Raving time

Now normally I’d be having a few rants but actually I can’t think of anything lately that’s been bugging me. I’m pretty solidly in the rave camp at the moment!

Rave: I’m really busy. I love it when my diary is chockablock full of fun and exciting events coming up. I’m off to London on Saturday for more parkrun tourism and brunching with my lovely friend, James. Then it’s the Gosport Half Marathon on Sunday (pacing another lovely friend, Martin). And then the following weekend heading to Brighton to visit even more lovely friends (all my friends are lovely!)… Christmas meals at work and with friends, heading to London again for a Harry Potter escape room… Secret Santas. Ahh I’m just in a very happy place right now.

Rave: And continuing on this theme… having an already jam-packed 2018 planned! I have quite a few exciting events/holidays I’m (hoping) to be able to do next year. I mean, who needs money right…? Most of them in some way running-related 🙂 I say hoping because who knows what my legs will be like next year, but I hope to do most of what I have planned. If all goes to plan (and I don’t bankrupt myself) I should be going abroad FIVE times. Not for massive holidays I stress, but mini-breaks and trips.

Rave: Passing my three month probation at Wiggle. I can’t believe I’ve been here for over three months! It’s mental. And, as I’ve said so many times, I really do love it. And, as far as I can tell, I think I’m doing OK.

Rave: Now THIS is one of my biggest raves at the moment. Do you remember a while ago when, the idiot that I am, I took the wrong barcode to parkrun for a number of weeks? I tried to get the parkrun support HQ people to help me out but, understandably, it wasn’t something they were willing to amend because, let’s face it, it’s my mistake and would require a lot of faff on their side.

Anyway, after speaking to my friend, Joe, who’s been a run director at Netley parkrun, he mentioned that results for individual parkruns could be retrospectively changed. Like when people forget their barcodes and then email them afterwards they can be added. So, I emailed Netley (where I had three parkruns under the wrong barcode) and explained what I’d done. I mean, I do know the main run director, Peter, at Netley so I guess that makes it easier, but he was more than helpful (incidentally the same Peter who sold me his Portsmouth Marathon place – so hugely grateful to him!). He changed the results and lo! and behold I got three emails through congratulating me on my result!I also emailed Brighton & Hove parkrun where I’d also used the wrong barcode (and the one I desperately wanted adding to my account as I’ve only done it once and really want to do a different Brighton parkrun when I visit next). And they too have changed my result over. I am BEYOND pleased. Thank you, Brighton & Hove parkrun! The email they sent to me as well was lovely. They said they don’t usually make changes so long after the event but they like to look after their tourists. Well, I am certainly feeling the love. I know this might sound really sad but I’m literally over the moon about this now. I’ve now done 151 parkruns (and 30 different UK ones and one US). Only 99 until my next t-shirt…Rave: Running at lunchtime (runching if you will). It’s so much nicer to run at lunch than it is after work. I’m so much more motivated to run when it’s not as cold and definitely not as dark. It also means I can toddle off home quicker after work.

Wiggle has great shower facilities and also a great number of routes around the office. It’s especially good for when I do speed work (I’ve done two speedworks now!) as the lake I run round is soft underfoot and almost exactly a mile. Ideal! No traffic lights, dog walkers or hills to break the flow of trying to get some solid speedwork in. No excuses basically.

On Tuesday I did one mile warm-up, followed by two miles at 6:50-55min/mile pace, followed by 0.5 miles easy, and then another two miles at 6:50-55min/mile pace and then a cool down. I mean it was slightly awkward as I kept passing the same work friends who were having a walk on their lunch break so I must have looked a bit mad. But it was such a great feeling to hit those paces and get another solid workout in. Plus, with it being soft underfoot I feel like this is better for me (*cough* injury-prone) than doing the workouts on concrete. 2mile repeatsDon’t get me wrong, I find I do ‘fear’ these workouts and begin them with some trepidation. I know it’s going to feel hard and the temptation to sack it off and do a standard 8min/mile run is SO tempting. But I know this is good for me and the feeling I get when I finish is fantastic. I just need to make sure I stay motivated. I need to mix things up as well so if anyone has any good marathon-focused speed workouts for around 6 miles I’d be grateful for the inspiration…

What are you happy about right now?

Are your parkrun stats important to you?

What speed workouts do you do?

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  1. Hi Anna

    Love your blog and jealous of how much running you manage to do. I work full time and have two kids. Usually I run in the mornings or evenings but this time of year it is too dark. I want to run at lunchtime but I am scared!!! How do I break down that first hurdle of JUST DOING IT!!!!

    P.s I suffer horribly from imposter syndrome and continually give myself a hard time for not being a “proper” runner ( this doesn’t help)

    1. Ahh you just need to go for it. Play it out in your head how it’s going to go, as in getting your kit on, the route you’re going to go, getting sorted afterwards to go back to work. That way you can work through any barriers. I do this for everything that stresses me out or I’m unsure of – mentally going through the motions before the event. Hope that helps!
      If you run you’re a runner – fact! 🙂

  2. What I’m happy about right now… finishing the last few weeks at work and starting my new job in January!
    parkrun stats- Yeah I forgot my barcode one time and I got a PB- really annoying that it’s not officially on my record!
    Speed workouts- I go to track every week and love it!

  3. Congratulations on passing your three month probation. It only seems like yesterday you were starting working at Wiggle (very poor English but you know what I mean).
    I’m happy about finally receiving my contract for my new job. All I need now is for my DBS check to come back without any issues, a second reference and a start date. Although I’m more than a little nervous, I’m looking forward to actually having some routine in my life again. Having a bit more money will also be great!
    I’ve actually somehow ended up with two parkrun profiles #muppet. One has my volunteering stats the other my somewhat limited running stats.
    My half marathon training plan includes some speed sessions. Hopefully my fragile feet will cope with some slightly faster running.
    I’m planning on prioritising holidays, going out more and making memories over money. My friend who has saved loads of money and is now too unwell to leave his house has told me to travel more while I still can.

  4. Wow, you are busy. I am exhausted just looking at all of that haha. I only just heard about the Harry Potter escape rooms – they sound perfect for Potter fans.

  5. Yay what a great post! And how fab of the parkrun teams to change the result over for you- now all your tourism is in one place! I love the parkrun stats- nice work on 151 runs! I am on 125, so exactly half way to 250 which I quite like! I also love seeing all the different courses- I think I am on the same- around 30 UK and one US although I have a few repeat visits coming up, as well as a couple of new ones hopefully before the end of the year.
    Five holidays is so exciting too- another marathon major?
    I think this time of year can get a bit busy but in a good way hopefully.
    I like the end of the Pop Culture happy hour podcast- what’s making you happy? I think using our log burner and being home for the weekend is quite good. I’ve got a half marathon tomorrow but it’s going to be hilly, and also cold, so I am hoping the scenery lives up to expectations! Good luck tomorrow!
    Maria @ Maria runs recently posted…A parkrun in the rain, getting cold and finally using our fire!My Profile

  6. Ooh I love that the parkrun teams were able to sort your results out. I do find my stats important – not the time average as that’s affected by pacing or decisions to run slowly, etc – but the total number of runs. I’m on 98 so just 2 more until I earn my next Tshirt
    Allison recently posted…Friday Finds – 17th NovemberMy Profile

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