Marathon Talk Weekend and Windy Days

I’m in a bit of a quandary. I am trying really hard to take things slowly and ease gently back into running…but at the same time I have an impending marathon approaching (Paris 6th April). So the mileage obviously has to increase.

Ideally I’d love to ramp up fast and heavy: four or five runs a week with big long runs at the weekend. But I can’t. Number one rule of returning to your sport post-injury: take things slow. You can’t take time off, get all healed and then jump back into 30 miles a week. Well I can’t anyway.

Being all sensible and boring means I’m not running Brighton half marathon the weekend after next. Part of me harboured this optimism that I could do it, take it slowly, use it as a training run. But however slowly I do it, it’s still 13.1miles pounding away on my knees. And it’s quite a jump from my current long run mileage. Sure I’ve run nine miles and I plan to do 10 this weekend…but jumping up three when I’m still getting back into it and my knee is still feeling delicate…Recipe for disaster.

Onto more exciting news…This weekend Ben and me are off to the Marathon Talk spring running weekend.


Basically we’re going to Sandy Balls (actually it’s real name) in the New Forest with 50 or so other runners to have a three day running-filled jolly. We get to do to the Brockenhurst Parkrun on the Saturday with everyone, then a few talks, training stuff, then a fun Saturday night in the local pub (I hear there’s a quiz – I do love a good quiz) and then Sunday a nice long run with everyone. There are several options (all the way to 20 miles) but I will be sticking to approximately 10 miles. Then a big fat roast dinner afterwards.

Happy days! I’m so excited. I love the Marathon Talk podcast. But I’m hoping I won’t turn into one of those weirdo fans…you never know how you’re going to react. They’re not massively famous, but I just love the show!

And on a quick note to “what the hell is going on with the weather”…I hope everyone in the UK (and elsewhere as well) aren’t struggling too much with flooding or the stormy weather. It’s become a bit of a joke on our road. It’s a new build development and there’s still lots of work going on. The builders are working on the actual road and they’ve put these bollard things up. I was driving along and suddenly a huge gust of wind swept them across the road at rocket speed.

Windy times

Five seconds later and they’d have rammed into my car! Scary stuff. Annoyingly I had to jump out in the rain and wind and put them upright again. They weigh a bloody tonne!

Anyway, it’s almost Friday. Thank God for that.

Have you ever been on a fitness-related holiday? I’d love to go to one of those yoga resorts in the middle of some hot beautiful country…

Have you been affected by the crazy weather?

What’s your next race? Mine is Reading half marathon 2nd March.

18 Replies to “Marathon Talk Weekend and Windy Days”

  1. Oh I’m very jealous that you’re headed off on the Marathon Talk weekend! Do you know anyone else going other than Ben? I can’t believe it’s hosted at a place called Sandy Balls! Hahaha!!! I’d love to go on a running weekend away. Looking forward to hearing all about it. 🙂
    The weather has been awful lately. Last night I went out on a trail run with some others from my club and we ended up resorting to road in some areas after several trees were down on the path and we heard lots of ominous crack sounds at the edge of the wood! I came home to find fence panels down and my full bins overturned. Come on Spring…!

    1. There were many jokes about Sandy Balls – mainly from Martin. He wanted to get us all bags so he could say we had Sandy Ball bags haha.
      We went with a girl from my running club but otherwise we knew no one. But it was very friendly – you know what runners are like!

    1. I took as many photos as I could to capture as much as I could. I was that annoying photo person haha. It was brilliant. Martin, Tom, Tony and their respective partners were all just lovely. Exactly like they are in the show.

  2. Not technically a race, but the other night I signed up for my first EVER organised sporting event – the Brsitol-London cycle in August. I’m now officially pooping my pants (it’s 113 miles!!) – scary but exciting times! Hope you enjoy the marathon talk event, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun – good luck with the 10 miler 🙂

  3. It’s been interesting weather here in the North East, but nothing compared to what the South of the country is getting. High winds blew a tonne of plastic/metal garden furniture onto the road at the beginning of this week, and even though we swerved to avoid it (well, my Mum did – I am a loser and can’t drive) the car hit some of it. Luckily there was no damage but it was pretty damn scary since it’s a busy road and we could’ve easily hit someone by swerving. It’s mostly the high winds that are causing havoc up here.

    Fitness holidays are the only kind I’d be interested in 😛 Enjoy your getaway – it sounds fantastic.

  4. Ah we always drive past Sandy Balls when we head into the new forest! I am very envious of your marathon talk weekend- I have parents evening next week so a lot of work to do over the weekend, plus a weekend of running stuff would be Andy’s nightmare, and I would not go somewhere like that on my own. Plus I would be rather starstruck I think! But it is going to be so brilliant, and did you see the cool t-shirts on facebook? Have a fab time!
    I think you are being sensible giving Brighton a miss- races are always tempting to push a bit harder (partly why I have been avoiding Parkruns at the moment)- ease in gently and hopefully you will be giving your knee the best chance.
    I have the Bath half in a couple of weeks, 3 weeks away I think (2nd March?)

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