My first run in two weeks

So my first run back after my niggle was successful.

My calf and hamstring felt fine during the run. I did 10k, which is probably a bit too far for a first run but I was fairly confident everything would feel OK and I had back-up plans to drop to 5k, or 4 miles, or 5 miles if things went pear shape. It just felt SO GOOD to be out again.

I felt a bit like a coiled spring ready to go as I got into it. Having done some bits on the elliptical machine I don’t think I’ve lost a great deal of general fitness (though of course sharper end parkrun speeds yes I will have – I’m OK with that) but I could tell my joints were like “oh hey ground”.

I then ran another 10k two days later and it felt even better. YAY. I just now need to monitor things and be sensible on this comeback. Obviously I want to run ALL THE MILES IMMEDIATELY but I know from experience this isn’t a great approach. Must remain calm and not get overexcited.

I have the Barcelona Marathon on 10th March. So I’m about 6.5 weeks away. As long as everything continues to go as it is and the niggle doesn’t spark up again or get worse I should be fine. I’m the queen of the inverse taper. As long as I can get one long long run in (ideally 18 miles, amongst some 14-16 milers) I think I’ll be OK. I have no great plans to smash myself to pieces. Instead I want to have an enjoyable run and a lovely holiday with Kyle. Five weeks later is the Manchester Marathon (why do I do this to myself?) so maybe I should aim for a faster (faster but not PB) time there? WHO KNOWS.

I also have the Marathon Talk annual Run Camp again in February which I’m excited about. What I’m not excited about is the lonnnnnnng drive up to the Peak District (no longer is it based at Sandy Balls, wahhh!), but happily I’m driving up with a friend. Lots of lovely MT friends and I’m sure some new ones too.

I’m excited to see a different run camp location. Sandy Balls was great but having done it four times now it was getting a little samey. Plus the Peak District is just beautiful so it’ll be nice to run there. And do the Bakewell parkrun. As someone who adores cake (had you noticed…?) I think this is just fitting.

So lots of good running-related stuff to look forward to. But I’ll whisper that quietly in case the running god decides to smite me down again…

How do you come back after an injury?

Have you done either Barcelona or Manchester Marathon before?

Have you ever been to the Peak District?

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  1. Good luck with your marathons, sounds exciting! I don’t think hamstring problems are anything to do with running gods though! You ran loads of marathons without taking any time off, from what I can tell? If you don’t deliberately take time off to recover (1-2 weeks) after each marathon, then your body will force you to take time off by flaring up an old injury, bodies are clever like that and no one is invincible. Us runners gotta learn from it!

    1. Oh I absolutely agree with you – I have done far too much and it’s no wonder my body just went “errrm nope”. I’m 100% not invincible. I just get carried away and forget this at times. But it has been a good reminder, though annoying.

  2. Glad it went so well! 🙂 And you’ve gotta love a good old Martin Yelling inverse taper!
    Ah, the Peak District is such a lovely place, I’ve not been there for a few years- it was often a place we’d head to for the first May bank holiday for some nice walks and of course cake!
    I think my dad has run Bakewell parkrun- an out and back along an old railway line I think? Sounds good.
    Maria @ Maria Runs recently posted…Snow reason not to run!My Profile

    1. You’re right Maria, Bakewell is pretty much pan flat.

      Slight rise out and then slight downhill on the way back. It’s a quick one if you want to push yourself but when I did it it was pretty congested at the start (although I was an idiot and when to the inaugural event).

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