Rants and Raves #29

Instead of doing my usual weekend catch-up post I thought I’d start off Monday right with a good old rant and raves post.

Rave: I never really used to be one for buying stuff around the house. But now that I live on my own I’ve really gotten into the swing of making it a home and somewhere cosy and that I love being. I’ve really been enjoying buying bits and pieces. My recent purchases have been cushions. Now I never used to be a cushion person because, let’s be honest, they don’t do anything. You don’t really use them on the sofa (well I don’t…I kind of move them out the way) and you certainly don’t sleep on them. They are purely for decorative purposes (some may say superfluous home items…but then, what’s a picture on the wall?)

So I went a bit cushion mad and bought a load from Next Home no less (!!) and some really fancy bedding.IMG_9663

Incidentally the rectangular cushion is actually from M&S and my mum gave it to me. She loved that I was getting so into sprucing up my home and wanted to help, bless her. I mean, the bed would clearly look awful without that final small rectangular pillow, am I right? Winking smile

Rant: The bed now longer to make in the morning.

Further bed-related rant…: I washed the bedding and my bottom sheet so it would be all lovely and fresh for that night. However my stupid washing machine-come-tumbler dryer did a half-hearted dry (or what really happened is I didn’t put it on to dry for long enough…) and parts of the bottom sheet were still slightly damp and I didn’t realise until I was making up the bed just before I was going to go to sleep.

So I had to improvise a bit…


It worked but it took bloody ages.

Rave: My Boston pack came in the post!


This is all very exciting. I pick up my bib when I’m out there at the Expo (which I guess should be quite good!). I go to Boston with my mum in less than two weeks – Friday 15th to be precise. The marathon is on the Monday. NO PANIC. So far I’ve survived marathon training (*touch wood*).

Rant: I know runners aren’t huge fans of dog walkers and dogs during a run. Even I, a dog owner, get annoyed at some people’s lack of awareness and control of their dog. However, as a regular runner and a regular dog walker I do think there should be a bit of give and take from both parties. No one owns the pavement – it’s shared. When I walk Alfie I try my hardest to keep him under control, pick up his poo, and not be the annoying long lead person. I just wish that a local runner near me would also be as considerate.

She runs every single morning in loops around the park where a lot of dog walkers walk their dogs. When I first moved in I tried so many times to say good morning and engage a bit of smiling and politeness. She point blank ignored me. So I’ve given up. She gives Alfie such a look of disdain as well – like how dare he be there. This morning I was walking on the left side of the path and Alfie was on his long lead also to the left (normally he’s running free but it was a bit wet). I saw her coming towards me also on the left and, because I had Alfie on the left too, I assumed she’d move to the right WHERE THERE WAS ENOUGH SPACE TO PATH. She just ran at me and then tried to run past me on the left and then saw Alfie’s lead and had to do a big arc around it on the grass. She looked so annoyed. It’s not like she couldn’t have seen 100 metres ahead of her and moved slightly to the right to make life easy for herself. It just annoys me that she expects all dog walkers to give her priority. It’s a shared park!!

Rave: parkrun at Netley Abbey was beautifully sunny this Saturday.IMG_9699

And we were on the normal course again – with only three hills! I was glad to have my shorts and t-shirt on (arms out for the first time in ages!). Sadly my legs felt rubbish during the run. This was probably because I was too busy chatting rather than doing any sort of warm up before.

Netley Abbey parkrun April (1)

(Photo credit: Ken Grist)

I got 22:06 and third female which is the best I’ve done at Netley in a while (August last year!) – though it is the easier course. I did manage a fairly good negative split though so I’m happy with that!





Rave: Seeing some lovely little ducklings in the little nearby lake near my home.


Where I walk Alfie is just full of wildlife and birds, it’s lovely.

Rant: This is how my work deal with health and safety issues:


Potentially trip risk due to cables coming out of the floor? Totally fine, just put a chair with a printed out sign over it. It’ll be fiiiiine.

It concerns me that this entire post has nothing about food in it…this is odd for me. I did enjoy some good ribs at the weekend, but are you surprised…?

How was your weekend?

Dog walkers and runners…opinions?

Do you enjoy decorating your home?

