Marathon Talk Weekend – Part 1

Hi guys! I am buzzing. I had such a fantastic weekend. Ben and I went to the Marathon Talk spring weekend over at the New Forest. It really was a brilliant weekend.

You probably know I’m fairly obsessed with running and spending an entire weekend purely focused on running with fellow runners was just heaven. I have so much to say about it so I thought I’d break it down into ‘manageable chunks’. I’ll try to include some non-running stuff as well because I know running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…

Ben and me headed to the New Forest with one of our running club friends who was also doing the weekend on Friday afternoon. It wasn’t far for us at all – but some people came all the way from Edinburgh! That is dedication. There was an informal meet and greet style thing on Friday evening. I’m terrible. OK I know Martin Yelling and Tom Williams aren’t celebrities and most non-runners haven’t heard of them…but I was so chuffed to meet them and listen to what they said. I think they’re just great and actually see them talking rather than hear them on a podcast was brilliant. I tried not to be that creepy fan girl but I was pretty much smiling the entire time. They were very welcoming and so friendly.

IMG_5917 Unpacking the essentials in the lodge

Saturday we got up early and got ready for Parkrun.

Parkrun ready Ben loves it when I take random photos – ha!

And we convoyed over with everyone to Brockenhurst. Check out the car we were following.Running number plater

Of course! Not Martin or Tom’s car though.

Brockenhurst Parkrun It was fairly wet and muddy but when has that ever put off a runner?? It’s funny because Brockenhurst Parkrun hasn’t been running since the beginning of December, but when the Parkrun director (i.e. Tom Williams) comes into town anything is possible. An out and back route was set up that avoided the worst of the flooding/fallen trees etc.

I might have had lofty unrealistic ambitious of having a podium finish…but as soon as we started three ladies just zoomed off. Honestly, even if I was in peak fitness and 5k shape I think I could have caught one of them. Those ladies had some serious speed – major kudos to them!

The course…oh the course. It was off-road so nice and soft underfoot, but it was hilly. We ran down one very steep hill which wasn’t as great as that sounds – tough on the quads! And the ever present thought of “I will have to climb that hill on the way back”. Half way I thought I might have to stop, it was so tough. But I finished! My time was 23:11, 4th female, 24th out of 71.


I am more then happy with that!IMG_5928

Martin Yelling came second (18:55) and Tom William (32:52) pushing his daughter in a pram! There was a great atmosphere and community feel – everyone cheering everyone. I loved it.

Then we convoyed over to a local tea room in Brockenhurst. Can you picture a large number of runners suddenly landing in a tiny quaint tea room? It was rather funny and the staff looked a bit taken back. I kind of wished I hadn’t worn my tiny shorts…I felt a little naked.

I hadn’t had breakfast and I was starting to feel hungry. I checked around with other people and found that others were ordering food. So Ben and me ordered a very satisfactory post-run meal.

Post-parkrun fry-up Well, it was that or afternoon tea…Martin walked past and said he was fully impressed haha.

Then we headed back to the lodges to get showered and ready for a 1pm meet up for the Marathon Talk quiz.

Right I’ll leave it there as I could waffle for ages. News on my knee (I know – exciting stuff, curb your enthusiasm 😉 I think it’s holding up really well. It still aches from time to time but it felt fine during the runs over the weekend and I feel like I’m running strong. Gradually does it.

One last Marathon Talk weekend point. As we were unpacking Ben goes “Where’s my towel?” (we had to bring our own). I said “well unless it’s in your bag, it’s probably in the airing cupboard at home”. Apparently I was supposed to remember it! Ha! So he had to buy one from the little shops on site.

Forgot towel Beggars can’t be choosers!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything nice?

What kind of Parkrun do you prefer? Challenging? Flat? I like a flat one now and again to see if I’ve made any progress, but challenging helps with training.

If you could have anything, what would you eat after exercise?

14 Replies to “Marathon Talk Weekend – Part 1”

  1. I am so jealous of your legs (uh, not to sound creepy or anything…) You rock those shorts/compression socks like nobody else would: no need to feel embarrassed or naked in the short shorts, since you definitely have the right frame for them.

    That’s a great time on slippy and difficult terrain as well: if your knee stands up to that, then I think it’s a positive sign for your future races : )

  2. I’m sure Ben will remember to pack a towel next time you go away! Oops!
    Well done for fourth female! Especially after only just coming back from injury. 🙂 I hate downhills and would much prefer a good uphill I can power into. I’m too scared to just let myself go when running down. I do like challenging courses though and I find it keeps me focused on the race if the terrain is tough.

  3. Girl you killed it! For someone who was injured for so long, you sure did whoop up on that race! If I’m running at all I definitely prefer a tougher run. Something with hills or challenging terrain for sure, because I really don’t care about my time, I just don’t want to be bored! lol

  4. So excited to read more about this. 🙂 I think I would be totally star struck- I get very excited if my name is read out on the show, and if I get a reply to something on the forum it is very much like being sent something from a celeb!
    Glad you had such an amazing time- I prefer a flat parkrun as I like to go as hard as I can, like you say to test how I am doing, but a hilly route is fun too.

  5. I love your running outfit in that first pic- too cute! Also that breakfast…. you just can’t get that around here. This is why I need to move to England. It needs to happen.

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