RiDE Skincare review

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done a race or a long run during the summer and either burned in the sun or become a few gradients above glowing.

And it’s not me being entirely reckless, forgetting to put on suntan lotion (or sunblock to our overseas friends). It’s the fact that you’re out there for so long, sweating away, that invariably the lotion will just slide on off. We’ve all seen those runners sweating off white liquid. RIP to the suntan lotions that didn’t last longer than 10k.

I was recently sent a somewhat different suntan lotion and moisturiser to trial out, called RiDE Skincare. One that was made with athletes in mind (and when I say “athlete” I am indeed talking to you recreational sporty people – you don’t need to be in the Olympics to be an athlete).The only thing is though, the suntan lotion doesn’t stop you getting delightful runner’s short tans. Not a great look, but at least it’s not crispy peeling skin sooo swings and roundabouts! I was also sent a moisturiser, but I’ll get on to that shortly.

I love the ethos behind the company: wanting the products to be a as natural as possible and also minimising the packaging for environmental concerns.

So, first up the suntan lotion.

RiDE: Protect SPF 25 Natural Mineral Sunscreen

This was designed with sporty people in mind, whether that’s surfing, riding, running or swimming. It protects your skin from the sun (both UVA and UVB), even in the harshest conditions. It’s a “physical mineral sunscreen” which means that the mineral sits on top of the skin and reflects the rays, rather than using synthetic ingredients, like Parabens or Phenoxyethanol. A huge bonus of this is that it won’t damage the skin or sting the eyes. Candilla wax is added to it which makes it resistant to water, as well as organic coconut and jojoba oil to help keep the skin lovely and soft.

It doesn’t feel greasy and it does indeed stay on even when you’re a sweaty mess. There’s no overwhelming smell. It’s not as liquidy as the chemical suntan lotions but I prefer this.

RiDE: Recover Natural Sports Moisturiser

This moisturiser has, again, been designed with athletes in mind. It helps re-hydrate the skin after it’s been beaten around by hours of working out in the sun, wind and rain. It contains all natural ingredients like green tea and peppermint oil which help with this recovery.I’m actually addicted to this moisturiser at the moment. It’s quite thick but not in a greasy way. I hate moisturisers that are really runny and watery, whereas this requires more massaging to get it absorbed into the skin which I prefer. It has a very subtle scent and doesn’t leave my skin greasy.

For both products, less is more as it does go a long way. Especially for the sunscreen because it’s a mineral-based one that sits on top of your skin.

Fully recommend these. Love products that are developed with runners (and other athletes) in mind!

Do you use moisturiser?

Do you wear suntan lotion when you do sports?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent these two products in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

Mio Skincare review

I am a low maintenance female when it comes to beauty regimes. I’ll do the basics but when it comes to make-up, cleansing, toning, deep conditioning, face masks, facials…nope.

I got in to a really good routine a few weeks ago of painting my nails, but then that sort of stopped. It’s just so hard to sit still for the time it takes for the nails to dry. No snacking, no fidgeting, nothing! I pluck my eyebrows and straighten my hair – I’d say that they’re my ‘superfluous’ beauty things above and beyond the basics society requires of me. And straightening my hair takes one minute as really is more an OCD thing of neatening things up as my hair is dead straight anyway…it sadly never curls (don’t get me started on blow drying though – takes forever!).

So when Mio Skincare contacted me to review a few items of their range I thought, “Me? Really?”. I had a look on their website and surprisingly wasn’t confused by the different products, which for me is a great start (BB cream anyone? What even is that??), but quite intrigued. This looks like my kinda stuff!

I was sent the Boob Tube+ Multi-Action Bust Firmer, the Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel and the Natural Dry Body Brush.

Boob Tube+ Multi-Action Bust Firmer

OK so when I first saw this product I was a bit like “well, this isn’t going to be that useful to me”. I’m not exactly the most blessed of women in that area. Cleavage – what’s that like?? But actually it’s not aimed at big breasted ladies looking for a cheap lift. It’s more to do with the skin quality around your boob-area – as in your chest and neck (décolleté if you will).

That area of the skin is very delicate and usually sees quite a bit of the sun, so wrinkles and lines (especially on the neck) are quite common. This product (from their website), aims to:

  • Keeps lines and crinkles at bay so thin skin stays smooth
  • Visibly healthier, fitter, glowing skin within days
  • Skin brightening actives take years off sun damaged skin

It has a whole bunch of rather impressive ingredients…

Thoughts? It smelt amazing and it absorbed into my skin like a dream. It left my skin feeling lovely and soft. I can’t confirm or deny my boobs are any more perky (I’m 27, small-boobed and have no kids, I can’t say I’ve had any issues in this area) but I do love this. It made me feel like I was doing something good for my skin.

Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel

This definitely got me excited. A moisturiser that helped relieve sore muscles?? Sign me up!

The idea is that it cools and ‘revs’ up your muscles, either pre or post workout. It has ingredients such as V-Tonic TM, extracts of Arnica, Horse Chestnut, Murumuru Butter, Spearmint and natural Magnesium to to help increase circulation, reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.

Thoughts? It smells lovely and minty and it definitely feels very cooling when you put it on. My legs were tingling, but in a very pleasant way. Again it absorbs easily without being greasy. I am a big fan of this. I used it after the marathon and it was a dream.

Natural Dry Body Brush

I’m sure all us females have tried using a body brush before in the desperate hopes of reducing/eliminating cellulite. Anyone succeeded? Yeah didn’t think so. Cellulite is the curse of 99% of women, whether it’s a smattering of tiny dimples or the full-blow orange peel, cottage cheese effect. It sucks but it’s life. This body brush is aimed reduce cellulite by helping with lymphatic drainage and removing toxins. It’s also aimed to exfoliate the skin making it softer and smoother.

It’s made of natural boar bristles and has rubber massage nodules so gives a nice feel to the massaging. You can brush dry or wet though I preferred dry, just before I got into the shower.

Thoughts? I liked using it on my legs mainly to get rid of dead skin cells. It left them nice and soft. I had to make sure I moisturised afterwards though as I found it can dry out your skin. As for smoothing…the jury’s out. It did liven up my legs a bit and increase blood flow but as for giving me Victoria Secret-esque worthy legs, doubtful. But it was a nice treat that I’ll probably do it once every week at the weekend to keep myself nice and exfoliated.

Overall, very high-quality feeling products that made me feel like I was treating myself.

What are you absolute musts for your beauty regime?

Would you say your high or low maintenance?

What is your least part of your beauty regime? Mine is blow-drying my hair. I’d happily pay someone to do it for me while I did something else.

**Full Disclosure: I was sent these products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own honest ones.**