16 Replies to “Rants and Raves #29”

  1. We have several cushions on the sofas and chairs downstairs, but I can’t be dealing with them on our bed. I never know where you are supposed to put them when you are sleeping!
    If I’m super cold in the Winter I jump into bed and put the hairdryer on under the covers. Best way to warm up! (Although probably also a bit of a fire hazard… :S )
    How exciting that Boston is so close now! What is in your Runner Passport?
    Mary recently posted…A parkrun April FoolsMy Profile

    1. I put my cushions on the floor. Alfie looks at me like I’m mad.
      Hahaha that IS a fire risk! Be careful!! I used to put my school uniform on the radiator before I got out of bed when I was little – a bit safer!
      Basically it’s got my details and bib number so I can pick up my stuff. And maps of everything (course, expo, finishing area, start) and useful information (where water stations and gels are on the course…). Usual stuff really!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Boston Marathon GoalsMy Profile

  2. The first couple of times I did my home parkrun, there was a very cute dog running with his Daddy – completely without a lead. Nearly tripped over him (he was matching me for speed). And that was really annoying. I do my best to work my way round dogs – but off the lead, they can be very dynamic!

    Having been in the new house for a few months, I’m now regretting painting the whole thing Magnolia, I feel we really need some new pictures, and I’m getting obsessed with curtains….
    Jane recently posted…Perfectly to planMy Profile

  3. I love the cushions, but only on sofas- I like to lean against them as otherwise I am generally too far back and my feet don’t touch the floor! We have one each on our bed which was for leaning your head against as you read, but I don’t use it so basically it lives on the floor! It does make me laugh in hotel rooms when you have about 10 cushions on the bed- I always think where are they meant to go at night?
    That runner does sound rather annoying! Like you say, it’s a shared park. I always get a bit nervous around dogs- I don’t mind them (and we used to have a dog when I was little) but I don’t like it when they jump up, so normally I stand still and hope that the owner calls them over. If they are on a lead though it’s easy- just avoid the lead! I get annoyed when other runners don’t smile back at me if I smile or say hi. Some people are just a bit grumpy!
    That Boston pack is so exciting!!!!!!!!! I am very excited for you! It’s going to be amazing!!!! Nice work on parkrun too!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Two visits to parkrun in one weekend, and no runningMy Profile

    1. Cushions and the bed runners really freak me out at hotels because I’m pretty sure they don’t get washed that regularly. I fling them off the bed and never touch them again!
      I’m always really careful with runners (and walkers of course too). I’ll pull Alfie back from his long lead and keep him next to me. When he’s off his lead he doesn’t bother with them at all, he’s too busy sniffing the world. I didn’t reel him in because it was so clear she could have gone right – but she didn’t which baffled me!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Boston Marathon GoalsMy Profile

  4. Aah so exiting to get your Boston Marathon passport! I love the cushions that you’ve collected – I have a few but mine don’t match as I just pick up the odd one here and there. My favourite is a giant Hello Kitty cushion which is er, not very grown-up…x

  5. I am definitely in the “cushions are superfluous” camp I’m afraid. We have cushions for the sofa, but not the bedroom. That being said, I always think they look really nice, but I don’t think I could be bothered with the extra bed making time (lazy bum that I am).

    The dog walker/runner thing is a tough one. I remember being nearly knocked over during one of my runs a couple of years ago by a huge Lab that thought I was just the coolest thing (obviously, while annoying, he had taste!). I was annoyed that the owners didn’t even acknowledge that I had nearly been bowled over – and I don’t think that is right. As an ex-dog owner, I don’t think I had any issues with runners. Don’t get me started on groups of people who refuse to uncouple or split out for other people though. In my old age, I’ve started forcing my way through (another couple of years, I’ll be a proper grumpy old woman).
    Steph recently posted…Dear childhood me – life’s little lessons – #BehindTheBloggerMy Profile

  6. I’m moving into my flat on Friday and super excited about buying lots of stuff for it so loving the bit about the cushions! That’s defo happened to me with a bottom sheet before too, so annoying! I just commented good luck for Boston on another post but I shall say it again – and wish you a wonderful time!! I would love to go abroad for a marathon at some point 😀

    With regards to the dog walking, that runner sounds so annoying!! You were being perfectly responsible and as you say, the path is for everyone! I also hate when people have dogs off the lead that love to run up and jump at everyone, walkers and runners alike. So many times have I nearly tripped over/kicked a dog that’s got right under my feet! If you know they’re overly friendly, keep them on a lead when it’s busy please!! (That’s ‘you’ as in general dog walkers, not ‘you’ as in Anna) hehe xx
    April recently posted…Let’s have a catch up!My Profile

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