorts. Or go swimming. I fear I must now run completely naked or live in the same set of clothes for the rest of time in order to hide my runner stripes.
    Mary recently posted…A slight change of marathon planMy Profile

  2. I actually gave myself a surprise when I caught sight of my legs in a mirror by a swimming pool- I have capri tan lines, but also as I don’t wear sandals or flip flops that much, below my ankles are also white so it looked like I had on tanned calf sleeves!
    I like the sound of mineral suncream, especially if it doesn’t run in your eyes. I had a banana boat sports one, and the old formula seemed great, but since I ran out and had to get a new one, it is much thinner and tends to run into my eyes, so I tend to wear a visor and leave it off my forehead.
    I also find that the salt from the sweat makes me skin so dry (I do seem to have a lot of salt left on my skin always) and I get very itchy dry skin easily and so I always need to use moisturiser.
    Maria @ Maria runs recently posted…Austria recapMy Profile

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